Greyson James: 7 Month Update

Date: October 10, 2016

Celebrated: Daddy’s birthday,

Eats: all kinds of veggies and fruits as well as Gerber’s rice cereal and oatmeal!

Enjoys: walking outside in my new walker! I also like car rides more now that Mommy and Daddy got me a bigger seat, I can also fit into the high chairs at restaurants, and sit up in carts when we go shopping! I am also getting the hang of FaceTime and starting to recognize my grandparents. I also love playing peek-a-boo games, reading with my parents, and making noises by slamming my hands or toys on the table.

Dislikes: it when food is gone or taken away, is much more content during tummy time but wouldn’t go as far to say I enjoy it, and when Mommy and Daddy walk by me in my crib and not pick me up.

Milestones Met: has got a handle on stranger anxiety, fine motor is really strong: being able to pick things up with both hands, transfer items from one hand to the next, precise thumb and finger mobility, and exploring, exploring, exploring! I am so curious about everything – almost to the point where Mommy and Daddy have to start thinking about baby-proofing the house! Oh and did you see my new tooth that sprouted the other day? I’m up to five teeth!

Something New: Temper tantrums! I have this newly discovered high pitched scream that I like to use each time I don’t get what I want or Mommy and Daddy try to put me down for a nap when I’m not ready to sleep. I have heard that it’s a sound that can wake the dead…

Learning: to hold my new bottles (without handles) all by myself and sip from spouts versus the bottle nipples I’m used to. I am also learning to test Mommy and Daddy’s authority a little by doing the opposite of what they ask or tell me (they know my attention span is seconds long) – now that I’m a bit more mobile I’m curious about glassware, bottles of wine, and the trashcan. Oh, and I am consistently sleeping all through the night!! *mommy and daddy happy dance**

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