Greyson James: 4 Month Update

Date: July 10, 2016

Celebrated: My first 4th of July and dip in the pool!

Happy 4th of July!

Sleeping: I pretty much have this sleeping thing down (I average about 7-9hrs through the night)! But, I do like to wake up at 5am each morning and sometimes Mommy lets me sleep in the bed with her so she can get a couple more hours. I also take mid-morning and mid-afternoon naps otherwise I get really fussy.

Went: I went to the Griffith Observatory and got to meet my Godparents, grandma, grandpa, and cousins for the first time! I’m still learning about new people and it takes me a moment to get comfortable with them.

Milestones Met: I love to grasp for anything I can get my hands on, I recognize familiar faces (I love looking at Daddy!), and instead of babbling I love to scream and make all kinds of new noises and sounds. I’m starting to imitate facial expressions, and I’m getting much better at holding my head and chest up when on my tummy.

Eats: Mommy still feeds me breastmilk but I’ve started noticing the foods others eat and reach for them. So far they’ve only let me taste a little bit of fruit and I love the juice from oranges and little bits of banana.

Enjoys: taking baths in the big bathtub since I’m beginning to outgrow my infant bathtub. Also, I just discovered how to stand up too and don’t think about holding me like a baby…one of my favorite toys (next to my Wubbanub) is my fox that Daddy got me this past week. I also just noticed my feet and I love to grab for them!

Dislikes: not moving in some way. I don’t like being in the stroller or carseat at a stop – keep me moving! I also hate teething since my gummies hurt and I don’t much care for those cold teething rings.

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Learning: to roll over and sit up on my own! I can’t do it 100% by myself yet but I’m pretty close! I am also learning more about the books Mommy and Daddy read to me – I love holding them and trying to put them in my mouth.


Someone doesn’t sit so well for photos anymore #overit

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