Enjoy the Month You’re In | October

Enjoy the Month You’re In | October |

One of my newer favorite blogger reads has been from Maggie Lois – and although she doesn’t appear to be blogging at the moment, I was inspired by her series called, Enjoy the Month You’re In. She would share different ways one could really enjoy that month and reflect on the season of life she found herself in for those 30 days. It’s no secret that time never seems to slow down, yet we can so often be consumed with life’s happenings that those four weeks slip on by.

In hopes to carry on Maggie’s inspiration, I am giving myself a goal – much like she did – to post once a month and share how I can take a moment to really enjoy the month/season of life I’m in. So, here’s to enjoying all of October.

One | Photographing Europe

Enjoy the Month You’re In | October |

Since we are jetting off to Europe right at this moment, I told myself that considering Greyson is too young to possibly remember this trip it was important for me to photograph everything while we’re traveling. I’ve never had an opportunity like this one to visit so many countries within a month so I want to capture the most of everything I can. This way I can return home with memories and pictures to last us a lifetime. Also, I love creating photobooks as a means to look back on our family’s adventures – so it gives me a project to work on once we return home, too!

Two | Enjoy Getting Lost

Enjoy the Month You’re In | October |

In London, one of the things I’m most excited about it is the idea of just getting lost and caught up in the culture of the city. Yeah, it would be fun to do some touristy things like the London Eye or see Buckingham Palace, but it’s not the only thing I want to see or experience during the five days we’ll be there. I want to wander down random streets, find new shops to browse through, sip coffee at a local cafe, and watch Greyson as he plays at a local park with other children. After all, I don’t want too many creature comforts when traveling abroad.

Except one…

It just so happens that during the week we’re there, a London based organization, Drink Up.London,  hosts their version of Restaurant Week, but for cocktails known as London Cocktail Week. My husband and I are very excited to check out this yearly October event. It’s said that 300 of London’s best bars and restaurants whip up specialty cocktails for those attending! For £10 a ticket it’s totally worth getting to sample unlimited craft cocktails across the city, discounts at the LCW events and participating bars and restaurants, and discounted entrance to their Cocktail Village.

What’s the Cocktail Village you ask? It’s a number of pop-up bars where you can sample each drink, oftentimes get a food pairing with it, and try the best of London’s cocktail scene all in one convenient place. Although they charge an additional £5 per ticket, they offer free Village entrance during their mid-day hours (because, you know, most people work during the day). Lucky for us tourists we can take advantage of this and save a little time and money in the process – without the crazy crowds. Or so we think!

Three | Cozy Up, Buttercup!

Enjoy the Month You’re In | October |

October in London is described as rainy and on the chillier side with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. And traveling to London in October means I’ll get to experience my first true fall season in three years! This also means I’ll be sure to break out the coziness with sweaters, scarves, and my new outerwear jacket from my previous Stitch Fix! There’s something magical about being able to cozy up and wander the streets of a city thousands of miles away from home. I’m excited to explore and experience cultures that differ from my own on this trip – and better yet, have Greyson along for the adventure.

Some of my favorite cozy things right now are:

  • oversized cable sweaters
  • a hint of pumpkin spice seasoning infused in my coffee
  • pumpkin and apple scents
  • crisp air in the mornings
  • and a random desire to re-binge watch The Gilmore Girls

Four | Family Traditions Old & New

Enjoy the Month You’re In | October |

One of our favorite fall traditions is, of course, visiting a local pumpkin patch. We have always gone to Underwood Family Farms’ annual Fall Harvest Festival and this year we decided to sneak time in before our trip to go. Thankfully this Saturday was the first day of the festival and considering it’s so early in the season – versus going close to Halloween – we didn’t have to battle the crowds like we have in the past.

Each year that Greyson gets to visit the pumpkin patch it just fills my soul. Last year he didn’t really know what was going on, but got to soak it all up. This year however, Greyson is old enough to really enjoy the different attractions such as seeing the different animals on the farm and having time to play on their awesome playground area. Due to the warmer temperatures and worried Grey wouldn’t sit still, we didn’t do the hayride – but I suppose it leaves the excitement for next year – and we aren’t carving pumpkins either due to our trip.

But, nevertheless it’s always fun to share in these little family traditions of ours!

Enjoy the Month You’re In | October |

Greyson last year compared to this year. OMG what a difference a year makes!

I also loved this post on 50 Things to Do Together in Autumn by Jenn of What You Make It blog! What fun traditions or yearly activities do you love doing in the fall?

Five | The Work-Life Balance

Enjoy the Month You’re In | October |

Our plan is to take this time to shore up and strengthen the spots that are weak, rest the places that are tired and give lots of love and attention to both our family and our businesses.
-Joanna Gaines

This month I want to be more intentional about balancing my role as wife, mother, and blogger/small business owner – much like one of my heroes, Joanna Gaines when she and her husband announced season 5 would be their final Fixer Upper season. Although I am, like the millions of others, so sad to see this chapter close for them, I recognize the need to take break – to hit the pause button or to even close that chapter of life. The Gaines’ have managed to build an empire within five short years, but it was made possible by diligence, hard work, and sacrifice, I’m sure.

Although by no means do I have such an empire to manage, much like Joanna I never want one area of my life to overrun the other and I am guilty of being less aware of when this happens. So, for October I am kind of excited to pause certain areas of my day-to-day life and really fill up others while we’re away in Europe.

How do you balance your work with life? Any favorite quotes or inspirations during this season of life?

Cheers to a new month!






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