Baby Gear Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms

Being a mom it’s all about finding and sticking to those baby products that are tried and true, safe, and practical for our minimal lifestyle. Living minimally has not only changed my outlook on ‘stuff’, but it’s allowed me to cut out the clutter and really invest in items for the home that have multiple purposes whether it be furniture, clothing, or anything in-between. My husband is the true minimalist; I only adopted it after we moved in together years ago. I’ll be honest: it was a difficult transition to make considering my single-hood allowed me to collect all sorts of things without anyone telling me, “do you really need that?” However, over the past few years I’ve really come to appreciate living minimally because it’s given our home purpose and free from the accumulation of uneccesary things.

Insert baby and thus the real challenge began. As any new mom does, I quickly created a baby registry and found myself overwhelmed by the number of things that are out there; do I really need a ‘pee-pee teepee’ and why are there a zillion different types of bottles or pacifiers? Has America overcomplicated parenting?

Regardless, we stuck with purchasing the necessary items first such as a carseat (you can’t take the baby home without one) and crib and what we didn’t receive as gifts we waited until Greyson arrived to find out what we really needed. Living in a one bedroom apartment, it doesn’t really allow for frivolous baby spending and acquiring so being smart about what truly was a ‘must-have’ was crucial. Thanks to The Baby Cubby for reaching out and allowing me this opportunity to share with you my baby gear must-haves for those fellow minimalist moms out there.

Thank you to The Baby Cubby for allowing me this opportunity to share their wonderful products with you. Although I received product in exchange for this review, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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One: Baby Jogger City Mini GT – Single

One item that can be essential for parents, or the SAHM like me, is a stroller that has all-terrain wheels such as this Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller. Often times I want to take Greyson for a walk on gravel, dirt paths, or anything that isn’t a smooth paved road and our current stroller doesn’t quite allow me to do that. A jogger is a worthwhile investment for those mamas who are looking to get out of the house.

Two: Stokke Flexi-Bath – White

The concept for this foldable bathtub is pure genius and one item I couldn’t wait to receive. When Greyson first came home and began giving him baths we loved using our 4Moms Infant Tub. Flash forward to my now seven month old he was in need for a new tub. I literally had spent days trying to find either a chair for our bathtub or invest in the popular suction mats – but I wasn’t in love with either option. Then I found that Baby Cubby carries a foldable bath tub just for my little guy, which he could use up until 4 years old. OMG baby bathtub jackpot.

I love that I don’t waste water, it’s easily cleaned and stored after every use, has rubber lining for a non-slip grip, and not to mention, transportable! Quite possibly the best baby product we have yet.

Stokke Foldable Baby Tub | Baby Gear Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms |

Stokke Foldable Baby Tub | Baby Gear Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms |

The grey lining is a non-slip rubber which securely seats my son. There is also a water line that rings the tub which tells you the proper amount to fill it.

Stokke Foldable Baby Tub | Baby Gear Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms |

Stokke Foldable Baby Tub | Baby Gear Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms |

Three: Maxi-Cosi 2015 Pria 70 Convertible Carseat

A convertible carseat a serious must-have only because you want to invest in baby gear that will last you more than just a few months. The AAP just released a new recommendation that children should be rear facing until at least 2 years of age whereas the common practice was 1 years old. This is important for any mom and investing in a carseat that can grow with your child is crucial and, not to mention, budget-friendly.

Four: Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet – Forrest Friends

I absolutely adore this fitted crib sheet not only because it comes in such a cute woodland theme but that it’s 100% cotton muslin. That’s right. The same fabric as many of my swaddle blankets!

Little Unicorn Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet | Baby Gear Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms ||

Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet - Forrest Friends | Baby Gear Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms |

Five: Oeuf Sparrow Crib – White

When looking for the perfect crib we had a few non-negotiables: it had to be sturdy and safe, convert into a toddler bed, and come in a white finish to go with the rest of his nursery decor. Baby Cubby’s Oeuf Sparrow Crib fulfills each of those preferences and more. I love the contemporary look and the fact that it is made sustainably in Europe with non-toxic finishes. Best yet, it is a convertible crib so it can grow with your child – worth the investment.

Six: Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover – La Jolla

A consideration for all breastfeeding mamas out there is to determine which kind of nursing cover works for you. I personally received a scarf cover and I love it for different reasons. However, having a cover such as this one allows for breathability and ventilation for baby. I did find that the nursing cover I had made Greyson stuffy so if I could go back in time and make the switch I would opt for this open neckline!

