October Happenings // Coffee Date

The last week of October is upon us and once again I’m sitting here with my little cup (because that’s all I’m allowed…thanks, pregnancy) of coffee wondering where in the world this month has gone. I swear it was just September…but honestly I tend to say that about every month. It’s truly a reminder that time slows for no one. Before I head off to church with the hubs and a pumpkin patch today, I am linking up with Jenna over at Gold & Bloom and the other beautiful ladies for her Coffee Date Linkup. Here’s a tiny peek at my month in review and upcoming happenings for November.


Favorite moments from October

Feeling the very first flutters and kicks! //
Such an exciting moment as a mama-to-be and although it began as slight movements that I swear was gas at first, they’ve turned into more pronounced movements now that we’re officially halfway there (20 weeks). Another exciting moment is now my husband is able to feel his kicks. I love seeing his face every time.

31 Days of Halloween //
October is a celebratory time in our household and my husband gets so excited each year for Halloween. We both love scary movies, haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and who can forget a good Oktoberfest event? Well, this year I’m able to participate in some of our favorite fall things, but being pregnant presents some conflicts. This year I put a lot of effort into creating our annual 31 Days of Halloween date nights/movie marathon and it’s been so much fun trying new things and getting into the seasonal spirit with my husband. If you’re interested, read about all the activities and movies I have planned here.

Making macarons for the first time //
For a delicate dessert like this French patisserie favorite it’s surprisingly easy to make. However, the challenge is in just how delicate they really are and realizing that you’re eating 99.9% sugar (but I can easily look past the latter). The egg white mixture has to be fluffed just the right amount, the shell batter needs to be the perfect amount otherwise you have overrun circles, and the shells need to not have any bubbles. Once they hit the oven and you make your buttercream filling, it’s an easy peasy assembly from there. Although the recipe is very straight forward, only about 4 of the 20 macarons I prepared actually came out looking/tasting great…so….I’m considering it a success. Until next time!

Fixer Upper is my current obsession //
Have you heard of this show? We don’t have cable so HGTV isn’t something I watch on the regular and I’m pretty picky in regards to what kind of renovation shows keep my attention. But, when I noticed this show on the new releases section of Netflix I was curious enough to watch the first episode and OMG! I just adore Chip and Joanna, their relationship, their example of faith, their farmhouse (anyone?!), and of course the amazing work they do taking rundown homes and giving them a beautiful revival. My husband isn’t so much the handyman so watching these types of shows aren’t really his thing, but I found that we both really enjoy watching the transformation these houses go through. It’s fun to see him point out the things he’d like in a home (farmers sink, crown molding, paint color!) and take an interest in home renovations. Now if only we could move to Waco…and Netflix I’d appreciate the other 3 seasons, please and thank you.

Moments I’m most looking forward to

Our next prenatal appointment (and hearing our sweet boy’s heart beat!) on Tuesday

The season of travel in November/December to visit our families in Virginia and Texas

Blogging more with intention and purpose + stepping up my social media game

Creating November/December date night themed activities (it’s kind of my thing)

What was your month of October like? Was there anything particularly exciting? What’s going on with you?

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  • So excited for you! I love the name you’ve chosen for your little guy (saw it in your newsletter) and I know it’s such a sweet precious time for your family. I’m glad to read you’re enjoying the little moments of it.

    • Thanks, Ashley! Although I definitely have my lows I keep trying to maintain perspective and focus on the happy moments as they happen.

  • Fixer upper–yes! I’m so obsessed and I can’t wait for their new season to start! Congrats on all of the baby things! That is SO exciting and such a blessing. Xoxo

    • Aren’t they amazing?! I’m just in love with not only the work they do (omg are they talented), but I also love their relationship with each other. So funny to watch the two of them 😉