Your Guide To Affordable Maternity Wear

Pregnancy brings on a lot of new things and an expanding waistline is unfortunately amongst the first things to go (at least it was for me). I found that it took me quite a while to become comfortable in my new body and finding the right maternity clothes were essential to making myself feel a little bit like myself again. One problem remained: affordability.

I’m not sure if you know just how expensive maternity clothes can be, but I was shocked that in my search for cute maternity clothes I was averaging about $150+ for jeans and $60+ for blouses and shirts. I am a huge advocate for stretching the bank for quality items, such as denim, because I don’t find myself having to replace them that often. In that same breath, I had a difficult time justifying the expense for clothing I’d only wear for a few months. So, what’s a preggo girl to do?

Here are a few ways I’ve been able to save when shopping for my ever changing body.

Stitch Fix

I was overjoyed when I learned that Stitch Fix was beginning to include a maternity line as an addition to their service. I was eager to find out if their stylists were able to find me comfortable and affordable pieces that I could wear from home to work and could last me throughout my pregnancy and beyond. Unfortunately it’s been quite a hit and miss simply because I know my body best and it’s hard to rely on someone else to make style choices for me at this stage in my pregnancy. However, I love discovering new brands and even with the fixes that don’t wow me, I learn more about my own style preferences and am better able to communicate that with my stylist.

Pink Blush Maternity

After some perusing on Pinterest for maternity outfit inspirations I stumbled upon Pink Blush Maternity. I had never heard of this brand before so I decided to check out their website and poke around. OMG do they have adorable stuff! I knew I was in love when I already had five items in my basket and I had only been on their site for a few minutes. Pink Blush has become the answer to my pregnant-self prayers! I now have access to affordable, stylish and comfortable maternity clothes without feeling guilty because I know I’ll be wearing these items well after our baby arrives.

Another great plus: they carry plus sizes, accessories, and shoes! Oh, and don’t forget that nice free shipping on every order.

Here’s a peek at today’s outfit which is pulled from some of the items in my most recent purchase. I was eager to get my hands on this cardigan because it just oozed holiday spirit and I have no problems skipping right into Christmas even if it’s still November.

An easy guide to maternity wear by my newest favorite maternity line! Check out these fall favorites on the blog!

Plaid Open Cardigan | Suede Cuff Top
Denim: Jessica Simpson (similar) | Necklace: Banana Republic Outlet | Booties: Marshall’s

An easy guide to maternity wear by my newest favorite maternity line! Check out these fall favorites on the blog!

Open cardigans are another favorite style of mine at the moment. I rarely ever close my cardigans anyways and the open style allows for a fun draping effect.

An easy guide to maternity wear by my newest favorite maternity line! Check out these fall favorites on the blog!

I’m kind of in love with these elbow patch details!

An easy guide to maternity wear by my newest favorite maternity line! Check out these fall favorites on the blog!

The top has a faux suede neckline and cuff detailing. I love the color and the shirt itself is super comfortable and leaves room for Third Trimester Kelly.

And just to get your holiday style inspirations flowing, here are a few of my current favorite picks from Pink Blush. Which pieces do you like the most?

Here are my top picks from Pink Blush Maternity!

pink blush maternity does not endorse or compensate me for this post. I just love this brand and want to share it with all of you! All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
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  • Love that cardigan! And your hair still super cute!

  • You and your bump are just too cute!! And I’m all ABOUT affordable maternity clothing…which recently has meant more trips to the thrift store since I’ve only got 2 more months to go and refuse to spend lots more money haha. My students have seen me recycle the same 6 bottoms since…October?

    • Amen! I refuse to spend a lot of money anyways on maternity clothes and I’m not even 30 weeks along yet! I just hate the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on clothes I can’t wear forever. Recycling is key!

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