Greyson James: 3 Month Update

This month was filled with all new experiences both for Greyson and my husband and I. The major new event that took place was beginning to allow him to ‘cry it out’ as a means to sleep train him at bedtime. I am happy to announce that it has been working wonders and since doing it consistently he only cries for about 2 cycles before he’s so tired he drifts to sleep on his own. I’ve also begun notice a little more independence in him, which may or may not be associated with allowing him to soothe himself at night. He’s content for longer periods of time in his crib alone during the day and even when he wakes up it’s cute to catch him talking to himself.

Another milestone quickly approaching this month is teething. I’m surprised that by three months he’s already showing the signs: fussiness, drooling, fingers constantly in the mouth, etc. He’s just a bit more fussy during the day and needs some extra TLC from mom despite doing so well sleeping at night and being more independent. Any tips or tricks for this new mom on teething would be greatly appreciated!

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Date: June 10, 2016

Nicknames: Chub-Chub, Mr. Chubs, My Love, Chunky Monkey, Greyson-baby.

Sleeping: has been so great these last few weeks! I’m sleeping, on average, about 6-7 hours and only sometimes need a diaper change in the middle of the night. I’m starting to get used to my new crib (no longer in the bedside bassinet), too!

Discovered: myself in the mirror! I’m still not sure what I’m looking at, but I love smiling at Mommy. I’m also becoming really good at using my hands to grasp and hold things! I am beginning to realize that I can actually control these things!

Went: to Mommy’s school to meet her 1st grade class and visit her teacher friends, wine tasting (I feel like this will be common for Mommy and Daddy), and many walks outside and along the Ventura Pier. I also went to Ojai for the first time and can’t wait to play on the awesome playground that was just put in!

Health Scare: Mommy noticed fluid building up under my skin on the back of my head near my soft spot, but we went to the doctor and got an ultrasound and I’m okay. (*the ultrasound showed nothing serious (sub-dermal hematoma) and that the swelling has completely gone away!).

Enjoys: my Wubbanub, nibbling on my hands, drooling, being held and bounced around, looking at everything and everyone, walks outside especially at trees, reading books with bright colors, and sleeping on Daddy’s chest. I also like watching Mommy do her workouts in the living room – she’s so funny looking!

Hates: being put down, strapped in the car seat, stop signs (or when the car isn’t moving), tummy time, and when my Wubbanub falls out of my mouth. I also don’t like this teething thing – it makes me extra fussy to Mommy.

Learning: to hold onto things like my pacifier and hold myself up during tummy time! I am also learning how to soothe myself at bedtime.




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