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You’ve probably seen a lot on my social media about this lady friend of mine lately. Chelsea is a phenomenal hair stylist at a local salon here in Ventura called Matiz and I met her over two years ago when we first moved here from D.C. The one thing any girl does when moving to a new town is locate the nearest Starbucks and find a hair stylist. I remember meeting her for the first time and when I say there is a golden light that radiates from her I’m not exaggerating at the least. I can honestly say that I don’t know someone as kind, sweet, and equally hilarious as Chelsea. It’s been such an honor getting to know more about her over these last two years and I can say that she’s more than my stylist, but a friend.

The C Word

When my husband returned from his own haircut appointment with her just a number of weeks ago he had mentioned that she was getting a procedure done. When I asked what kind of procedure he mentioned that her doctor had found tumors on one of her ovaries and that she was getting it biopsied. My initial thought was, oh, that sucks! I’ve had a pap-smear come back abnormal and needed a biopsy done on my cervix to screen for cancer and with this experience I thought that her case was somewhat normal and routine. That she would be healthy and back to work no problem – although those procedures are very uncomfortable. My husband, myself, and a friend, who also is one of her clients, were even planning a little Get Well Soon gift for her as she made her return to work.

Unfortunately that wouldn’t be the case.

All of Chelsea’s clients were being handed over to other stylists, my husband being one of them. After he returned from his appointment last week and had a chance to check-in with those who may have word on her condition, he returned with a saddened heart. It was found that Chelsea was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and will be beginning chemo as well as other treatments such as blood and marrow transfusions. I am grateful that there are treatments available for her and others who suffer from this type of cancer.

Find more information related to blood, marrow, or organ donation.

Anyone who has visited an ER knows that medical bills can skyrocket, even for those who have health insurance. Cancer treatment is rigorous, time-consuming, and often a painful and debilitating course of action for anyone and it comes with a price-tag. My goal in this, knowing there’s not much one can do in this situation, is to be as active as I can for Chelsea and be her voice as she undergoes her treatment and hopeful recovery.

Supporting Chelsea

I only ask that if you are so inclined, please consider visiting her Go Fund Me page where you can learn more about her and make a small donation that will go directly to paying her medical and living costs while she is out of work. She is devout in her faith, so at the very least please lift her and her husband up to God in this time of need. Pray over her treatment, her ability to receive donations both monetary and blood/marrow, and her cancer team that will be treating her. You can even share this post or any one of my social media to get the word out about this cause.

Again, it’s unlike me to ask for money as I know it’s very forward to do so – especially to strangers. However, I have this feeling that although I may not be able to take her cancer away there are other ways I can impact her and her family in a positive way. And if blogging and sharing her story makes even just the slightest difference I’m okay with that.

Thank you for allowing me to do just that and if anyone has any words of encouragement that I can share with her please comment below or visit her GoFundMe page today.

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