Friday Favorites | vol 10

After back-to-back weeks of having friends visit us, we’re getting back into our normal routines. It’s a little quieter around the house without the company, but that also means I can hustle back to work here, over at my teacher blog, and keep up with my lettering shop. However, I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my little family most of all.

Here are a few favorites from my week!

One | California Teacher Credentialing

I am so excited to finally be putting together my paperwork to become licensed to teach here in California! Although I’m not planning on going back to the classroom anytime soon (the plan being that I stay home with Grey until he’s ready for preschool/kindergarten), I am happy at the prospect of finally getting my license in order. There’s so much to do in terms of collecting all of the required pieces for the application such as communication with my previous school district, fingerprinting, and a nice check to simply submit a darn application, to start. My ducks are finally getting in a row and it’s a good feeling!

Two | Friends for the 4th of July

We were so blessed to have our friends visit us for an entire week! I loved having them stay with us. They’re the kind of people who, even after a week with us, I miss once they leave. Luckily though they’ve moved much closer to us from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas so I know we’ll be spending more time with each other.

Three | Jackfruit Buffalo Dip

Jackfruit is one of my newest food obsessions and I was so happy to see that Trader Joe’s has begun carrying it. I love that it’s un-marinated, although the marinated kind is tasty, because you can infuse it with whatever flavorings you want. While our friends were in town I made this Vegan Jackfruit Buffalo Dip and needless to say it was a hit. Now, I didn’t adhere to the vegan part and still used cream cheese and shredded cheddar cheese, but to each their own. I love cheese.

However, I highly recommend this recipe – especially to those looking to ease into the use of jackfruit.

Four | My New Favorite Midi Dress

Earlier this week I shared my love of this midi dress from PinkBlush. I love this brand because they specialize in clothing that is affordable, comfortable, and specifically designed for pregnancy and beyond. Now that it’s summer I am looking to add some cute dresses to my wardrobe that fit well and are lightweight. Plus I can’t turn down an opportunity to wear stripes!

Five | Sculpt Skinny Jeans

Having been an avid Stitch Fix enthusiast for years, I’ve officially found someone new and her name is Dia.

I have received two boxes from Dia & Co, a clothing subscription service that exclusively carries sizes 14+, and I have loved what my stylist has been sending me. In my most recent box I fell in love with a pair of Jessica Simpson skinnies that, wait for it, has this sculpt feature built into her jeans. I love this stuff! Sculpt is worth the extra dollars because it gives you a more secure and perfect-to-you fit that doesn’t stretch out. So, for all of my plus sized friends, I couldn’t recommend this service more.

**A referral link for Dia & Co. is used within this post. For anyone who uses my link, I will receive $20 off, which covers my styling fee for future boxes. So, thank you!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Any plans?


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