Greyson James: 1 Month Update


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Date: April 10, 2016
Weight: 1o lbs 9 oz (75th percentile)

Has: blonde whips hair, blue-grey eyes and those kissable cheeks!

Sleeps: mostly through the night (about 4 hours at a time) and all through the day…as long as I’m on Mommy’s chest.

Can: begin to lift and hold head up since birth, smile, and make all kinds of facial expressions.

Enjoys: sleeping on Mommy & Daddy’s chest, bath time, eating (all.the.time), and riding in my Baby K’Tan wrap.

Hates: not being held or swaddled and when Mommy changes his clothes.

Learning: all about my arms, hands, and legs. I love to kick and move them around!

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Greyson James: 2 Month Update

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