Minimalist Challenge | Week 2

What a busy few days, amirite? Seriously. Last week we had a much needed rainfall for a number of days in a row and although it’s great on one hand (because of the drought), on the other it makes for a stir-crazy baby and mama. Nonetheless, keeping busy indoors has been fairly easy with plenty of toys, books, and naps for my little one. It also makes for a useful bit of time to browse our home for those unnecessary items we can get rid of for our Minimalist Challenge this month. Are you participating? I’d love for you to drop your link in the comments!

Although it’s fun to cleanse our home of the number of things based on that day in January, it’s been a challenge to keep up. So, instead we are just looking for anything and everything we can pitch. Here’s an update to what we’ve been purging the last few days.

Day 5

To know this kid of mine is always on the go, just take a look at his shoes. He’s in desperate need of new ones, but finding them at an affordable price and wide enough for his chunky feet is next to impossible. I found his shoes (on the right) at Target for $10 and they’re pretty great. I’m not sure at what age he’s allowed to have hard-sole shoes but these ‘crib shoe’ guys lasted us for a while!

The next round of things that are getting the pitch are these unused kitchen items. My sister offered us her poorly working blender/food processor and since we needed one I thought it couldn’t hurt. Well, it sucks and I never tried using it again so it sat in our cupboards for years. Also, when I was shopping at TJ Maxx last year sometime I picked up this blue skillet for my husband since he loves his cast iron pan – huge mistake opting for a cheap version because it’s not non-stick. Everything gets stuck on it and again, we ended up just storing it and never using it. Lastly, I found this random deviled egg container and my old lunch boxes I haven’t used since I started staying home.

Day 6

Up above our cabinets in our kitchen I would display the empty Artiste wine bottles after we drank them. I loved the art on the labels so much and found they really brought a fun aspect to our kitchen. However, after two and a half years the husband grew tired of them and therefore was his choice for our Challenge.

Day 7

Seriously! How much glassware can one couple own? I am still surprised that after giving our steins and unused coffee mugs we STILL had cups we weren’t using. We had pint glasses from a couple breweries, Stella Artois glasses my husband received years ago, and even plastic beer-fest glasses from this past summer. Needless to say, we gave those the pitch and afterwards our kitchen felt so much lighter and free from clutter. Amazing what removing a few things does to the space!

Day 8

Every few months I go through Greyson’s things and determine what he’s grown out of. Most of those things get packed up and shipped back to Texas to my husband’s sister who had a baby back in October. It works out perfectly because these clothes get used with more than one family, which makes me feel good about getting new clothes for Grey as he grows. So, for Day 8 it’s all about going through his clothes and sending them off.

In my January Stitch Fix (review post coming soon!) I received this note which lets me know I can put my old box to good use! I heard Amazon was participating in this Give Back Box campaign and I love that they make it extra easy to minimize your closet and home.

Day 9

Hangars always seem to creep up on me no matter how many clothes I actually have. Besides the set we have in our closet, these hangars are kept in our linen closet for those items that needed a home. But with us donating a lot of our unused clothes it left them bare – so we dropped them off at our laundry unit in our apartment complex. Hopefully they’ll be put to good use or someone else can snag them.

Day 10

Day 10 was a hard day not because of having to get rid of things, but that it was the unused baby things day. Greyson has well outgrown a lot of the things we used with him when he was a newborn like this 4Moms swing, his infant tub (we donated to Goodwill), and Boppy nursing pillow. Although I know by trying to sell them (or ultimately donate them) they’ll go onto good homes and bless another family and baby. It’s just another moment for me where I have to pause and realize that my baby boy is growing up.

Trying to sell our unused baby things are always my first go-to using Craigslist. This past summer it was fairly easy to list and have someone purchase his baby things – apparently no one is interested these days. So perhaps I’ll try again in the spring to see if a fresh crop of babies will help get these things off my hands and out of our home.

We’re almost halfway through the month and just a couple more weeks to go for the #MinsGame! I hope you all are finding ways to cut out the clutter in 2017 and take on a more minimalist approach to life. It’s been a real blessing to us to not need so much, which in the end helps us focus on those more important things. Happy weekend, folks!

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The Minimalist Challenge: Less Is More

The Minimalist Challenge: Less Is More | |

Anyone who has a Netflix subscription knows that it’s one of the best platforms for finding new and interesting documentaries. Last month, along with various new titles added, my husband and I were browsing through what was new we stumbled upon a documentary called Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. Obviously intrigued, we pushed play and found ourselves having not only been inspired by these two guys, but the film allowed us to reflect on exactly what their title asks: what are the important things in this life?