Seven: 4Moms MamaRoo

I absolutely love the brand 4Moms because they’re exactly that: for moms. I feel as though their designs and innovations for baby gear is in line with what real moms need and babies expect. I can’t speak highly enough of our MamaRoo swing because it sways and moves just like we would if we were holding Greyson. He loved it as a newborn and it provided some relief for me as a new mom too. I would place him in it and set it to whichever movement he enjoyed at the moment and would place it next to the sofa so I could catch a few zzz’s while falling asleep to reruns of Catfish #truelife. I used their newborn insert (sold separately) then took it out once Grey grew enough to fit in the swing on his own. Such a great investment.

4Moms MamaRoo | Baby Gear Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms |

Eight: Owlet Baby Monitor

If there is one product out there that is hands down the most worthy of an investment it’s Owlet Baby Care and their monitor.  If you didn’t know, an owlet is the term for a baby owl and considering owls are nocturnal (meaning they’re awake at night) it makes for the perfect baby monitor metaphor. It is a brand that boasts peace of mind and it couldn’t be further than the truth. I’ve been able to sleep soundly at night because my base station glows a slight pulsing green, which tells me my son has healthy and normal vital signs. It helps protect parents against SIDS in that it will notify you if your child’s heart rate or oxygen levels are below normal – just watch the testimonial videos if you need convincing. It’s an investment, but I would happily invest in my son’s wellbeing. I’d be happy to talk with you more in the comments if you have any questions about our experience with Owlet.

Nine: Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Backpack

If I could go back and redecide on a proper diaper bag it would hands down be a backpack. We are a family on-the-go and it’s important that Greyson’s things are as well. If it’s not weekend getaways it’s simple evenings out to dinner and we’ve found that it’s important that we save on space and really consider the things Greyson would need while we’re away from the house. A backpack is a wonderful alternative to a traditional diaper bag and, for minimalists, it only provides enough space to truly take what’s necessary and allow for the convenience of carrying it on your back.

So what makes The Baby Cubby so great and different from any other baby retailer? And why am I sharing them with you today? Well, it’s pretty simple actually…

When I was approached by them I couldn’t help but peruse through their website and social media and I was amazed at what I found. I was encouraged to actually engage with them as a new mom versus just shopping from them. The best part is that they not only have an in-store experience, but they offer their customers multiple ways to get involved in the conversation through their blog, social media, and their website. Parenthood can be overwhelming at times and it’s nice to know that The Baby Cubby is there as a resource for me and other moms around the country – because they are parents. Sometimes it’s helpful to have your village be there for you; even if it’s online. I urge all of you to check them out and discover for yourself what I love so much about this brand!

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The Perfect Gift For Any New Mom + GIVEAWAY

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. Any purchases made will help benefit this blog. Thank you for supporting Primarily Inspired!

When I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to begin building my registry. I enjoyed looking over items that would help me create the perfect nursery for my little guy who would be arriving in the months to come. One day I happened to stumble upon the creatives behind the independent children’s book publishers, Lost My Name. I was immediately drawn to their customizable children’s books in which were each crafted with beautiful illustrations, an adorable story, and a uniqueness that it brings to our son’s growing library.

One of my baby showers that was organized by my Texas family (aka my husband’s friends and family) had a storybook theme. They asked all of the guests to bring a children’s book in which they would write a little note to Greyson inside in lieu of a formal guestbook for the occasion. It was the perfect way to begin his very own library of classic tales all the while reflecting the love from the family in which he belongs. Reading these books to Greyson has been one of my favorite times of the day as he loves to look at all of the illustrations and begin to explore what his imagination has to offer him through reading.

Having created a book that was made just for him adds to the enjoyment I have in reading to him. The Little Boy Who Lost His Name takes Greyson on an adventure through distant lands filled with creatures that help a young boy find his name, which is lost at the beginning of the story. Throughout the book this boy ventures to help these creatures with their various problems and in return they give him a letter that will help him find his name. By the end of the story the little boy puts all of the letters together and that’s when the magic really happens. I simply cannot wait for the day when Greyson reads this story himself and realizes that the little boy in the book is him!

