How Huggies Saved Us From Nighttime Wetness

Toddlerhood is in full swing here in the Daniel home and that means an extra busy boy who eats and drinks everything. I am so proud of his appetite and how eager he is to try all different kinds of foods. And since our 15 month well visit we were given the green light to stop with formula and transition him to whole milk. It was a surreal and bittersweet moment for me as a mom because that meant Greyson was less of the baby I’ve always known him to be and morphed somehow into this growing child.

This transition to 100% table food also means extra special diapers when we change them or the occasional mess from our diapers that couldn’t keep up.

For any parent, diapers are a necessity in any home with young children whether they’re newborns or are learning to potty train. We’ve stuck with our brand of diapers ever since Greyson was born, but we soon ran into a stinky problem – nighttime wetness. Even though we’ve invested in the special diapers that claim 12+ hours of nighttime absorption, I continuously dealt with Greyson wetting through his diaper and onto his pjs. By the third day of this happening I knew we needed to make a change and I am so thankful for Huggies and their Little Movers brand of diapers.

I couldn’t be happier with our decision to switch to Huggies for Greyson especially now that he’s much busier and always on the move! The Little Movers provide him so much more comfort, absorption, and all around protection for those pesky accidents or full wet diapers. Since switching over he’s staying dryer for longer and the overall fit is perfect for how busy my little guy is these days.

Practical Diaper Features

A fun aspect of toddlerhood we’ve experienced lately is Greyson learning to take his diaper off.

One morning I happened to walk in where I found him scooting around his crib, moments later realizing he’s not wearing his diaper, and noticing poop absolutely everywhere. *face palm*. However, with his Little Movers I am now reassured that their double grip strips will keep his diaper comfortably on all throughout the day – even if he’s tempted to mess with it. The contoured shape of each diaper allows him to move freely and have more of a perfect-to-him secure fit.

More Time for Playtime

One doesn’t really consider how much the perfect diaper affects the rest of your day. Having an ill-fitting diaper or one with not the right absorption can really put a damper on your day – or at the very least make it more challenging and time consuming. Wouldn’t you rather spend your days playing with your baby versus battling him/her at changing time? Or running through diapers because it seems they need a change every 30 minutes or sooner? I know we do and Huggies is perfect for affording us that opportunity each day.

The Difference at Sam’s Club

We have plenty of options to shop for diapers, but Sam’s Club gives us the convenience of purchasing diapers in bulk for a comparable, if not better, price of other retailers. It’s no secret that baby items such as diapers and wipes can begin to take a hit at your family’s finances. We find ourselves purchasing diapers and wipes possibly once every two weeks if we’re lucky. Luckily though, since switching over to Sam’s Club we’ve been able to buy our Huggies in bulk and take advantage of their incredible savings.

At Sam’s Club, for example, you can bundle your Huggies purchases and save $10 on any two, or $18 on any three, diapers, wipes, or pants. Sam’s Club also offers their members other perks like: Club Pick-Up where you order your items online and they’re there at the store ready for you to pick-up! They also offer limited time free shipping on online orders and offer customers the option of scanning their items while they shop with their Scan and Go app to beat the lines! I encourage you all to check and see if these amazing features are offered at your local Sam’s Club!







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