It was inspirational to see these two guys just leave behind the very things that were slowing them down. They both either left or were let go from their corporate jobs, relationships needed to be reevaluated, and ultimately the connection between material things and happiness was explored. I enjoyed watching their journey as they traveled around the U.S. on their personally funded book tour and seeing how their message of minimalism reached the various people they connected with.

The film as a whole did a great job explaining not only what minimalism is, but, in fact, what it isn’t. Minimalism is a spectrum and I love that it’s a lifestyle that allows each person to decide which end of the spectrum they’d like to live on. After all, each person’s happiness is subjective to someone else. Want to purge everything and live out of a duffle bag so you can travel like one of the guys interviewed in the film? Awesome. Not that adventurous but would rather give up your single family home for a tiny house like that woman featured in the film? Good for you! Or is it just enough to routinely enjoy the things that fill your life such as clothing, accessories, gadgets, or books under the condition that you rid of them once you’re done? I think that’s okay too!

Needless to say, go check out this film! At the very least it’s a worthy watch and my hope that it will inspire you the way it did me. To reevaluate your happiness and what’s important.

The Minimalist Challenge: Less Is More | |

So onto this challenge…

The Minimalists make up two men, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, who in previous lives climbed the proverbial corporate ladder only to find that regardless of the value of their net worth or the number of things they purchased, they weren’t happy. Everyone strives to be happy, so what was this key to this happiness everyone seems to be searching for? Well, your happiness will be different from mine, but adopting a minimalist lifestyle is a pretty good place to start for everyone.

Does this mean you should set your house on fire and whatever you can grab you can keep? No. Although it is a funny image to think about. Instead, join me this month for the Minimalist Challenge! Here’s how it works:

  • Beginning on January 1st you must go around your home and rid of one material possession, on Jan 2nd it’s two things, Jan 3rd it’s three things, and so on. By the last day of the challenge you’re getting rid of 31 things! But that’s also where the challenge lies so stay strong!
  • A challenge is more fun when you have a partner! Grab a friend, family member, spouse, or child to join with you. It’s also nice to have someone rooting you on and keeping you accountable each day.
  • You can come up with your own rules and parameters for what to get rid of. It just has to be out of your home by midnight that day. Remember you can donate, sell, or trash any of your possessions.
  • Share your challenge using the hashtag #MinsGame with The Minimalists themselves on social media!

Day 1

Day 1: Getting rid of magazines! | The Minimalist Challenge | |

It was Day 1 and the challenge required we remove one item from our home that doesn’t bring us happiness or add value to our life. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle somewhat already had made only getting rid of one thing difficult. I mean, when I begin to purge things I like to do it in one clean sweep. However, my husband and I decided our own rules for this challenge and that we could adapt it however we’d like – just as long as we agree on the terms. Instead of interpreting it as one single item, we decided that it would be a category. So, for day 1 I removed all the magazines we either already read or never intended on reading.

Day 2

Day 2: two bags full of clothing and accessories!  | The Minimalist Challenge | |

Luckily ridding our home really isn’t the challenge. It’s moreso the limited number of things that are required each day. Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve only just begun your journey into minimalism or at the very least dipping your toes in, this challenge is perfect. However, when I’m purging things it’s hard for me to only pick two things – instead I decided that my husband and I would fill two bags full of anything we wanted to sell, donate, or trash.

We immediately turned to our closets and this go around for me it was all about accessories. I was astonished to find that I had over 6 Coach purses of varying sizes and wallets that I hadn’t used in ages. It was all neatly packed away in the depths of my closet and I knew I wouldn’t ever use them again. So why was I holding onto them? I went through them all to see what I could consign along with any belts and jewelry I was no longer wearing. I also pitched a lot of my pumps that I knew I would never have the occasion or ability to wear again (thanks pregnancy!). My husband did the same and went through his drawers. Although he’s much further in his minimalist lifestyle than I, he was able to find even more to part with. He’s such an inspiration sometimes!

Day 2: two bags full of clothing and accessories!  | The Minimalist Challenge  | |

Sorry for the poor-lit photo!