They provide complete customizable stories based on the letters of your child’s name and gender. The checkout process was a snap and we received our book within the week! Engaging children in reading is crucial to their enjoyment of it as they grow and with Lost My Name I know Greyson is going to for sure enjoy this story for years to come!

Now onto the giveaway! Lost My Name has been generous enough to provide me with a credit towards a book for one of my readers! This giveaway is open to anyone looking to add a personal touch to their child’s home library or even use as the perfect gift to a new mom you may know. Good luck and happy reading!


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Top Picks: A Minimalist Baby Registry

Setting up a baby registry can be so overwhelming, especially for a new mom-to-be like me. Everyone has an opinion about what these “baby necessities” are, but yet every baby comes out the shoot with different needs and preferences. Want to load up on diapers? Guess what, you won’t know what size to buy until the little guy (or gal) arrives. Just because they are, in fact, a newborn doesn’t mean they’ll fit into those adorable little diapers. Oh, and don’t forget how sensitive their skin can be so don’t think that one brand fits all. Then it’s the debate over cloth diapers or disposable ones. Do us mothers get imaginary gold stars for making choices like these…about diapers? And what about wipes…

Living with a minimalist husband makes the task of acquiring baby stuff slightly more difficult. I must admit, though, that although I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself the minimalist he is, I am of the mindset that I don’t want my already small home to be overrun by baby stuff we don’t need. So here comes the discussion about what these basic necessities are and how you can have a baby without all the crap we think we need (or what everyone else tells us we need).

Not only are these decisions important (because everything you put on your newborn is, let’s face it, important), but living with a minimalist husband makes the task of acquiring this baby stuff slightly more difficult. I must admit, though, that although I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself the minimalist he is, I am of the mindset that I don’t want my already small home to be overrun by baby stuff we don’t need. So here comes the discussion about what these basic necessities are and how you can have a baby without all the crap we think we need (or what everyone else tells us we need).

Here are the top picks from my baby registry that I can’t wait to use with my little guy when he arrives.

Living with a minimalist husband makes the task of acquiring baby stuff slightly more difficult. I must admit, though, that although I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself the minimalist he is, I am of the mindset that I don’t want my already small home to be overrun by baby stuff we don’t need. So here comes the discussion about what these basic necessities are and how you can have a baby without all the crap we think we need (or what everyone else tells us we need).

1: source | 2: *source | 3: source | 4: *source | 5: source | 6: *source | 7: source | 8: source | 9: source

1: Baby List Registry

Everyone needs to start somewhere and I have found Baby List to be the perfect way to combine all the registries you would have to create at individual retailers all in one spot. Think of it kind of like the Pinterest for baby registries. You can pull items from across the internet (including Etsy!) and it compiles them in one place, which makes it easy for your friends and family to pick the items you really want. My husband and I live away from family so online ordering is key and Baby List makes it easy for others to shop for us with the convenience of shipping it right to our doorstep.

Another great feature is when you add an item to your list it automatically includes listings for other retailers that may have that same item for cheaper. So, it takes the work out of finding the best deal! Don’t know what to include on your registry? Baby List has you covered. They recommend all different kinds of sample registries for you to look through to get an idea of what you may want. Do you want everything under the sun? A minimalist (like us)? Baby List compiles their essentials based on your responses in a little survey to get you started. Already know what you want? You have the freedom to create your registry just the way you want it.

Need to see an example? Take a peek for yourself at our registry.

2: 4Moms *Rocka Roo Plush (NB-6 mo)

If you haven’t already heard of the glory that is anything practically made by 4Moms then you’re missing out. I pretty much want to register for everything they make and it comes down to the simplicity of their products and the fact that they can have multiple uses. This magical device is a baby swing that offers various ways in which to soothe your little one, 5 speeds, the ability to hook up to your iPhone for controls and music, and the padding is machine washable.

3: Owlet Infant Heart Rate & Oxygen Monitor

When it comes to safety I tend to have the spare no expense mentality – especially about my baby. Just watching one testimonial didn’t strike fear where there wasn’t already, however it did make me aware that literally anything could happen in the middle of the night. SIDS, rolling over, choking, etc. and the last thing I need is to put my baby to sleep and wake up to something very tragic simply because I didn’t know my baby needed help.

