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Pin To Present: The Yellow Scarf: See how I styled my causal day out in Santa Barbara using items I already owned! ||

Although I wouldn’t consider myself someone with a particular sense of ‘style’ I do, however, love trying new outfits and adding different pieces to my closet thanks large in part to Stitch Fix and pieces I’ve had tucked away for a few years now. I am by no means a fashion blogger either – you can find all my old style posts back when I first began blogging. Rather I am always looking for inspiration especially since becoming a mom and realizing my body isn’t what it used to be. My waistline has shifted, I still have some baby weight to lose, and finding clothes that fit me just right helps me get out of my yoga pants and nursing tops. I don’t want to feel as though being a new mom has shoved me into a style corner where I feel trapped. Rather, I am excited to find outfit inspiration that lends itself to being nursing friendly, makes me feel confident by hiding those unforgiving areas, and allows me to still feel like me.

Today I’m sharing how I pulled together a quick outfit for a getaway to Santa Barbara. Here in central California it’s all about how you layer and the material of clothing you’re working with. The temperatures fluctuate, even here by the ocean, and I am constantly going between snuggling up or shedding layers throughout the week. This outfit is perfect for those kinds of days where the morning chill allows for a little extra layer and the possibility of taking those layers off in the afternoon to place them back once the sun starts to set. Let’s take a closer look!

Pin To Present: The Yellow Scarf: See how I styled my causal day out in Santa Barbara using items I already owned! ||

The pin is originally from another blog called Pop of Style and Missy actually used the post to discuss how to style her camouflage flats. Instead, I opted to wear my leopard print flats I bought from Banana Republic a number of years ago. I always love styling those flats because the print allows me to feel a touch edgy even though edgy is far from what I would describe my overall style.

Oh, and if you haven’t realized already from Instagram and how I’ve imposed it onto my son, I love stripes; so any excuse to wear them is a good day in my book. The top I’m wearing is from J.Crew Factory and I just love the hidden buttons. The material is lightweight and I love a good sleeveless top considering I always run hot and makes layering a breeze (no bunching with the cardigan). The cardigan is an oldie from Banana Republic Factory, but this black cardigan from one of my Stitch Fix boxes (maternity no less!) would also pair nicely with this outfit too. My jeans are a skinny jean from Gap and I love them because they’re actual denim – meaning no stretch. Stretch is pretty fantastic, but I want my jeans to feel like jeans. Does that make sense? And finally the staple piece that brings it all together is one of my favorite accessories ever: the yellow scarf; of which I picked up from a Marshall’s from ages ago.

Pin To Present: The Yellow Scarf: See how I styled my causal day out in Santa Barbara using items I already owned! ||

Scarves are pretty great because they’re easy to style, I can get edgy with various prints, colors, or patterns, and they can be easily taken on and off throughout the day depending on the temps outside. Scarves also come in all kinds of textures and varying degrees of heaviness so I can enjoy them year-round. I’m actually really looking forward to when the temperature around here will begin to drop so that I can dust off my scarf drawer!

What I love about personal style is that you don’t need on-trend items or even expensive pieces to have style. It’s all about how you see colors and patterns and find ways to work them together. This outfit was hella adorable and I was able to create it with things I already had in my closet and of which were purchases from years ago. However, recognizing that my body has definitely changed since giving birth, I’m excited to be fitted once again by my Stitch Fix stylist in hopes that I can walk away with a few new pieces to add. Yay for new clothes! I’ve scheduled it for November so be on the lookout for that post next month.

OMG it’s November next month?!

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