Greyson Turns ONE! | 12 Month Update

Greyson Turns ONE! | 12 Month Update | |

Anticipating this moment when I acknowledge that my little guy turns one years old has been a constant feeling these last few weeks. I knew one day we’d be here, but as much as time seems to just fly right on by, I am always wondering just how fast a year really does go. So, to all other fellow mamas out there…it, indeed, goes by quickly so savor those little moments for in time you’ll be sitting here much like me wondering how in the hell we got here.

But nonetheless Greyson, as of March 10th, has officially became a one year old and here’s what he’s been up to this past month!

Date: March 10, 2016 – ONE YEARS OLD!
Weight: coming soon

Celebrated: my first birthday both in D.C. and back home in Ventura, Ca.! I also flew to Washington, D.C. while Daddy was on a work trip and visited the Natural History Museum and took a nap while Mommy toured the Holocaust Museum. I also got to see the Washington Monument!

Enjoys: I really love walking and beginning to run (more like a fast walking), playing hide-and-go-seek, and playing under blankets or making forts. I also continue to love reading and really enjoy all the new books I received for my birthday. Curious George is my newest, and most favorite, movie right now – I love watching George do silly things.

Dislikes: I am in the thick of stranger danger right now and do not like it when Mommy or Daddy leave my sight. When around new people, only Mom or Dad can hold me otherwise I throw a big fit.

Milestones: I am beginning to mimic sounds I hear most often, I can make the first sounds of the alphabet (A, B, and working on C), and repeat actions when playing with Mommy or Daddy. I continue to make lots of different sounds and babble all the time; often with great expression with raised arms! Oh, and I can make the sounds of a few animals when I see them like in my Dada book – Mom and Dad think it’s pretty adorable.

Learning: more and more about the world around me through taking blocks apart, dumping and throwing my toys from inside their bags or boxes, and learning to put them inside. I love fiddling with zippers, latches, or wheels. Stacking toys are fun for me and I love making noise by hitting everything I can find. I’m very curious about absolutely everything!

Greyson Turns ONE! | 12 Month Update | |

Greyson Turns ONE! | 12 Month Update | |

Greyson Turns ONE! | 12 Month Update | |

Greyson Turns ONE! | 12 Month Update | |

We had so much fun putting together and celebrating Greyson’s first birthday! We went with a luau theme and I have to say I’m so happy with how well it came together. More photos and a blog post sharing our day is coming soon! A huge thank you to all of you here who have followed me along in this journey of parenthood; from throughout my pregnancy, to giving birth, to now celebrating Greyson’s first birthday. Thank you for being a continuous supportive and encouraging group of women (and men if you’re out there, haha)…there’s no way I could have survived this first year without you all!

Here’s to many more adventures!

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