Owlet is a heart rate and oxygen monitor that incorporates hospital-grade technology into a small Smart Sock that your baby wears while they sleep. A base station is kept right on your bedside table and will alert you if your baby’s heart or oxygen rate dips below normal – that way you can intervene before tragedy strikes. This monitor is equipped to be compatible with Apple products such as your iPhone for remote monitoring (really enjoy that date night!) and even offers different sized Smart Socks so that the monitor can adjust with your baby’s growth.

4: *4Moms Infant Bathtub (NB-8 mo)

Another great product from 4Moms (I’m serious about loving absolutely everything they make) is this *infant bathtub. It works both in a kitchen sink or on the counter and is made to use with running water so your baby always bathes in fresh water while the tub circulates the soiled water out through small drains. There’s a temperature gauge to ensure the perfect water temps and this is a tub that you can use (recommended) for newborns up to 8 months or when your baby can sit up on their own. This is $50 well spent and I can’t wait to start using it!

5: Orbit Infant Travel System

I am all about starter kits that are innovative and, again, have multiple purposes. I don’t mind splurging a little for items that are safe, durable, and will make transporting my little guy simpler. This starter kit by Orbit is one of my favorite car seat/stroller combinations on the market. It’s called orbit due to the circular base it fits into and the ability to twist 360 degrees and lock your carseat into the base in your car or to the base in the stroller. 2-in-1! I am very much looking forward to not fumbling around with getting the carseat in and out of the car or even having to take my son in and out of a carseat just to put him in a stroller.

6: NestCam

Have you guys heard of Nest? They offer all different products ranging from smart thermostats and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, but the one product I’m in love with is their *NestCam. Now, I understand it’s moreso an all-use video camera intended on 24/7 surveillance of your home or whatever room you place it in – but it will work perfectly as a baby monitor, too. It has night vision, an easy to use app for your convenience while you’re away, and notifies you via your phone of anything that seems out of the norm. Plus, it even has a feature where you can talk or listen through your *NestCam. How cool is that?! I also like the fact that even after my babe is all grown up and doesn’t need a monitor anymore, I can use it for the home. Win, win!

7: Diaper Bag

A diaper bag should be an item on anyones registry (some would even recommend two – one for mom and one for dad). I’m convinced (and maybe a little naive) that we can get by on one awesome bag and a portable changing mat. Pottery Barn offers diaper bags that are reliable and spacious (and who doesn’t like to have things monogrammed?). Since a diaper bag will soon replace my need for a purse, it’s important for me to have a bag that will allow me to keep my things as well as the baby’s all in one, easy to locate, place. Plus, it’s a bag that my husband can carry and not feel like it’s for a woman.

8: Gift Cards

I swear by gift cards and narrowing down the specific stores I shop at help those perusing my registry that much more. I’m never worried about receiving items I don’t want or clothes that look tacky or just something I’d never dress our son in. I personally could just dump the entire Carter’s store into my home and be very content. Going back to my diaper dilemma, having gift cards will allow you to make the purchases you may have to wait on until your baby comes home. This includes diapers, wipes, and clothing. Not to mention, gift cards are great because you have the choice in what you spend the money on. The needs of your baby may be different from the assumptions (or recommendations) others can make about what you might need and a gift card is always an acceptable gift.

9: Lost My Name Customizable Children’s Book

Okay, is this necessarily a must have registry item, probably not. However how adorable is this concept? And who doesn’t like customizing anything? I love the idea of customizing children’s books so that your little one has a book published just for them. Lost My Name follows the story of a little boy (or girl) who goes on an adventure to find their lost name. Over the course of the book they find one letter at a time and by the end of the story they have found their name! It makes for a great gift or a personalized touch for any nursery.

Want 15% off your own Lost My Name book? Use my referral link and after three people purchase or gift their own books, Greyson will receive their newest story: The Amazing Alphabet That Appeared In The Night!

Using common sense, these are just a few of the items that I’m most looking forward to using, but every family is different. Our circumstance is that we live in a one bedroom apartment and so we have to be smart about the space we use and the things we occupy that space with. Baby Greyson doesn’t have his own nursery yet, so making smart choices about what things he will need is an important decision. Besides, we aren’t made of money either so budgeting for baby is as equally important. We are taking the minimalist approach to baby stuff, but in the end that’s what works for our family.

Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links are used throughout this post and are highlighted with an ‘*’ before the link. Any other referral or affiliate links will be noted as such.

Have you purchased any of these products? Anything you absolutely rave about?
Or what are your top picks for a new mom?

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