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Who is your all-time favorite author (living or dead)?

Hands down Ian Fleming.  I’ve read every book of his 3 times and will probably read them all again once more.  Bond was a character that I related to during a time when I had no one to relate to and not in that ridiculously debonair manner that we associate with the movies.  The character had a lot of flaws and spent a lot of his life alone with nothing but his thoughts.

My close seconds are Ernest Hemingway (mostly for the way he lived as opposed to how he wrote) and Robert Heinlein (he was ahead of his time)

If you could live in a specific time period what would it be? Why?

I really would have liked to have been a fighter pilot during WW II.  Back when military service meant that you were literally fighting for our way of life.  Of course, life expectancy in that career field was much shorter than it is now, but it was an age of heroes – if there ever was such a thing.

Do you have a time/age/season of your life that you consider your “glory days”? When was it and what made it meaningful to you?

I used to think that I had “glory days”, but then I realized that I feel that term is for those that think the best of times is behind them.  And I just don’t feel that way at all.  With every day that passes, I feel that life has gotten that much better.

Share one funny family memory or story from your childhood.

So, at the time it wasn’t at all funny, but I did accidentally drop a stink bomb in my classroom.  You know the type – little glass capsule with some chemical compound that smells like rotten eggs.  I had it with me (with no intention of using it, mind you) and it slipped out of my pocket and broke.  Stunk up the entire building, the teachers thought it was a gas leak so everyone evacuated and I had to admit what had happened.  I remember feeling like that was the worst day of my life, but like the saying goes, “It’s the worst day of your life SO FAR.”

What was the best practical joke you’ve played on someone or that someone played on you (or you’ve been witness to)?

I convinced my sister that she was adopted and it pretty much went over like you’d imagine.  I thought it was hilarious, but I was also kind of an ass 🙂

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