Open Letters August

Today I am out and about with my in-laws, but I am stopping by quickly to share with you all the open letters for August! I’m sad that this will be the last linkup that Julie will be hosting, but I am thankful for the opportunity to co-host with her this month and for the connections I’ve been able to make through the linkup!

Dear Teachers Pay Teachers,

I am grateful to you for helping me provide an income for my family through creating and sharing my teacher resources. Now that I’m staying home I find it important to still contribute, even though it may be in a small way, other than raising Greyson (even though it’s been a pretty great gig). I love expressing my creativity through these products and it’s a small way I can maintain my passions for teaching while out of the classroom.

Dear small business owners,

Women like Julie and my sister-in-law Jenny are an inspiration to watch as they entered into motherhood, decided to stay home to raise their families, and still managed to start something new for themselves. I am in awe of the hard work, determination, passion, and skill that drives their businesses and am excited for what the future holds for them. It can be scary to start something new, turn it into a business, and take that first leap and I am honored to watch it unfold and grow. Once I find myself with some disposable income I’m excited to purchase something from their respective Etsy shops!

Dear church community,

When we first moved here to CA and away from my home church and women’s small group I was nervous about having to start all over again with finding the right church and community in which to belong. Thankfully a dear friend and neighbor was carrying her Bible one morning tucked under her arm and I happened to notice. I asked her which church she attended and it was then she invited my husband and I for Easter services. I fell in love and we have been going ever since. I am grateful for the community Ventura Missionary Church has provided for me and my family, which now includes Greyson. I’m looking forward to getting him dedicated this Sunday and beginning the journey into raising him according to His teachings for our lives.

Thanks again, Julie for having me as a co-host and hosting this lovely linkup these last few months!

Open Letters June

Open Letters May

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Open Letters June


Dear Greyson,

You are a super champ, my love! Mommy started putting you on new feeding and sleeping routines during the day and you’ve done such a great job learning these new habits. I am just so proud of how well you take to new things and adapt and I just pray this part of you continues to shine as you grow up.

Dear Philip,

You continue to amaze me each and every day even though I may not say it all the time. I see the dedication you have to our family through your work ethic, ability to push your tiredness aside to be with your son, and willingness to give me everything I ask for and the things that I don’t. I am grateful to be your wife and to share these last two wedded years with you.

Dear Bravo TV,

I’ve been a huge fan of your network for what feels like a lifetime. I am also a huge Housewives fan…but, Dallas? Really? This franchise had so much potential because of the ‘old oil money’ thing and I’ll even give you the charity bit, but I couldn’t get on board with the ladies chosen this season. They were immature, desperate for a storyline, and just plain awful to watch – and that’s saying something. Please consider re-casting or at the very least bring back Most Eligible Dallas. Thanks <3

P.S. I’m kind of in love with Kelly from this new season of RHOC and please tell me that Erika is coming back next season in Beverly Hills!

Dear Duolingo,

Merci beaucoup, Duolingo pour me aider á apprendre une nouvelle langue. As you can tell my French is getting somewhat better and I only needed to check my writing with Google Translate once – with a few mistakes. Nonetheless I am so thankful for your app as it’s helped me get back into learning French and according to you I’m 5% fluent! You know, if Trump were to ever win the presidency you’ll know where to find me.

Linking up with…Julie of A Hopeful Hood

Open Letters May


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Open Letters: May


If you haven’t already been following Julie from A Hopeful Hood, you’re seriously missing out on a pretty hilarious perspective on life (especially as a new mom). I always enjoy reading her blog and since climbing out from my rock I saw she’s hosting a new linkup in the form of open letters – I couldn’t wait to join in. I love the idea of writing posts in the form of letters (i.e. to my past self, to my dog, and even kind of to Nicole Arbour) and so here I am linking up with Julie for her monthly linkup of Open Letters.

Dear Greyson,
You seem to be growing so quickly, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I don’t mind you beginning to get into a nighttime routine that allows Daddy and I to manage a few more hours of sleep. I love watching you grow and everyday it seems you’re noticing something new and continuing to be curious about this strange new world you find yourself in. You’re beginning to talk and babble so much these days that I know this is just the beginning…of me missing how tiny you were.

Dear Gap,
Your new spring styles are something I envy if only I could find myself getting out of my SAHM uniform of yoga pants and a nursing cami. I find my closet dwindling in terms of pre-pregnancy clothes that fit (I apparently inherited a new body after delivery), but consider it a win when I can *almost zip and button my jeans! However, if I could just win a shopping spree I’d really appreciate it.

Oh, and Baby Gap…please feel free to pick Baby G as your next brand rep in your casting call. He’s super adorable.

Dear oatmeal cookie recipe on the back of the Quaker Oats box,
You were baked on a  whim because this woman loves a good oatmeal cookie…and oatmeal is healthy right…and you were absolutely delicious. Nevermind I had to use two different kinds of sugars and chocolate chips –  I had no qualms eating you right up and counting my Weight Watcher points along the way. #worthit.

P.S. WW, you should really reconsider how many points wine is. I mean, it’s grapes and I thought fruits were 0 points.


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