Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

We’re home again, home again.

Phew, what a week it’s been for our little family. Greyson earned his first wings flying for the first time as we made our annual trip to visit with my husband’s family for the holidays. He did better than I could ever imagine – no problems with his ears and he slept on most of our flights. We were a bit nervous to see how he would do knowing we had connecting flights and weren’t sure how his ears would fare. Thankfully he’s one of the best babies to travel with as he made friends with everyone, flirted with the flight attendants, and slept most of the way to and from Texas. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better travel experience. Traveling light was the way to go and made our trip that much less stressful from beginning to end.

P.S. apologies for the iPhone photos that follow 😉

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

Now that we’re settled back home and getting into our normal routines, Grey included, I wanted to take some time to share with you all a few scenes from our week in Texas!

Christmas Cookies

Every year my MIL bakes her delicious sugar cookies and the kids (who are now adults, haha) get to decorate them. She makes her icing from scratch and adds her own flavors, which to me makes it that much more fun. This year I didn’t participate, rather it was my husband getting to share in this tradition with his Goddaughter – talk about precious. It was great getting to see the two of them bond and pick up as if it really hasn’t been a year since they saw each other last.

Another great aspect to having her visit was for her to meet Greyson for the first time whom is her Godbrother. Not only is my husband the Godfather to her, but her mom is Godmother to Greyson. I just love it! My hope is that they grow up and have a bond similar as their parents.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve with our Texas family is always a good time. My FILs family hosts everyone and we come over for food, drinks, a bit of catching up, an epic white elephant gift exchange and this (see video above). This is one of my favorite aspects to celebrating Christmas Eve because the guys get together to play while we, as a family, sing Christmas carols. Greyson loves music and getting to be a part of this was amazing – plus I loved that he got to listen to his Grandpa play!

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was always a special time growing up and now as we embark on Christmas with Greyson it takes on a whole new, and yet different, meaning. Thankfully with the time zone difference and just being tuckered out from traveling and a busy Christmas Eve, Greyson allowed us to sleep in before tearing into his presents. I’m going to cherish this sleeping-in thing considering I know once he understands Christmas we’ll be awoken at 6am (or sooner) just like we did as kids to our parents.

Although a lot of his gifts will be shipped back to us in CA, it was fun letting him tear into his presents. He loved his stacking rings and activity walker from Grandma! He also received a lot of fun books and cute clothes, which are fantastic gifts considering this boy is already into 18 month clothes! We are just so grateful for the love surrounding Grey and his baby cousin this year!

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

Greyson got to meet his great-grandfather on our trip too!

Gruene, TX

There’s something special about this little town of Gruene, which is about an hour or so from San Antonio. The husband first took me here almost five years ago when we first began dating and we were visiting Texas to see family and for me to meet his family for the first time. It’s a quaint little place with shops, antiques, a little wine tasting, and then there’s Gruene Hall, which is a dance hall where the beer is cold and live music can be heard around the block. We were happy to be able to make it back with Greyson this year and take in some music and enjoy a beer, a little tradition of sorts for Philip.

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

A fun little tradition the husband and I have is that whenever we get the opportunity to sneak away to Gruene we always take a photo right in front of the H.D. Gruene Antiques store like we did when I came to Texas for the first time almost 5 years ago. We were only dating then (bottom right) and I got to visit this town (and I distinctly remember it being a bajillion degrees out) for the first time. We visited again a couple years later while in town for Christmas and this year was special because our little family grew by one. It’ll be fun to see how these photos change over the years and for how long we can keep up with this little impromptu tradition (apologies for the early years of Instagram filters!)

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

Seriously though…having a bit of fun at the antique store 😀

Fredericksburg, TX

On our last day in Texas my FIL took us all out to (yet another) cute small German town of Fredericksburg. The biergartens were plentiful (and even drinking along the streets is legal) and the food and atmosphere was friendly. We grabbed a beer, took an opportunity for some photos, had a wine tasting, and finished off our day with a fantastic dinner t in a way celebrate the holidays coming to an end and time spent with family.

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

I feel like I should frame this photo for the obvious reasons.

Once we arrived to Texas it felt as if we hit the ground running. We cherished time with our friends who now live in the area, created special memories with our family, and took in the sights and sounds the best we could. Oh, and the wine continued to flow and Scrabble and Catchphrase battles ensued. Christmas with the babies made it even more special for us – getting to meet our baby nephew for the first time and trying to remember the time when Greyson at 2 months old. Even though we were there for seven days, the days just seemed to fly by.

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 5 | |

Goofy Grandpa

Now we’re settled back home and looking forward to ringing in 2017 as our little family. We also sit here anticipating our D.C. trip coming up in March (Grey gets to meet my side of the family next!) and having my husband’s parents visit for his first birthday once we return! Oh, the thought of this guy turning one! Gah!

Happy holidays everyone as I hope you all enjoyed the season with loved ones and surrounded by good company. Cheers to a new year…or anyone who actually stays up to midnight to ring in 2017 (I mean, I feel like NYE should be an Olympic sport for moms. Who actually stays up that late with their kids?)!

How did you spend your Christmas holiday?

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