Friday Favorites | vol 6

Friday Favorites | vol 6 | |

Another week down in the books.

If this week could be summed up in one word it would be: exhausting. And of course it falls on a week where I pledge to get back into shape by running, eating healthier, and not drinking alcohol during the week. Ha! You know when they say, ‘you make plans and God laughs’? Well, he sure did have a chuckle this week!

Greyson had been a raging terror, but a quick trip to the doctor to check things out came back with an explanation for his extreme fussiness: an ear infection. I felt so bad that he may have been in pain for days and that I only just now got him to the doctor. This kid of mine has always found a way to power through whatever ailment he has, which makes it hard for me to determine if he’s just being cranky or it’s due to a larger issue. But when he didn’t sleep through the night at all and was inconsolably crying and screaming, I knew something much deeper was going on.

Thankfully he’s on antibiotics for the next 10 days – and since we started his doses, within 24 hours it’s like he’s a brand new kid. It just goes to show how resilient our children are and a huge thank you to my friends and fellow mamas who are always there in the midst of my tiresome days, sleepless nights, and not enough coffee to get me through the morning.

However, even during those few days where I felt they were never going to end, there were many favorites from my week. Here they are…

One | How to Disagree on the Internet

One of my newest (and favorite) blogs to read is Ro from Chicken & Bliss. I had the pleasure of meeting her through her interest in joining my Interview With My Husband linkup – and her and her husband are the most adorable people I think I’ve ever met! This week she wrote about a much needed lesson in just how we can disagree with people without burning bridges or turning the discussion into an argument; that we can handle ourselves maturely and like adults. She offers some pretty great advice and I wish it were something all the trolls on Facebook and social media could read!

Two | How to Be Authentic Online

Another blog I love reading is Elizabeth from Oak & Oats. I enjoy her blog for a number of reasons, but this post really spoke to me this week. It’s a lovely reminder of how we must all reevaluate (and sometimes regulate) ourselves in terms of our online presence. Authenticity is huge and having dove head first into the blogging world I’ve come to learn just how important it is. We have a tendency to judge or compare and allow that to interfere with how we present ourselves online.

Three | The Almighty Healing Powers of ACV

I knew that apple cider vinegar was a magical healer of all kinds of things. I also know that just taking a shot of it a day will improve your overall health. However, it was never really anything I did myself since I didn’t have much of a reason to.

Then, after dealing with a bout of allergies a week ago, I have this lingering annoying cough. I don’t have any other symptoms other than a tickle in my throat constantly throughout the day. Cough drops help, but I feel as though it only puts a temporary band-aid on the problem, and cough suppressant medicine just doesn’t work. It wasn’t until my husband recommended that I gargle some ACV that I had my ‘come to Jesus moment.’ I’ve been gargling it for the last day or so and it’s really helped my cough and has given me some peace – besides, I guess I’m one of the few that actually likes the taste of vinegar.

Four | Sprouts Farmers Market

Okay guys, I’m a H-U-G-E fan of Trader Joe’s – I’ve never really made that a secret. I love that they have affordable and fresh food options compared to large grocery chains. However, I cheated on TJs last weekend and I’m here to tell you that I don’t even feel bad about it. #truthbomb

Have you heard of Sprouts before? It’s pretty much my favorite organic grocer now that we have one in Ventura. One aspect of TJs that got kind of annoying was that they don’t provide you with everything like a typical grocer would. Sprouts on the other hand has practically everything you could need at a comparable price to TJs – if not cheaper. Everything is fresh, organically and locally grown, they have a butcher in-house so you know your meat and seafood is also fresh (something TJ doesn’t have), and they have a variety to the products they carry. Especially now that we’re eating vegan during the week I no longer need to run all over town to find seitan or other unique ingredients!

Five | These Coasters

Yes, these coasters are currently sold out on the website and apologies in advance. But don’t they just say what we all are thinking whenever we have guests over or our friends refuse to use coasters?! Or is it just me 😉 I love fun things like this for the home and although, yes, there’s some choice language on there it makes for a unique addition and a touch of fun for any room.

Enjoying life’s wins…

And if I could add a sixth favorite – it’s that even through this exhausting week, God gave me a win and that was in the form of Greyson’s separation anxiety. Tuesdays I have my MOMs group at church and I place him in the nursery so that he has an opportunity to cope with his anxiety of being away and I have a moment for myself with my mama friends. On this particular day (his doctors appt was that afternoon) he was particularly fussy and I had a feeling I’d be called right away due to his uncontrollable screaming. However, when I went to go drop him off (where he normally begins to cry and run the opposite direction) he walked right into the nursery and was seemingly excited to play and see his caretakers and friends!

OMG, people!

It was such a relief and in that moment I was reminded that we could be in the midst of a crazy week dealing with stressors of life, but to always keep an eye out for those wins God provides for us. Those moments where you can sit back and say to yourself that, ‘the rest of the day could be a complete wash, but for this moment I am going to enjoy this one win – for me.’ And nobody can take that moment away from you.

I’m looking forward to this weekend as I’m gathering with girlfriends of mine for a paint and sip night on Sunday! I loved going for my birthday back in March and can’t wait to paint some more will enjoying a glass (or a few) of wine considering how I’ve earned it this week 😉 I hope you all have an amazing weekend spent doing something fun and enjoyable with loved ones!

What do you have plans for this weekend?

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