Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY

Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY

One of the questions that many girls growing up in the early 2000s can ask themselves is, where were you when Gilmore girls first aired? Unfortunately I cannot answer that question, well not until a few weeks ago that is, because I never watched the show. Insert wide eyes and a shriek here. I know, I know. I’m one of the few girls out there that didn’t really get on the CW bandwagon growing up although I’ve heard great things about the show. I guess the whole ‘mother-daughter being best friends’ relationship thing didn’t really peak my interest and neither did the goody-goodeyness of the whole show. Instead I opted for shows like FRIENDS, Seinfeld, The Office, and the ridiculous South Park. I never knew what I was really missing out on…

…until Netflix and the kind soul, Janelle, over at Simply Love.

Back a few months ago I remember hearing about the Gilmore girls revival and seeing a number of friends, and blogging friends, sharing their excitement across social media. I never quite understood what the commotion was about seeing as though I had no idea what the references were or the complex relationships that played out over seven seasons. Thanks to Netflix and countless hours throughout the day with Greyson, I have been able to catch up on seven years worth of memories and reminiscing about being a young teen myself navigating high school, responsibilities, and relationships. I think I’m able to appreciate this show much more as an adult than if I were to have originally watched it growing up. BTW, I believe Lorelai Gilmore was ahead of her time! So witty and funny!

I am only within the first three seasons yet I find myself totally wrapped in Lorelai’s relationship with Luke. I mean, they do end up together in the end, right?! How is it that these two waif-like women can eat, let alone afford, Luke’s everyday for multiple meals a day? And I’m quite impressed that a teenager drinks her coffee black. I still have to use cream and sugar! Perhaps it’s the perks of living in a small town where everyone, and literally everyone, knows you. Nonetheless, it’s a town that I find myself wanting to live in, to raise my family there, and for 45 minutes (at least) I can.

So, in celebration of our grand return to Stars Hollow and greeting our favorite characters once again for this epic four-episode run, me and my fellow blogger friends are hosting a pretty amazing giveaway! Grab your Luke’s coffee and a donut (or three), your comfiest sweater, blast the revival on your TV, and join all of us for a giveaway thanks to Janelle and my lovely other hosts!

Giveaway Items: 

+ Twine and Cotton Market ‘Stars Hollow’ Candle
+ Snowman and Star Ornament
+ $20 Shop Credit to LulaRoe | Janelle Monaco
+ Rose Gold Clutch
+ Mini Brush Trees
+ Milkglass Coffee Creamer + Sugar Set
+ Coffee Mug
+ 2 Art Prints
+ Darling Magazine
+ Darling Nightingale Knitted Donut
+ Pop-Tarts
+ Journal
Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY
Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY
Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY
Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY
Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY

your hosts:

Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY | |

begins midnight on Nov 25th and runs until Dec 3rd at midnight – open to U.S & Canadian residents only. Winner will be selected at random.

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