Greyson James: 5 Month Update

How is it that I am already writing my baby’s 5 MONTH UPDATE? Like, whoah. I’m only left here thinking that he’ll be half a year old the following month and my new mom heart can’t even believe it! It has been so amazing to see just those little, but big, changes Greyson has gone through this month. He’s almost sitting up completely on his own, he continues to surprise me with the new sounds he enjoys making, and he’s just becoming a tad bit more independent – which, of course, is great…but my baby is growing up!

Here’s looking to five months with my little guy…

5 months.001

Date: August 10, 2016

Visited: Cambria and Hearst Castle! I also got to meet a peacock for the first time on my way home in Avila. This month I also got to go to the Ventura County Fair for the first time (second if you count last year when Mommy was pregnant with me)- so many new sights and sounds!

IMG_0553 2
Enjoys: eating! Mommy and Daddy are feeding me all kinds of new foods like vegetables and fruits and rice cereal (I even get upset when my Mommy and Daddy don’t let me try what they’re eating). I also like taking walks in my stroller now that I don’t need to sit in the carseat attachment anymore – I can see so much more now!

Dislikes: not doing something myself! I love to concentrate on using my hands to do things for myself without any help – even if I need it. I don’t like it when I see food I can’t try.

Milestones Met: I’m starting to recognize my name! I turn whenever my Mommy or Daddy calls me. I also turn whenever I hear new sounds – especially when Murphy barks. I also rolled over from my tummy to my back all on my own – but, don’t get me wrong, I still hate being on my tummy.

Learning: to sit up on my own without any assistance – I’m still pretty wobbly though so Mommy holds my legs. I love blowing bubbles and making new sounds – right now I love making the ‘b’ sound. And my feet? They’re pretty awesome as I love to grab, hold onto, and eat them!

Image 8-8-16 at 1.55 PM

Image 8-8-16 at 2.00 PM


This face though…

5 months.003

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