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Accomplishing…a few things from my 30 Before 30 list believe it or not! There are a few items on my list that are ‘in progress’ and I feel good about being on the path to accomplishing them. I’m making my way through Order of The Phoenix now and can’t wait to watch the film as a little reward once I finish reading the book.

Feeling…a sense of renewal! Spring is a beautiful month (although it does lend itself to allergies too) and is a time that I love thinking about how to recharge and renew for the following few months. It’s all about spring cleaning for me, cutting down on our things and living more minimally, enjoying as much of this California sunshine as much as possible, and diving back into the Word for guidance and reassurance. A fresh start is always a good feeling.

Needing…more greenery with succulents and flowers. For a while I’ve been wanting to add more plants to our patio to create an oasis of sorts, but with moving soon I’ll just have to put it on the back burner until we get into our new place. The patio space in our next home is much larger and, of course, I already have a few ideas in mind. Greenery just fills me with peace and I’m really looking forward to relaxing on my new patio with fresh flowers and succulents reading a book!

Practicing…some self-love these days. Thanks to Blogging For Books I am reading The Power of Meaning: Crafting A Life That Matters. I loved reading A Purpose Driven Life years ago with my small group I had at church back home and this book echoes a lot of similar ideologies in finding ones purpose and how to use that to live a purposeful and meaningful life. I’m currently experiencing a pivotal point in my life where I need to dig deep and figure a few things out on a personal level and a little self-love.

“Too many of us believe that the search for meaning is an esoteric pursuit—that you have to travel to a distant monastery or page through dusty volumes to discover life’s secrets. The truth is, there are untapped sources of meaning all around us—right here, right now.”

Pinning…all of my inspirations for decorating our new apartment. I am so excited to make this move and get to work painting and making it feel like our home and not just another apartment. There’s this mural idea for Greyson’s room which I think is just so cool looking. It’s reflective of the mountains we have in the background here in Central California and the overall design for his room his more mature since a little boy somehow took the place of my baby!

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