Day 3
Day 3: Returning those HP books I already have on my iPad!  | The Minimalist Challenge  | |

Day three was getting fun! I was beginning to realize the number of paper products I own and rarely ever use. On my iPad I have the Harry Potter series already downloaded on my iBooks app and would find time read them throughout the day. But one day while doing laundry (we have a communal bookcase where there’s a ‘take a book, leave a book’ policy) with a friend we noticed the entire series in paperback and were immediately drawn to them. It was like, OMG I have to have them! So, we split them up based on the book we were on and the next couple books for when we finished. Although I really enjoy having them and in a sense they bring me happiness, I quickly realized I leaned more towards reading them on my iPad than in paperback form. So, on day 3 I’m giving these back (even though there are four books I’m getting rid of).

Day 4

Day 3: Ditching those unused glasses and mugs  | The Minimalist Challenge  | |

Have you ever been to the bar during a holiday or special event and somehow get excited when you get to keep the glass? Well, I felt that way during Oktoberfest, yes, three months ago. My husband and I were out with one of his buddies from college who recently moved to L.A. We caught one of their college football games at a local bar and it so happened that a couple of their Oktoberfest beers were served in steins and that we could keep them. Awesome, right?! Well, I certainly thought so – especially after drinking said stein. Well, flash forward to January and obviously we don’t have enough beer at home to actually use these so as a part of the Minimalist Challenge I decided to part ways with them as well as (sadly) our espresso mugs from Crate & Barrel, which were actually wedding gifts. The cups are just too small for coffee and we never used them. Literally for the 2.5 years we’ve been married they’ve just sat in our cupboard. Hopefully they can bless another home!

My husband’s choice for Day 4 were his photobooks. He had begun collecting them as a young bachelor in the Air Force as he made his travels. When we met, and due to him not having much furniture (super minimalist!), they never made it to a coffee table but rather sat in a box in his closet. Then, we got married and moved to California where I decided that these guys would finally see the light of day. Our Murphy, who was a puppy at the time, found some of them and chewed the corners. Even though we did find use for them as a display, he never actually read them. So, after glancing through them one last time (and even adding a few of his old travel books) the hubs decided to part ways in hopes that we can replace them with photos from our own travels. I couldn’t agree more.

Day 4: Husband ditches his old photography coffee table books  | The Minimalist Challenge  | |

Day 5

I wonder what tomorrow will be…

I’ll be back every few days to update you all on our progress, but in the meantime:

Have you seen this documentary? What’s your journey with minimalism? I’d love to chat about it!

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The Minimalist Traveler + A Dog & Baby

A Story Of Traveling Minimally + A Dog & Baby | |

Making the transition to living minimally has proven to have many benefits. Everything in our home has purpose; our closets are cultivated specifically for multiple outfits with a basic number of pieces, we utilize the space in our small one bedroom apartment, and we never bring anything in without donating, selling, or ditching the things we no longer use.

By living this way it’s helped me reevaluate the way I travel too and this week we’re flying for the first time with not only our baby, but our Murphy in tow as well.

How To Be The Minimalist Traveler

Traveling, even without a baby or a dog, is stressful. There’s getting to the airport in enough time, getting through security, finding your terminal, meanwhile navigating around every other person who is trying to accomplish the very same thing you are. Not to mention bearing those ridiculously long lines to get that essential cup of coffee or to get that last pee in before your flight (thanks to said coffee). Furthermore, the holidays make this an especially stressful task due to the number of people flying the same day you are.

However, traveling with a minimalistic attitude helps cut down on those unnecessary stressors such as fumbling with your (often too many) bags or not having things like your wallet, boarding pass, or keys easily accessible. Simply reevaluating the way you pack can easily eliminate those stressful aspects to traveling.

Here’s how we are flying with two adults, a baby, and a dog all in a duffle bag and a backpack.

Be Prepared

I’m starting with the obvious task here and that’s simply being prepared both with your time and with how you pack. When catching a flight with a baby and dog in tow, timing is of the upmost importance for us. Packing ahead of time and having those key items within reach such as our wallets, I.Ds., and boarding passes will save us so much time in the long run.

Tip For Family/Pregnant Travelers: once you find your terminal, speak to one of the people at the desk to see if you can board first before they call the groups so that you have time to get settled. We do this all the time when we travel with our dog, when I was pregnant, and now even moreso with Greyson. It’s rare that they will ever turn you down.

