Real Talk: The Face of Addiction

Has anyone come across Leah Grey? I met her through a wonderful Christ-centered community for bloggers called The Peony Project. She had asked a few of us if we would be interested in being a guest blogger for her series about addictions since it’s a topic that hits so close for her at home. Although I don’t necessarily put this experience out there publicly, I felt driven to share my story in hopes that others can relate or it can connect those who are dealing, or have dealt, with addiction.

This space of mine is a safe place to discuss the inspirations of the heart and soul. Today I am revealing a more difficult and painful part of my past and how it has influenced the woman I am today. It’s not an easy topic to discuss openly, however I felt the need to shed light on an aspect of addiction that is rarely discussed: the siblings involved.

My story comes from being the sibling of addicts and is something, that although extremely frustrating at times, that has taken me many years to compartmentalize, grow, and move onward from. It doesn’t resolve itself overnight or heal wounds left from years past.

My story reflects my experiences and perceptions, but furthermore is a reminder and testament that even during the darkest season of my life through proxy, I have been truly transformed by His unwavering grace, love and guidance for my life – especially throughout such a difficult family hardship.

Read all about my experience here as I invite you to get real for a moment with me.

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