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Cheers-ing: This month I am celebrating my very first jump into monetizing my blog (wahoo!) through Linqia campaigns for Gerber. I absolutely love Gerber’s products from their bibs to healthy food options for Grey. You can check out my reviews of their mess-free Lil’Beanies here and Rice Cereals here.

Organizing: I’m getting Greyson’s clothes situation under control since he’s grown out of a lot. I went through and made piles of his clothes that we will send off to Texas for his sister (who is due with her first baby any time now!) and a few things we’ll donate to Goodwill (yay for tax deductions!). I also sold on Craigslist a few of Greyson’s baby things like his Baby Bjorn, Bumbo seat, and Jumper in order to make room for the big boy toys and things to come. I love clearing unused items out of the house! Yay for cleanliness!

Dreaming: of the holidays and how excited I am for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! It’s such an exciting time considering it will be Greyson’s first year for all of these new traditions which make it all extra special. I’m also dreaming about the two bedroom apartment that will be ours in the coming months and my inner interior designer is going crazy with the decor ideas! I’m so looking forward to gaining more space in the new apartment and the best part is that we will get to stay in our little paradise by the water with an even better view of the beach.

Buying: All kinds of things! I have our Halloween costumes in my Amazon queue waiting to be purchased, bought a few lovely fall scented candles by Astleigh in her NEW Etsy shop Twine & Cotton, and looking for decor/lamps for our #DIY narrow sofa table we made last week (photos and post to come!).

Listening: to Grey kick and play in his crib even though he should be taking a nap. For a kid who I know is tired has been putting up a bit of a fight lately concerning his nap time. But hey, he’s quietly playing by himself so no worries here.

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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