The Golden Rule of Packing

Whether your packing for a quick weekend or a weeklong trip (like us) it’s important this golden rule of packing: only take the essentials. Leave everything else behind or purchase them when you arrive to your destination. There’s no reason anyone should have to check luggage the size of their body regardless of how long you’ll be traveling for. I used to be one of those people and have since learned how much easier it is getting in and out of the airport when I only travel with my essentials. So, what are these?

Essentials: toiletries, makeup, wallet (even invest in a special wallet case for your phone), phone, devices & their chargers (iPad, Laptop, etc.), clothes, socks, shoes, and anything absolutely needed for the trip or while on the plane.

Even though checking a bag takes it off your hands while navigating the airport, in the end you risk losing it or at the very least standing in the myriad of people attempting to pick it up after your flight. For me, it’s never worth the hassle. By cutting out checking a bag we’re able to quickly move throughout the terminals, board and deplane quickly, and get on the road once we arrive at our destination. It’s all in how we pack that makes this simple even with a baby and dog.

The Backpack Diaper Bag

Traveling with a backpack is almost as great as rolling carry-on luggage – but better. It only requires super packing skills and a determination to bring just enough to fit in the bag. For our trip, we decided that Greyson’s diaper bag will be this backpack. I should mention that we are very fortunate enough to have much of what Greyson will need already stocked at my husband’s family’s house. This really helped us cut down on the number of things that we would have had to take with us on our flight. Anything Greyson would need in addition to what we bring will just be purchased once we arrive in San Antonio.

A Story Of Traveling Minimally + A Dog & Baby | |

A Story Of Traveling Minimally + A Dog & Baby | |

I am using Ziploc bags to keep his packed items clean and easily accessible in his backpack. I also made sure to pack new toys for the plane so that it’ll keep his interest during the flight.

Nonetheless, packing for baby follows the essentials rule too! We are only packing him items for:

  1. diaper changing
  2. one bottle with enough prepared formula for two bottles and snacks like Puffs
  3. a couple of his favorite toys and books to keep him busy
  4. his infant Tylenol, his favorite Wubbanub pacifier, and lovey

This is in addition to the few outfits and socks we packed for the week and spare clothes for any blowouts that may occur.

We are utilizing our Baby Tula carrier instead of bringing our stroller so that it keeps our hands free and is less to manage once we’re at the airport. My husband will carry Greyson like a backpack, I’ll have his diaper bag backpack on me, then it’s just our shared duffle bag and Murphy in his dog travel carrier. Backpacks are the way to go for anyone who needs to move quickly and at the airport it’s essential to have mobility!

Two Adults In One Bag

A Story Of Traveling Minimally + A Dog & Baby | |

Because I’m wearing one of my outfits on the plane, I’m saving so much room in our carry on!

This is when minimalism combined with a capsule wardrobe comes into play and becomes a huge benefit when traveling. Having a capsule wardrobe already in use helps me narrow down just a few items to pack, which includes:

  1. 1 pair of jeans/pants
  2. 3-4 tops including sweaters
  3. my new outerwear jacket
  4. 1-2 accessories including a scarf
  5. 1 pair of shoes (which I’ll wear to the airport)
  6. 1 sleep/loungewear outfit

This also take into consideration what I plan to wear for our flights, which should be comfortable but with practical use too. I also plan to pack any camis, bra, and underwear for the week. We share a toiletries bag, but I do have makeup of which I’ll need to make room for. It really helps when my husband can get away with packing one pair of jeans and multiple shirts and be good for the week – helps save more room for me 😉

A Story Of Traveling Minimally + A Dog & Baby | |

Shop this travel look below! My cargo vest and black skinnies are from my recent Stitch Fixes but I have included similar items.

I hope you all have a joyous Christmas weekend and enjoy the company of family and friends! Be sure to follow along with me and my little family on social media!

The Minimalist Traveler: See what tips & tricks I have found to be the best way to fly in one carry on and a backpack with dog and baby in tow. | |

What are your favorite flying essentials? What tips & tricks do you have flying with a baby?

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Home Organization On A TJ Maxx Budget

Home Organization On A TJ Maxx Budget | Today I am happy to share a few decor and organizing tips that always help me achieve that warm and welcoming look and feel for our home, cuts down on the clutter, but on a realistic budget. ||

One of my favorite pastimes is split between pinning a variety of interior design inspirations and doing my best to replicate what I pin. I try to find affordable and easy DIY pieces at my local TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, World Market, and Marshall’s. It also doesn’t help that my current favorite home renovation show is Fixer Upper (along with every other woman in America). It does nothing but give me home design envy and the bug to go out and spend money on cute decor for our home. However, living in a one bedroom rental only allows me to do so much within our home and considering I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, I have to get crafty.

