Introducing Warby Parker

The unique look and confidence that the Oliver frames gave me upon wearing them even for those few minutes while in the shop.

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I first realized I needed glasses back when I was in high school and began driving for the first time. I remember becoming frustrated at the number of missed exits (MapQuest, anyone?) due to the fact that I couldn’t read the signs until I was close enough – which resulted in seeing them just in time for me to pass right by. Never mind I had squinted through school for almost my entire life because of denial, but at that point my eyes needed a break. I finally got myself to the optometrist who declared I was indeed near-sighted and would need to wear glasses. Flash forward to the present and although my glasses go with me everywhere, I was in need of refreshing the pair I’ve put through the wringer since college. It was time.

One lucky day that my husband had off from work we made a little day-trip to Venice, CA to our favorite little shopping district of Abbot Kinney Blvd. We grabbed a quick bite to eat then set off to find him some new clothes. Per any shopping trip, it begins as a quest for someone else and I somehow stumble upon a little something for me. As we were walking I happened to walk by a Warby Parker shop, and having seen a blogging friend (Catherine from A Short Blonde) sport this brand of frames I just had to take a peek for myself.

It was love at first wear.

There were a few different frames that I felt really fit my style, but these Oliver frames in the Whiskey Tortoise were the ones I knew I had to have. I surprised even myself having chosen these simply because I had previously opted for frameless since I never really wanted to make a statement, or accept, that I needed glasses in the first place; even after all this time. However, there was a unique look and confidence that the Oliver frames gave me upon wearing them even for those few minutes while in the shop. I was excited for the first time about these glasses and my experience with Warby Parker only heightened my overall enjoyment picking out these new frames. Also, with the business model Warby Parker stands for made purchasing from them a socially conscious effort too.

Only after an updated eye exam and purchasing my frames with a prescription, I paid less than $10 total (thanks to vision insurance) – something completely unheard of in the eyewear industry. How are these high quality frames so inexpensive at only $95? It’s simple: they design and create their own eyewear so their customers can reap the rewards. Since they do everything themselves they don’t have to commission outside companies who then mark-up the price of the frames. Genius, right? I thought so too.

So thus begins my love affair with Warby Parker. If you’re looking for another reason to be convinced as to why this brand of eyewear is awesome, take advantage of their free Home-Try-On Program where you pick out 5 frames and they ship them directly to you to try on in the comfort of your own home and decide for yourself. You can read about my home-try-on experience when I was looking to upgrade my sunglasses. I found it to be so convenient and simple to make a decision about which frames fit best.

Are you in need of new frames and looking to not break the bank in the process? Warby Parker has an assortment of high quality and trendy frames that will be sure to fit any face. And for $95, or less with insurance, you can’t afford to not try them!





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  • I didn’t realize WP works with insurance! That’s awesome. And you look great in your new frames. 🙂

    • Yeah! I was excited to find that out too – and I’m sure if you contact WP they will provide you with an invoice to give to your insurance company for a reimbursement. And thank you so much! I’m just in love with them 🙂

  • My frames are WP too! I loved how easy they were to work with – I walked right into their shop to pick out mine! 🙂

    • Oh nice! They had so many great frames to choose from, but I knew instantly that Oliver was the right pair for me. So glad to find others who love WP just as much as me! Have I been in the dark all this time? 😉

  • My frames are WP too! I loved how easy they were to work with – I walked right into their shop to pick out mine! 🙂

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