Currently | October in London

Currently | October in London |

Well hello there, October! Currently I’m probably off wandering somewhere along the streets of London as my little family and I have embarked on our month-long European ‘work’ vacation. My husband works in aerospace which means he has the opportunity to travel quite a bit (and therefore having us tag along) and luckily we’ve been able to snag this trip. We’ll be visiting a number of countries along the way and I’ll be documenting our adventures on Instagram until we get home. So here’s what we’re up to this month!

Styling | Minimalist Traveler: Capsule Wardrobe

When we found out that we would be traveling to Europe for the month of October I knew immediately that we would be keeping to our minimalist lifestyle – which meant carry-ons. As challenging as that may sound, I kind of enjoyed the process of narrowing down what we bring and making sure it’s practical, easy to travel with, and has multiple uses or purposes.

My capsule wardrobe that I pulled together is mostly items from my Dia & Co and Stitch Fix boxes, Pinkblush, and Target. I took advantage of Pinkblush’s clearance sale a few months ago and specifically bought these pieces for my trip. They were lightweight, could be paired a number of different ways, and keep me looking cute the entire month.

European Capsule Wardrobe |

Read more about my travel capsule wardrobe!

Saving | Credit Card Points!

To make this trip happen, or any trip for that matter, we continue to save up a bunch of points from our Chase Sapphire card. We’ve been using this card for some time now and due to using it like a debit card for most of our purchases, we’ve been able to rack up a lot of points. Earning them have been fairly easy – especially with this trip – because we get plus points for travel, lodging, restaurants, and so on. Better yet, because it’s a work trip my husband’s airfare, hotels, and transportation is completely covered – on top of a weekend stipend and business class when flying. Talk about major #winning over here. These points will allow us to take future personal family adventures aside from any work trips he might have to go on.

I highly recommend checking out The Points Guy to read up on which credit cards offer the best amenities and features for travel. Aside from points we’ve been able to get Greyson’s ER visit back in December reimbursed (thanks fine print!), catch a deal to get our TSA Pre-Check, and even get to enjoy airline club access! I seriously love our Chase Sapphire!

Searching | Non-touristy Spots

Currently | October in London |

Obviously when planning such a long-term trip such as this one where we’re gone for the entire month, it takes time and due diligence. In each city that we’ll be visiting I have been busy looking up the recommendations per Trip Advisor and other travel blogs. The only issue is that major cities offer a LOT of touristy attractions. Hey, that’s awesome because I know it’s revenue for the city/country, but I just can’t stand some of them. Whenever I travel I always want to ‘do as the Romans do’ and really experience something authentic.

So, aside from the major things like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and maybe a few castles, I’m more interested in going to local spots, experiencing High Tea (because we’re #fancy), and taking Greyson to open playgrounds, gardens, and other toddler-friendly locations. If you’ve been to London before I’d love to hear more about the non-touristy places you enjoyed!

Next up after London we’ll be off to Luxembourg, Bremen, Trieste, Venice, then ending in Paris. Any toddler friendly things to do in those cities? Share them below!

Picking | Our Next Adventure

Yep. We’re already thinking about where we’d like to go next with all of the points we’re earning through this trip. For our pre-summer vacation as a family, and finally not work related, we can’t wait to make it back to Turks & Caicos. My husband and I first went for vacation back in our dating days then again for our honeymoon. Can you tell we love it there? Now we’re excited about the possibility of sharing it with Greyson.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Making | Family Memories

Currently | October in London |

Cue the ‘aww’ factor with that one! Yeah, currently we’re definitely making new memories as a little family. Understanding that Greyson is too young to remember this trip, I’ve made it a point to take as many photos as I possibly can. I want to make a photobook for him – and have been recommended to try Chatbooks – so that he can look back on the amazing adventures he’s been able to already experience in his mighty year and a half of life! I swear this kid has experienced more in 19 months than I had in my twenties! But nevertheless, we are so grateful to have this opportunity and to be able to share it as a family – I’m glad that so many things are coming together to make it all happen.

Best yet, Greyson’s grandparents are coming out while we’re in Italy to visit with us! How amazing is that? They’re using this as an opportunity to take their own little European vacation and sneak some grand-baby time in as well. I mean, what better way to visit with grandma and grandpa than taking in the sights and sounds of Italy? Pinch me. No, seriously.

As always, you can keep up with my family and I as we continue to navigate and experience Europe. You can follow me on Instagram as well as Facebook! I can’t wait to share the zillions of photos I’ll be taking!


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