Today I am happy to share a few decor and organizing tips that always help me achieve that warm and welcoming look and feel for our home, cuts down on the clutter, but on a realistic budget.

start with a home plan

Living minimally, I have to get pretty practical with what I bring into our home. For the most part I have full control on the design and decoration, but it never hurts to run things by the husband prior to making any purchases or adding anything. So, making a plan for what I’d like to do is the first place I always start. How much wall space do I have? Square footage? Type of flooring or counter space? These questions help me find the potential in my home and gives me a place to start.

Another part of any plan of mine is making sure I am making the space we have useful. This goes back to the minimalistic approach we live by: everything needs to have a place and purpose. Given that we currently have limited space and can’t do any permanent renovations in our apartment, I have to see each room differently and plan a way to improve the space without leaving damage.

Before jumping right into decorating there are some steps that I encourage for anyone and that is what Chip & Joanna call “demo day.” I don’t mean tearing down your walls, but I do mean a total cleanse of your home. This makes room for new projects and allows you to see where you could use better organization.

step 1: de-clutter the home

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Mathew 6:19-21

Holding onto things and becoming a clutter-bug is something I easily slip into. I have to remind myself that anything that comes in must be equalized with items that go out. This is whether we donate, sell, or just trash those things. God gives us a plan for how we should live our lives and I personally remind myself of His Word and how we should keep our homes free of materialistic distractions. With that said, here are a few ways my husband and I de-clutter our home so that it doesn’t leave us feeling like that cat lady on Animal Hoarders.

“Sell your possessions, and give to the needy.” Luke 12:33
  • Clothes: I try to make sure that I go through our apartment and clean out the clutter every 6 months or so. This means routinely going through my closet and donating any clothing, accessories, or shoes I haven’t worn or don’t fit (ThredUp, Goodwill, and local consignment stores are great options for offering you a bit of cash or tax deductibles for donating your lightly used stuff!). Think about what you’ve worn/haven’t worn in the last 6 months/a year and separate them into piles. Pregnancy has really made this step easy considering my body has changed since welcoming baby so I’ve been able to pitch a lot of what doesn’t fit anymore.
  • Unused furniture: See if you can host a yard sale or put up unused furniture on Craigslist to clear out the larger pieces you’re not using or are just taking up space. Another great idea is lending or even giving away furniture to young couples, those who have just moved, or otherwise need to stock their homes with the basics. No need in holding onto those bookshelves or old coffee tables you have no idea what to do with them.
  • Refurbish: A great DIY project is to take your old crummy furniture and give it some elbow grease and transform it into something you’ll love. Either that or refurbish it to sell it!
  • Magazines, junk mail, and other stacks of unused paper is worth throwing away. That Entertainment Weekly that’s four months old can get the pitch and so can all of those old pay stubs (unless you’re properly organizing it for taxes). See what you’ve accumulated over the last few months and shred/throw out all of those pesky papers you have stashed around your closets or countertops. Get in the habit of going through your mail and immediately throwing away the junk.
  • Maintain your junk drawer. I believe it’s healthy to have one drawer that is designated for those knick-knacks because we all have them. Accumulated pens, matches, knobs from random cabinets, etc. are going to end up in your home no matter how hard you try. Just keep your junk drawer to a minimum and always go through it and see what you can throw away.

step 2: create storage where there isn’t any in your home

Hanging baskets, shelving, and incorporating other drawers or cabinetry is an easy and affordable way to create storage where you may be limited. In our apartment we only have a small linen closet and our bedroom closet for storage. That’s it. However, we have plenty of wall space and square footage that I try to use that to our advantage.
Hanging baskets, shelving, and incorporating other drawers or cabinetry is an easy and affordable way to create storage where you may be limited.

We get a subscription to Bon Appétit Magazine and this wall basket has been a great touch to display these magazines in our kitchen. Prior to that I just had frames, now I’ve created purpose to that little wall space by using baskets to hold and display our magazines.

