A Hawaiian Anniversary | Part Four

We are on the final part of my Hawaii recap and find ourselves on the last full day while on vacation.

Every time my husband and I go to the islands, regardless of which ones or where, we always do a snorkeling excursion. It’s almost like our little tradition at this point since we enjoyed it so much when vacationing in Turks. It’s always a fun day and we were looking forward to finish our trip with a fun outing.

Out of all of the snorkeling we could do on the island we opted for a tour of the Na Pali coastline with Kaua’i Sea Tours. It’s absolutely as beautiful as you could imagine and there’s a reason many filmmakers use this coast as a location for many movies. We boarded our catamaran early in the morning with other fellow tourist families and set sail. I love going out on a boat, especially with these waters, and sitting on whatever that’s called feeling the water catch up to you was exciting. Our tour guides were hilarious, knowledgable, and shared a lot about the island’s rich history and culture.

On our entire trip I had wanted to see the famous Hawaiian sea turtles but only the husband could catch this photo of them. Even snorkeling I was hoping to see some, but again only he caught a glimpse!

One of the fun things our Captain told us was about the history and legend of this waterfall. He explained to us that it was good luck for newlyweds or those celebrating a marriage to kiss while standing under the falls as it’s believed that the water will protect your relationship. Who knows if it’s just fake folklore for us mainlanders, but nonetheless we really enjoyed the experience of kissing under this waterfall.

I mean, who has regular opportunities to do that?!

Although I couldn’t take pictures while we were snorkeling, it was fun jumping in and seeing all the colorful fish! Again, I am in awe of the variety of life this world of ours has and it’s always fun to get a short glimpse of it from time to time.

I couldn’t have imagined a more exciting, busy but at the same time relaxing, few days while in Kaua’i. I couldn’t recommend this island above all the others more as it’s perfect for those looking to truly get away. Thank you for coming along with me, taking a look back on this experience and how meaningful it was to celebrate our wedding anniversary here.


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