Open Letters: May


If you haven’t already been following Julie from A Hopeful Hood, you’re seriously missing out on a pretty hilarious perspective on life (especially as a new mom). I always enjoy reading her blog and since climbing out from my rock I saw she’s hosting a new linkup in the form of open letters – I couldn’t wait to join in. I love the idea of writing posts in the form of letters (i.e. to my past self, to my dog, and even kind of to Nicole Arbour) and so here I am linking up with Julie for her monthly linkup of Open Letters.

Dear Greyson,
You seem to be growing so quickly, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I don’t mind you beginning to get into a nighttime routine that allows Daddy and I to manage a few more hours of sleep. I love watching you grow and everyday it seems you’re noticing something new and continuing to be curious about this strange new world you find yourself in. You’re beginning to talk and babble so much these days that I know this is just the beginning…of me missing how tiny you were.

Dear Gap,
Your new spring styles are something I envy if only I could find myself getting out of my SAHM uniform of yoga pants and a nursing cami. I find my closet dwindling in terms of pre-pregnancy clothes that fit (I apparently inherited a new body after delivery), but consider it a win when I can *almost zip and button my jeans! However, if I could just win a shopping spree I’d really appreciate it.

Oh, and Baby Gap…please feel free to pick Baby G as your next brand rep in your casting call. He’s super adorable.

Dear oatmeal cookie recipe on the back of the Quaker Oats box,
You were baked on a  whim because this woman loves a good oatmeal cookie…and oatmeal is healthy right…and you were absolutely delicious. Nevermind I had to use two different kinds of sugars and chocolate chips –  I had no qualms eating you right up and counting my Weight Watcher points along the way. #worthit.

P.S. WW, you should really reconsider how many points wine is. I mean, it’s grapes and I thought fruits were 0 points.


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  • I love all of these!!! Haha especially the P.S.’s. Baby G absolutely would be a great baby gap model! And I’m not even biased! 🙂 Also. Now I might have to go try that cookie recipe bc (like I already mentioned) oatmeal (raisin) cookies are my favorite!!

    • It’s soooooo good. I didn’t have raisins (since I cooked them up on a whim) but I did add chocolate chips 😉 So funny all the great recipes you can find on the back of boxes!

  • haha! I love the hilarious last line of each letter! yay for getting more sleep and wine is basically mashed up fruit salad sooooo 0 points it is!

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