Greyson James: 9 Month Update

Greyson James: 9 Month Update | |

What a week it’s been in the Daniel household! I not only had a husband who succumbed to allergies all weekend, but have a teething baby on top of his runny nose – becoming more like a minor sinus infection. Boogies everywhere! Poor guy barely gets any sleep due to phlegm and not being able to breathe. Our Nose Frieda has been a Godsend although he barely lets us get in there anymore since we’ve been using all weekend. I just pray that his pain subsides and these boogies begin to pass.

With all the sickies at home it made blogging a touch challenging, but here is Greyson’s 9 month update! 9 months, guys. That means it’s only three short months until he’s one! But, I’m holding onto my little baby while I can – this past month was full of all kinds of new milestones and he’s been hard to contain with all this crawling going on!

Date: December 10, 2016
Weight: 22 lbs (eek!)

Celebrated: seeing Santa for the first time! I was very curious about him and even managed to not shed one tear! I was able to get my photo taken even with Murphy, too.

Greyson James: 9 Month Update | |

Teeth: I still have eight teeth (4 up top and bottom), but I’m beginning to teethe in the back now which has me fussy with a bout of diarrhea and a runny nose. Mommy and Daddy brush my new teeth now with my very own toothbrush and fluoride-free toothpaste! I think it’s so funny when they brush- I also love playing in the bathroom mirrors.

Enjoys: I really enjoy learning new things on my own, even though I can sometimes get frustrated if I don’t succeed right away. Toys that have latches or flaps are my favorite as well as my new table that I can climb up to. Climbing is my new favorite thing to do, too, and I even try to move from one surface to another like the coffee table to the sofa! I’ll be walking in no time I’m sure of it. I also like to take toys and purposefully drop them to watch someone pick it back up. I’ll do this over and over again!

Dislikes: the changing table! I don’t like it when Mommy lays me down on it to change my diaper or clothes. She keeps me from sitting up or twisting around. I also hate that boogie sucker Mommy and Daddy use…(even though it helps him breathe tremendously!).

Milestones: Thankfully separation anxiety, which is supposed to peak at this age, hasn’t really bothered me. I am pretty friendly with everyone (especially the ladies), but if I could choose I’d still pick Mommy or Daddy over a stranger. I am a busy-body now too as I’ve learned to officially crawl on my hands and knees – I’m booking it all over the place! I love standing up on furniture and have even taken a couple steps on my own!

Learning: what “no” means and actually following it as I’m still learning the boundaries that Mommy sets.

Greyson James: 9 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 9 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 9 Month Update | |

Sad to not have been able to catch any smiley photos of him this time around, but this poor guy hasn’t been feeling 100%. He’s a trooper, though, and I can’t say no to all the extra snuggles lately.

I was able to finish the keepsake ornament this weekend too! Bought some acrylic paints from Target and attempted to handletter my best “first Christmas.” I love how it turned out and making this ornament will help me keep Greyson tiny forever 🙂

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