Greyson James: 10 Month Update

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

This month was full of exciting things for Greyson. He has just exploded with personality, which has made parenthood that much more fun. He’s so expressive, makes us laugh with his many faces, sounds, and babbling, and you can tell he’s just a sponge that’s soaking up everything this world has to offer him. In his 10th month of life he’s become more independent, but still needs snuggles and cuddles, explores new food, environments, and everyday objects with an eagle eye. Greyson is all boy who is just all over the place – lots of tumbles and bumps on the head, but one thing he is for sure is resilient. I just can’t believe we are just two months away from his first birthday! It’s been such a privilege to watch him grow this month and can’t believe I have a toddler on my hands already!

Here’s what he’s been up to this past month…

Date: January 10, 2017
Weight: 23.8 lbs

Celebrated: I went on my first airplane ride last month and this month I visited the Santa Barbara Zoo for the first time!

Teeth: I still only have 8 teeth, but I go in and out of teething in the back every few weeks. I don’t think I’ll get my molars anytime too soon but it makes me cranky. I just always have to have my thumb back there, which makes me extra drooly. Having my teeth and becoming comfortable with chewing I get to try all kinds of new foods from Mommy and Daddy!

Enjoys: Reading books that have tabs I can pull, my Jesus bear mini stuffed animal I got from church, talking to anyone who walks by, and playing outside in my walker. I like it when Mommy sings to me, especially if I’m upset or trying to go to sleep (“You Are My Sunshine” is my jam). Playing with blocks, magnets, stacking rings, and books are my current favorites. All of a sudden I’m really into cars, too. Watching Top Gear and Grand Tour with Daddy is so much fun!

Dislikes: being told “no” by Mommy or Daddy is the worst. I get so mad when they tell me I can’t touch something or go somewhere. I’m just so curious about everything, even if it’s dangerous! I’ve also become a little more attached to Mommy and don’t care to be away from her or out her arms for too long. Also, I learned that I don’t like the large birds I saw at the zoo when we went.

Milestones: A blooming personality is an understatement! I love socializing with anyone and everyone with my babbling, smiling, and waving hello and goodbye. I do get a little shy with some people, but overall I love the attention I get from others – especially the ladies. I know a lot of words and phrases and it helps when Mommy and Daddy talk to me or explain to me what they’re doing – I hear so many new words that way! Standing up on furniture is so easy to me now and I like walking while holding onto Mommy or Daddy.

Learning: I’m still practicing my motor skills that will prepare me for walking on my own, like walking with flat feet instead of up on my tippy-toes. I can balance for a few seconds on my own so I know walking is in my future! Mommy and Daddy are going out sometimes without me so I’m getting used to being away from them for a little at a time (I don’t like it, though). Also, I’m learning to be without my favorite pacifier – now that I’m talking more. I’m only allowed to have it during naps and at night, but soon enough I’m going to have to learn to cope without one.

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Murphy decided to join the fun during our little photoshoot and hopped up onto the chair with Greyson. This is one of my favorites (even though Murphy was in the process of moving his head) because of Grey’s smile. It’s hard to imagine that this boy used to be my little rolley-polley and now, as he continues to be more upright and attempting to stand on his own, he’s really leaning out in his face. It’s almost like I have this little boy on my hands.

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

When I first began taking these photos I had the idea that I would have him laying down on his adventure blanket, but as you can tell that was a naive new mom idea. I was trying to achieve those cute coordinated photos as he approaches one. Of course as he grew and became more mobile the photos went from “easily taken” to having to wrestle him to sit still for even just a moment. Nowadays I’ve found that sitting him in our recliner and giving him either something to play with or holding something above me gets him to sit still long enough to take a couple photos.

So to any new moms out there: start them in a chair or just don’t expect them to lay down for you AND skip the stickers (they pull and grab at them eventually) so opt for those cute chalkboards! Just a suggestion 😉

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  • I love the photos where he’s leaning back with his block. He looks so BA. Haha

    Except during family visits, when we’ve had babysitters, he’s usually already asleep or just about to go asleep. This week will be the first time he’s having a daytime sitter and I’m wondering if we’ll still deal with separation when that pops up in a few months.

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