Styling With Stitch Fix | December

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

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My girl Whitney has done it again this month and I couldn’t be more excited to share with all of you the pieces I received in my December fix! This is the first time in a very long time that I actually purchased all 5 items, but it was also a very easy choice to make. This month I knew I would be doing a little traveling for Christmas with my little family and the temperatures are beginning to drop here in Ventura, so I was in need for some sweaters and an update to my outerwear selection that I could wear all season long and are easy to pack.

When it comes to winter-wear for me it needs to be lightweight considering our winter is a brisk 65-70 degrees with a chance of wind. Living by the water causes things to be extra chilly these next couple months. I am always looking for layerable pieces too since temperatures can change throughout the day and depending where we are. Whitney heard my call loud and clear and shipped me some pretty amazing pieces that were flattering, in beautiful winter colors, and most importantly, lightweight and practical for my beach living lifestyle.

Here’s what was in my 13th fix!

Market & Spruce Jayda Pullover Sweater – KEEP

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

Burgundy is the color of the season and I can understand why. It’s a beautiful shade so when I saw this Market & Spruce pullover sweater I couldn’t help but get excited. The material is soft and I love the eyelet detailing that runs along the trim. Another great feature of this sweater are the slits along the sides, which perfectly accentuates my hips and allows for the perfect fit. A lot of the items she sent me has these slits and I am so thankful because I am able to enjoy a top that’s fitted up top, modest in the bust, and hides my postpartum tummy.

Market & Spruce Kres Woven Detail Knit Top – KEEP WITH A TWIST

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

I really wanted to like this top because it fits well, but I just wasn’t feeling the cutout in the back. It’s another super soft piece and I really like the trim, but overall I wasn’t sure if I loved it enough to keep it.

Here’s the twist…

This is a perfect example of how the Buy 5 Discount really worked in my favor on those undecided items. Because I already am purchasing 4 out of the 5 pieces, I had to think about whether or not keeping this top gave me the most value upon checkout. I earn a Buy 5 Discount of 25% off on top of any credits and my styling fee, so by returning it I would lose on that deal and end up paying more than if I decided to keep it. Instead of returning it, I am going to simply **exchange it for a medium so that it’s a bit more fitted considering the stretchy material.

**Stitch Fix now offers items to be exchanged for other sizes! You simply purchase the item and return it in the prepaid shipping envelope (along with any other returned items) and you’ll get a notification when your exchanged size hops in the mail. So much more convenient now that I don’t have to send items back I loved just to wait and see if the new size came in my next fix.

Fate Lydiah Striped V-Neck Pullover – KEEP

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

How many striped shirts can one girl own? Considering over the last few months I’ve narrowed my closet down to live more minimally, I have found room to add a couple of new pieces. Everyone who knows me knows stripes are one of my favorite patterns and I love that this lightweight sweater has a few different styles going on. The solid cuffs really break up the overall stripey pattern and I really love the look of the oversized shoulders that lead into a draped midsection. The slits on the hips make another appearance and I am thankful because it makes this sweater look so flattering while hiding my problem areas.

P.S. the stripes and cuffs are actually a dark navy blue, not black. 😉

Honey Punch Rivington Textured Open Cardigan – KEEP

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

Open cardigans are my thing since they’re so cozy and give a new spin on an old favorite. I was surprised to see this knitted cardigan by Honey Punch in my fix, but in a great way. I immediately fell in love with the champagne-almost-rose color, which separates itself from everything else in my closet. It’s so cozy and the material is super soft and I know I’ll be wearing it a lot this season.

Market & Spruce Jahana Cargo Vest – KEEP

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

I love the little hood that’s attached on the back!

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

So, what is so great about Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix first began as a skeptical leap of style faith. I wasn’t quite sure that some stylist over the internet could really find 5 pieces that would not only fit me, but be looks I’d actually want to wear. For a $20 styling fee I received my first fix and was initially so impressed with how my stylist heard exactly what I was looking for and delivered on it. I still wear a number of those first purchases today (and that was over 2 years ago) and enjoy adding new and fun pieces along the way.

I’ve journeyed with Stitch Fix through the ups and downs of my weight and even through my pregnancy with their maternity styles. Since it’s been a couple of months since my last fix, I was so excited to see that they offer shoes now in addition to a new mens line. This just proves to me that Stitch Fix has a finger on the latest trends, but also keeps the needs of their customers in mind. I can only imaging how they’ll grow and expand into the future!

Styling With Stitch Fix | December | |

 What about those referral links?

Because I created a free style profile I now have the ability to share my love of Stitch Fix with others. A referral simply allows me to earn a credit of $25, which essentially covers my styling fee for the next time I schedule a fix. Once you create a style profile you are given a special referral link and begin earning your own credits. Why not get a credit for something you use anyways? I am so appreciative to those who use my link because it helps me as a SAHM enjoy the little things like feeling good in a nice pair of jeans. So, thank you.

Which items in this fix are you loving the most? What styles do you gravitate towards?

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  • Rebekah Gaspar

    Stitch Fix sounds really fun. I love the cardigan you got, looks so cute and comfy!

    • It’s one of the best ways I get to shop for new clothes! I love waiting to see what my stylist is going to pick for me each month. Have you tried it before?

      And the cardigan is so soft! I can’t wait to wear it all winter long 😉

  • Elizabeth Doren

    I love love love the cardigan. What a great concept. I’ll have to check it out…

  • Ashley

    You had the best fix this month! All of these items are so cute! I especially love that vest!

    xo Ashley

  • Ruthie Ridley

    Such a great fix!! Love it all!!

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