The Newest (& Truthfully) Mess-Free Snack Every Mom Needs

When Greyson first began eating solid foods at four months old, my husband and I couldn’t wait to introduce him to all kinds of flavors through fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables. We are avid baby food makers and prefer to make our own food rather than buy premade store-bought food. About once a month we spend a Sunday pureeing new fruits and veggies for him to try that we’ve found at our local farmers market or grocery store. However, as Greyson continues to grow and venture into more self-feeding-friendly foods at almost seven months old, he’s become even more curious about discovering new and interesting flavors, which put me on the hunt for a snack that is nutritious, tasty for my little guy, and mess-free. Then we discovered Gerber Lil’Beanies.

Gerber Lil'Beanies

Thank you to Gerber for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to try their new Lil’Beanies!
Although they provided the treat, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

While visiting our local Walmart we perused the baby food aisle looking for a quality food snack that allowed Greyson to safely nibble without filling him up on empty starches or sugary ingredients. I love that Walmart has a great selection of baby food and snacks for a stay-at-home-mom price; or otherwise a family with one income. I feel as though every time I shop there they always have what I’m looking for and I can leave without spending a dime more than I intended to. After spending some time reading nutrition and ingredient label after label my husband and I were pleased to find these new Gerber Lil’Beanies! I’ve always trusted Gerber and their line of products (and let’s not deny my son who looks exactly like the baby on the packaging, ha!) and was excited to pull these beanies off the shelf and take a closer look.

What’s in them? They are a baked bean snack made of navy beans which happen to be a mild flavored bean packed full of protein, fiber, and are made with wholesome ingredients (nothing genetically modified or artificial flavors of any kind – win, win!). These Lil’Beanies come in two flavors: Original, which is a softer and milder taste, and White Cheddar & Broccoli, of which I found to be delicious and packed with flavor – even for me! Knowing that Gerber puts a lot of thought into how their snacks are prepared and the ingredients that go in them I am able to enjoy providing a healthy snack for my son as he continues to discover new foods, textures, and enjoy learning to feed himself.

Greyson Loved Visiting Walmart

Now, you’re probably thinking that since he’s about 6.5 months old he’s not ready for these. I was a little anxious myself only because the recommendation is for toddlers, however the feeding recommendation on the can suggests a child who can: feed easily with fingers, can bite through a variety of textures, as well as being able to stand. Although he hasn’t hit that last milestone just yet, with four teeth and counting with an ever growing ability to chew, I knew that with close supervision he would love these snacks. As a parent I love how dissolvable each crisp is, which makes it even easier for Greyson to learn how to chew and makes clean-up a breeze (no more sticky wafers smeared over everything!). Another great reason I love these Gerber Lil’Beanies! As always, though, it’s best for parents to make the right decision for their child based on what they’re ready to eat and signs that they’re ready for the next stage in food.

These Lil’Beanies were great on the go!

Gerber Lil’Beanies are a nutritional alternative to snacking!

Since bringing these snacks home I’ve had a lot of fun giving these Lil’Beanies to Greyson in a variety of ways. I mean, that’s the fun about introducing new food, right?! Most of the time I sit with him and feed one crisp at a time while holding it for him so that he begins to learn to push food to the sides of his mouth to chew. In addition, over the last couple days as he’s been snacking on them he’s become very good at holding them himself and taking little nibbles. What I love most? They dissolve quickly, which makes these Lil’Beanies the perfect teaching snack too! Other times I place a few in his mesh feeder so that he can safely suck and chew on them by himself without me worrying about him choking. This allows him to continue to play while he snacks and frees my hands to be productive around the home.

Gerber Lil’Beanies allow Greyson to practice pinching and self-feeding! See how you can snag a can for yourself!

Gerber Lil’Beanies are easily dissolvable which make for the perfect mess-free snack for your little one!

It just so happened that since the family and I were going to be away from the house for the better part of the day, these Lil’Beanies were perfect to just throw in the diaper bag for quick snacking while we were out. The canister didn’t take up a lot of space in our bag and it was so easy at lunch to give him a couple crips to munch on while we ate. I will definitely be making sure these guys are packed on rotation – such a life saver!

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Want to try these for yourself and your little one at home? iBotta has an offer exclusively for these Gerber Lil’Beanies! When you buy either their Lil’Beanies Original or White Cheddar & Broccoli flavors you’ll receive a cash back offer of $.50 (while supplies last!)! So, if you’re a mom like me and looking for that next great, healthy snack for your little one at a price point like that, be sure to try Gerber’s new Lil’Beanies snacks!

Learn about the newest mess-free snack provided by Gerber! This new bean snack is a healthy alternative to most baby/toddler snacks!

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