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Celebrating | Houston Strong Charity Print & Tee

I am so thankful to the people who are making a purchase of either the Houston Strong print or tank top because all of the proceeds are being donated to the American Red Cross – specifically to Hurricane Harvey relief. So far I’ve been able to raise over $100 because of my design and I can’t begin to thank everyone who made this possible! You can still purchase a shirt or the instant download print at my lettering shop here.

Watching | Game of Thrones

I’m in serious GOT withdrawals and this past weekend was the first Sunday we didn’t have an episode to watch. So, to hold me over I’ve decided to rewatch the entire series. I have found that by rewatching each season I’m able to pick up more and more about the story, know who the characters are, and pick up on new details. However, rewatching each season also is bittersweet and even more heartbreaking because I know the demise of so many characters.

Welcoming | #FallIsComing

I am totally trying to welcome fall into our home but it’s difficult to do so when Ventura decides it’s wants a second summer. Nonetheless, I’m loving on a few chili recipes this week and have to share this Spiced Turkey Chili from a previous Blue Apron box. It’s so yummy and incorporates delicious Mediterranean flavors that will be so worth the wait.

Next up preparing my shop with a bunch of fun goodies and stocking up on fall scented candles, scarves, and pumpkin everything of the house!

Preparing | The Daniel’s Take Europe

As many of you may know, we’re headed to Europe next month – for the entire month – which means we’re in total preparation mode. We can’t wait to share this experience with Greyson as we’ll be in places like London, Luxembourg, Bremen, Trieste, Venice, and ending in Paris. It’s going to be a lot, but what I’ve found through my research is that so many families fly with little ones overseas and live to tell the tale. In my mind it’s all in how you prepare for your time in each city from what to bring, how to schedule your day, and being prepared for those bumps in the road. Nevertheless, we’re excited!

Any tips or tricks you’ve found useful when traveling overseas with a toddler? I’d love to hear ‘em!

Photographing | Greyson Strikes a Pose

Lately I’ve been working on photography for my Etsy shop and it just so happens this week Greyson was my model. I’ve just added these toddler t-shirts with my lettering, “loved to the moon and back.” I’m so excited to add apparel into the shop as well as other goods like coffee mugs. So if you’re so inclined be sure to check them out!

I’ve also been busy with preparing my blog for when we’ll be traveling – taking photos and drafting up blog posts for October. So I suppose this could fit into the ‘preparing’ category.

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