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Friday Favorites | vol 5 | |

Happy Friday!

This week was pretty crazy…and oh, so tiring. Greyson has been dealing with diarrhea and threw up a couple times earlier in the week. Luckily we had his baby Zofran (from when he had a stomach bug in D.C.) to help curb the vomiting, but the diarrhea is ever so persistent. So, it’s been a lot of sleepy days, laundry, diaper changes, and a constant smell of poop in our home. I’ve had him on the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) diet to help, but nothing seems to be working. I’m afraid this will just have to run it’s course – poor guy. Nonetheless, Greyson is still just as smiley, bright, lovable, and curious as he’s always been.

Despite keeping up with Grey, here are a few of my favorites from the week!

One | Never Stop Wandering

This past weekend we took the train to Santa Barbara and went wine tasting. I love taking the train because 1) it’s convenient. The station is right down the street from our place and we don’t have to worry about driving, parking, or the traffic coming home. And 2) the views are absolutely beautiful. The husband captured this photo of Greyson up against the glass looking out to the ocean and my heartstrings just burst. A 45 minute ride with nothing but ocean passing you by is not too shabby of a way to travel.

Travel is in our blood. Whether it’s a day trip, over the weekend, or big trips across the country or internationally. I want Greyson to always have this sense of awe and to never stop wandering and discovering new places.

Two | Grilled Artichokes

Since learning how to use the grill on the complex and warmer weather heading our way, we’ve been kind of obsessed with grilling lately. It’s fun, gives the husband fire to play with, and food from the grill just tastes better. I found this recipe for grilled artichokes and I can’t wait to try them. We’ve had similar grilled artichokes from our favorite restaurant called The Hitching Post and is going to be a hard recipe to beat. But nonetheless I’m excited to try.

What are your favorite grilled recipes?

Three | Growing

As many of you know for the last few weeks I’ve been working my way through this book The Power of Meaning by Emily Esfahani Smith and every chapter I feel as though I learn more and more about myself and how to relate to others. I know, deep, right?

Well, this week I read a chapter called Growth and it discusses the power of grief and how crippling experiencing trauma can be; that if we don’t have a sense of meaning in our lives we can lose sight of our greater purpose. Esfahani Smith introduces various people and shares their stories of crisis, trauma, and grief and how these same people, despite their circumstances, found a way to be resilient. Wow.

Reading this chapter dug up a lot of things I thought I made peace with, but actually inspired this post I wrote this week. It emotionally took me by surprise, but doesn’t God always work that way? After having a day or so to process and reflect, I have a much clearer understanding of the suffering we all experience at some point in our lives and how to cope with it.

Four | Adoption Auction

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Sarah from Tucker Up, but one of her most recent posts shares about a friend of hers who is battling infertility and after multiple failed IVF treatments they’ve decided to adopt. But anyone who has adopted or is currently going through the process, it’s expensive. So in support of her friend, Sarah is participating in an Adoption Auction where items from her Etsy print shop will be featured and those proceeds will be donated to her friend’s adoption fund.

Although I don’t know this family, or even Sarah, personally – I am a woman and a mother and much like Sarah, once I had Greyson I became much more empathetic towards women who struggle to have a family. I am happy to help in any way whether it’s to share this cause, send up a prayer, or donate I feel like it’s important to be a part of the story to help this family.

Five | Dating Your Spouse

When we first got pregnant I was doing a bunch of reading and amongst the top popular topics for new parents-to-be was this concept of continuing to date. At the time I was like, pssht we’ve got this. Flash forward a year and here we are…in this place where our identities have become more “mom” and “dad” and less of “wife” and “husband.” Although we’re working through this transition, these last few weeks we’ve been intentional about our time together and carving out a date night where it’s just the two of us. We are so blessed to have Greyson’s Nana be able to watch him so we have this precious time together as a couple. It’s a work in progress, but at least we’re being proactive about finding our groove in our marriage now that we’re parents.

I hope all of you have a beautiful weekend filled with family, love, and laughter! Not sure what we’ll be up to this weekend, but as long as I have a cold glass of rose and the sun is shining I’ll consider it a good weekend.


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