  • Our coffee bar has served more than one purpose for our little apartment too. It’s not only a place where we can store all of our coffee needs, but it has really allowed us to create storage where we didn’t have it before. To create our coffee bar we simply used a rustic wall shelf with hanging hooks and purchased an affordable cabinet from Target. This bar alone has allowed us now to clear out space in our kitchen cabinets, get more organized, and pitch anything we’re not using.
use wall shelves to save space

I love taking pictures, making prints, and hanging our memories all around our home. When you have a plethora of prints you need frames and when you have a bunch of frames you need to hang them. But how? I actually hate hanging things because somehow two necessary holes in my wall somehow turn into thirty misplaced ones. To solve this problem I use wall shelves and simply lean my frames against the wall. Doing this I’m able to display more frames and without the hassle of trying to hang them. Another great way to display your photos is using a gallery wall. This incorporates multiple frames on one wall to create a collage of sorts.

I use wall shelves and simply lean my frames against the wall. Doing this I’m able to display more frames and without the hassle of trying to hang them.

Opt for cheaper frames to display your prints!Frames: Ikea & TJ Maxx

Other wall shelves are great for getting things off the counter, such as in our kitchen. In this house we love to cook and having certain spices at the ready has made cooking that much more convenient (plus it looks cute!). So, using a small wall shelf we not only display, but use the spices on our rack. Other spices we use sparingly or not as often we keep in our cabinet out of sight.

Other wall shelves are great for getting things off the counter, such as in our kitchen. In this house we love to cook and having certain spices at the ready has made cooking that much more convenient (plus it looks cute!).

step 3: give everything a place in your home

The key to getting organized and continuing to live that way is by giving the things you keep (or purchase) a place in your home that also has purpose. Decor is nice, but if you find yourself with more frames than you do photos or those decorative sea shells don’t have a specific place, then don’t purchase them. Here’s how I manage to organize my tiny space even with a baby:

Hide those ugly cords with simple organization solutions. I picked up a mail organizer at TJ Maxx and use it to keep our modem out of sight. We hold the mail we keep, our laundry card, and other important paperwork in the organizer so that it doesn’t get lost and makes that area useful.

Hide those ugly cords with simple organization solutions. I picked up a mail organizer at TJ Maxx and use it to keep our modem out of sight. We hold the mail we keep, our laundry card, and other important paperwork in the organizer so that it doesn’t get lost and makes that area useful.

Use a simple magazine basket to store dog toys in your living room!

I had picked up a magazine basket from Ikea years ago and had no idea what to do with it…until we had Murphy. Now I use this basket to keep his toys in one place and it’s easily accessible for him. He’s since taught himself to go up to it and get his own toys…if only we could train him to put them away 😉

Hang cards or other mail using a cute chicken wire frame with mini clothespins! Instantly keeps clutter off your countertops!

I absolutely love this rustic card display I bought on Etsy (and you can see how I use it during Christmas)! Originally I thought I would just have it up during the holidays, but there’s always an occasion we can display the cards we receive, like my first Mother’s Day cards (see photo). So, I’ve kept it up year round and now we’ve maximized that wall space facing out into our living room.

Useful baby storage

 Using a bookshelf and wicker baskets from Target I’ve created a changing station that hides our overstock of diapers and wipes.

Keeping our baby stuff organized has been pretty simple considering we don’t have too much stuff to begin with – just the necessary basics. Using a bookshelf and wicker baskets from Target I’ve created a changing station that hides our overstock of diapers and wipes. The baskets are easily accessible and one holds his plain onesies, hats, and burp cloths and the other stores medicine like his Infant Tylenol, first aid kit, nasal aspirator, etc. The rest of his baby clothes are stored in designated drawers in our bedroom and his “hamper” is a tote bag hanging in our closet!

See what his nursery area looked like before Baby Greyson arrived.

**Our nursery has since changed with the arrival of his crib and changing table. These baskets are now organized on his changing table shelves and we use the space under his crib for extra storage.

Lastly, affordable storage units like this one from Target is a simple way to keep baby things (or anything!) organized and offers bins to hide everything you don’t want displayed.

Lastly, affordable storage units like this one from Target is a simple way to keep baby things (or anything!) organized and offers bins to hide everything you don’t want displayed. Also, being a teacher turned SAHM had me with a lot of my books without a proper home. So, I de-cluttered my closet and put them into Grey’s bookshelf. Now he can enjoy these stories my students did for so many years!

These are just a few ways I’ve managed the clutter in our home and I hope these solutions can help you get your space organized and begin living meaningfully!

How do you stay organized? Any tips or tricks to share?

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