Why I Made This Beauty Switch

Why I Made This Beauty Switch |

When it comes to living a healthy life I, of course, try to drink plenty of water, be active, and be mindful of where my food comes from. One aspect of living healthier that I am guilty of overlooking is my skin.

Let’s be honest for a moment, shall we?

I remember the first makeup I ever purchased – it was some off-brand eyeshadow and liquid foundation from my local CVS Pharmacy. It didn’t cost much and it did the job of making me feel as beautiful as a young preteen could in the early 2000s- never mind I didn’t know first thing about properly applying it! Then flash forward to being a young adult and taking more of an interest in my makeup routine. Finally, within the last 5 years or so I discovered BareMinerals as an answer to finding a quality makeup that not only was affordable but didn’t make me feel as though I were caking on layers and layers of foundation.

I had been a huge BareMinerals fan and still recommend it above other brands you can find at your local pharmacy. However, since becoming pregnant and welcoming Greyson I’ve been much more conscientious about what I apply on my skin – an organ often overlooked when talking about health. Our skin absorbs absolutely everything from sunshine, to smoke, and of course anything we directly apply on it. What gets absorbs affects our health in a lot of ways we don’t realize.

So where am I going with this?

I’m glad you asked! One major brand switch I’ve done within this last year alone has been with BareMinerals cosmetics to Beautycounter. I’ve seen that Beautycounter is becoming more and more of a household name and I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s why.

Healthier beauty.

Beautycounter has an extensive line of skincare and cosmetics and is the leader in healthier beauty. The CEO is active in getting thousands of toxic chemicals and ingredients banned in the U.S. – a lot of harmful ingredients you’ll find in practically everything we apply on our skin. I was shocked to find that the U.S. trails behind other countries around the world in regulation of skincare and cosmetics! Why should these ingredients be allowed to be manufactured and sold?

Simply just being more aware is the mission of Beautycounter and I am happy to know that all of their products are created using fresh and non-toxic ingredients.

Healthcare that’s affordable.

The number one thing I’ve heard from a few people I’ve talked about Beautycounter with have said they’re a little more reluctant to try it due to the price tag. Yes, many of the brand’s products will put you above what you’d probably spend on skincare or makeup, but I personally see it as an investment in ones health. It’s easy to spend $10-$20 on moisturizer or various cosmetics, but think about what makes that foundation or night cream so inexpensive. Much like the food we buy, the cheaper the product the cheaper the ingredients that go into it.

I encourage you all to do some research on the products you normally buy.

A real difference.

Lastly, ever since I began using their charcoal bar as well as their eye cream I have noticed a wonderful difference. I usually have normal to dry skin, so I needed to find something that was gentle enough but gets my skin a deep clean. After only a few days I began noticing how clear and soft my skin naturally was. I was hooked!

Now I am beginning to transition my makeup, I am amazed at the quality. I recently purchased their Dew Skin tinted moisturizing foundation and it’s a great all-over foundation! No streaks, just easy application – plus you only need a pea sized amount for your whole face! Also, I saw that Beautycounter just released their ‘five minute face’ line and I can’t wait to try it out! Knowing the makeup I apply every day is made from natural and non-toxic ingredients makes me feel so much better about about my overall wellness and feel less guilt when getting ready.

In conclusion, I’m NOT a consultant but just sharing what I love.

However, you can link up with my friend who is also the managing director for Beautycounter to ask any questions, follow on Instagram to stay in the loop of deals, and make any purchases towards healthier beauty! Because who doesn’t want to invest in their health in the simplest of ways?



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