Enjoy the Month You’re In | November

Enjoy the Month You’re In | November |

Happy November and welcome to the second month of this new series, Enjoy the Month You’re In (you can read all about enjoying October here)! This series is a goal of mine – to share once a month about how I can enjoy these next 30 days and get more out of the time I have. Each month always offers me something new, but so often it goes by in a blink and I rarely have a moment to take it all in or reflect. So, in efforts to live more intentional and purposeful each month, here is how I plan to enjoy November.

One | New Transitions & Beginnings

Enjoy the Month You’re In | November |

Last week my husband had one of the toughest weeks at work, which left him feeling depleted in more than one way. Knowing that this stressful season at his job may not pass as quickly as others, I chose to become more pro-active about getting my CA teaching licensure. I had been sitting on my application for months because there was no real hurry to get started.

So, after this past week (and knowing eventually we’d have to become a dual income household again) I reached out to a local private school to see if they had any openings in the 2018 school year. This, mind you, is a school affiliated with our church here in Ventura and has been on my top-schools to-teach-at list so the fact they’ve corresponded with me and now I have an interview this week is beyond exciting.

With the possibility of returning to teaching full-time is, like I said, exciting but it also comes with something new for me: Greyson going into daycare and being away from him for the first time all day. It’s a lot weighing on this first-time mom’s heart but I know it’s the transition we all need. I’m excited to get back to the classroom, the husband is excited for me too (and the extra income helps), and Greyson, I know, will flourish in a toddler program with other kids his age.

Prayers, friends, prayers!

Two | Thanksgiving Dinner Tablescape Inspo

Enjoy the Month You’re In | November |

Last year we hosted our own small Thanksgiving dinner with friends and I loved preparing for it. From setting up the decor to arranging the tablescape where we would gather, it was fun because we were going to be welcoming folks into our home to share a meal. This is the essence of what the Thanksgiving holiday is all about!

This year for Thanksgiving we plan to visit our friends who live in North Las Vegas – we love they live closer to us again and are always eager to get out there and visit with them. However, I still love pinning and finding the cutest inspirations for future Thanksgiving dinners where we get to host – even if it’s just the three of us celebrating. We also have the chance that my MIL will be flying out to visit with us and Grey so it would be wonderful to have her celebrate a mini-Thanksgiving with us!

Three | Going Vegan…again…

Enjoy the Month You’re In | November |

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

The goal of losing weight has been on the forefront of my mind this year, but especially now. I hate that I continue to be the heaviest I’ve ever been and the weight just doesn’t seem to budge. However, one thing I’ve noticed that helps me lose a little here and there has been my diet, cutting back on wine during the week, and upping my water intake. Duh, I know.

Last week I began preparing vegan meals for the family as a means of a cleanse from our indulgences from our European trip. I love finding new recipes and vegan/vegetarian food bloggers to find inspiration beyond the typical ‘power bowls’ and boring salads. Here are a few of my favorite meals thus far and you can always follow my Pinterest board to get your own food inspirations when wanting to go vegan or plant-based.


Four | This.

Enjoy the Month You’re In | November |

Photo Credit: @nataliefranke

Bailey from Love Bailey Jean blog has been one of my favorites to read over the years – especially as a new blogger myself. She’s been writing, creating, and sharing her life for over eight years! Yes, eight. Although I’m sad to see her go (for now), I completely understand why she chose to leave behind her blog and social channels and find it to be a wonderful example to others that we shouldn’t find our value and worth on social media or even our blogs. She wrote this little goodbye post and shared how the Lord was leading her to be more present and involved in her own life, with Him, and in her community. So, as much as it’s hard to say goodbye to yet another blogger I love to read, I respect her decision to follow her heart and it’s something we should all remember – it’s okay to step away.

You can read her post here.

Five | Having More Moments Like These…

Enjoy the Month You’re In | November |

November will be a month that’s inspired by being present and that means having more moments like this one which was taken this weekend at our favorite hidden gem, Cold Spring Tavern. When my husband and I first moved to CA a little more than three years ago (he had previously lived here and found this amazing place!) he introduced me to Cold Spring and their amazing tri-tip sandwiches that they only serve on the weekends. Every time we would make the drive to go wine tasting in Los Olivos we would stop and have some of these sandwiches and this past weekend Grey had his very first tri-tip sandwich! It’s a little milestone for us, but considering there’s no wifi it was nice to be present with my family and not worry so much about being ‘connected’.


Happy November, friends! I hope this month prepares us all for gathering with family and friends and fills our souls with gratitude!

How are you finding the time to enjoy each month? Any fun plans for November? Let’s get comfy and talk about it in the comments!

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