Happy Weekend, Folks!

Just wanting to stop by the blog today and wish everyone a wonderful weekend! Today I’m off to my school where I worked right before taking time off to give birth and raise Greyson. I always enjoy returning to campus and seeing all of my teacher friends and students. I can’t believe many of the preschoolers I once worked with are now Kindergarteners and my firsties are second graders now! Nonetheless, it’ll be good to spend the day catching up and visiting with Greyson (he has a certain charm with the ladies).

Also, be sure to check out my guest spot over at Ember Grey! Since having Greyson it’s taken me some time to become confident in my new body; i.e. the body I was left with after delivering a 9 lb baby and gaining 30 lbs throughout my pregnancy. So, today I’m talking about the road I took to getting comfortable in this new skin of mine and how my style has changed due to nursing! So be sure to check that out and stop by to say hello 😉

Lastly, can you believe that this boy of mine continues to grow and change at a rate that this little mom heart of mine can’t seem to keep up with? I know I’ll be saying that forever. Nonetheless, here are some adorable photos I snapped the other day of Greyson enjoying his new walker. Yes, W-A-L-K-E-R. Although he’s still learning how his feet work, he can’t get enough of this toy and it’s been so much fun watching him move around and discover the things that were literally out of reach before. If you want to see the cutest video of him trying his walker for the first time be sure to check out my Instagram!

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