How To Engage Little Readers with Personalized Stories

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One of my favorite qualities about Greyson is his love for books and reading. Ever since he had the attention span and could hold a book he’s enjoyed flipping through the pages, looking at the illustrations, and babbling his way through story after story. He’s now to the point where he picks his favorite books and has no problem shoving them into our hands for us to read to him. I just pray that this love for reading continues with him from childhood through adulthood.

I’m always on the lookout for new books to introduce to him and add to his home library. Before Greyson was born I made a personalized storybook just for him called The Little Boy Who Lost His Name where he is transported into the book and goes on an adventure to find his missing name. He meets a bunch of characters along the way and in exchange for helping them with a problem, they gave him a letter, which in the end spells out his name. It’s such an adorable book and one I love to read to Greyson, especially now that he’s older.

When I saw that Lost My Name created a brand new story called Kingdom of You, I just had to get my hands on one for Greyson. I loved the easy personalization process: pick the gender, insert a name, pick three wishes, a setting, and you’re done! I received my book within a week and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the final product. Best yet, it makes for a fun book to read as he grows up and eventually a keepsake for this mama.

Perfectly personalized

There are three different skin tone and hair color options for you to choose from. Considering that Greyson currently has blonde hair I knew which one to choose this time (when I created his previous book, while still pregnant, I expected Grey to be born with dark hair considering my husband’s latin- oops)! The options for the story that Lost My Name provides are super adorable and highly engaging for little ones. When Greyson first flipped through the book and saw the giant pizza slice he exclaimed, “pitthza!”

A tale of wishes gone wrong

In the story your child is tired of being told what to do (i.e. cleaning their messy room). So a pile of laundry magically morphs into a genie granting them a few wishes. The first wish is that your child wants to become king/queen so that no one can tell them what to do anymore. This is where the story kicks off and has your child become the ruler of their kingdom – being their room.

The second wish is where you can customize their experience in the story with their kingdom being filled with all kinds of characters from dinosaurs to princesses. I chose animals for Grey since he loves monkeys, birds, and our Murphy-dog. Finally, the third wish is that your child wants a monster sized feast ranging from chicken nuggets to ice cream. I picked pizza, again, because Grey will never turn it down and was amongst the first words he ever said.

However, your child has just one problem. This monster sized feast becomes just that – a monster – and terrorizes their kingdom. After coming up with a pretty funny plan to defeat their treat, your child needs to help clean up the mess they’ve made. In doing so, they learn that being the ruler of everything wasn’t as fun as they’d thought and wished for things to return to normal.  Luckily for them, the genie had a fourth wish and granted that they return to their room to which they clean up.

The quality of this book is truly in the details. I love seeing Greyson’s name pop up in little places all across the story within the illustrations. From banners to a train, his name can be found all over his ‘kingdom.’ The book itself is printed on sturdy paper, so I don’t have to worry about ripped pages, and comes in a great size just for Greyson; perfect for those little fingers.

In every book you create with Lost My Name you can write a little dedication just for your child. It’s a meaningful touch for each book you make and allows them to truly feel as though this story was created just for them. For ours, we wanted Greyson to never stop believing in the power of magic and that the greatest wish that was ever granted to us was when he mades us a mommy and daddy. *Cue the ‘aww’ factor.

These books not only make for an amazingly personal story for your own child, but they are also beautifully crafted gifts whether you’re a grandparent, a new parent, or have a special occasion coming up! After we received our first story from Lost My Name, my MIL ordered one for my SIL who was due last fall. These books are whimsical and a unique gift that I know any child and adult alike will appreciate and cherish.

By using any of my referral links within this post you’ll receive 15% off your first book with Lost My Name! Once you make your own personalized story you’ll be given a personal link, just like mine, where you can start earning credit towards your own free book!

What stories do/did your littles love reading the most? Did you ever have a favorite children’s book growing up?

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