Greyson James: 8 Month Update

Greyson James: 8 Month Update ||

If this face is any indication of who my little boy has sprouted into it’s spot on. I cannot even believe this fearless, talkative, bright, observant, and busy little person was once my little bump on a log even just a few months ago. Greyson has grown into this little boy, it seems overnight, and these days I’ve truly spent running after him – knowing this is just the beginning. This month has been full of teething, discovery of pre-crawling (and the need to begin baby-proofing!), and the introduction of new foods. It’s been a whirlwind but I know it’s only just beginning…

Date: November 10, 2016 (Happy Birthday, Grandma!)

Celebrated: my first Halloween! Mommy and Daddy dressed me up as a lobster and they were the cooks – I was a hit at our community Halloween party.

Teeth: I grew two more teeth since last month and they came in all at the same time! I’m up to 8 teeth total now (four on top and four on the bottom), but my fussiness tells Mommy that more teeth might still be coming.

Enjoys: trying new food like chicken! I also really like reading my books – almost even moreso than before, to make noise with anything I can get my hands on by slamming them on the floor or table, and talking! I make so many sounds now and my favorite at the moment is, “baaaa baaaa.” I love discovering new things in my house now that I am able to crawl around on my own (army crawl) and I really think it’s funny when Mommy and Daddy plays peek-a-boo with me. Bath time is also a lot of fun now that I have my own big boy tub that comes with fun water toys!

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Dislikes: changing clothes or being put down on the changing table – I like to squirm around! I also really don’t like wearing anything that isn’t a shirt or pants like these stickers mom puts on me (see photos). I also don’t like hats or sunglasses! Oh, and I really don’t like it when Mommy tells me ‘no’ or takes me away from whatever I wanted to explore. I have many preferences now and when I don’t get my way I’m extra fussy. Also, I don’t much care for anyone eating in front of me and I can’t eat too – Mommy always has to pack my own snacks when we go out so I can eat with everyone too! Or just be prepared to share 😉

Milestones Met: creeping, or otherwise known as the pre-crawling stage or the ‘army crawl.’ I can begin to pull myself up when in my crib and stand up (assisted) near furniture like the sofa or coffee table, I like to wave goodbye to the people I know, and I’m exploring a lot more about the things around me by shaking, dropping, and banging them. I’m beginning to recognize familiar words for my toys like ball and book (‘b’ is kind of my favorite sound right now).

Learning: to use my pincer grip while eating snack. I love my Lil’Beanies and now I’m trying to pick up smaller foods on my own like sliced avocado and apples.

Greyson James: 8 Month Update ||

Greyson James: 8 Month Update ||

Greyson James: 8 Month Update ||

Greyson James: 8 Month Update ||

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