Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3 ||

This weekend marks the last weekend before Thanksgiving and how is it that it’s already almost Thanksgiving?! It truly does seem like time is constantly in a state of fast-forward and keeping up is difficult at times. But, nonetheless it’s been a fun few days that kept us busy and even Greyson decided to thrill us with something new – crawling! My heart is full and never a dull moment in this house…so here are the scenes from our weekend!

weekend running partner and views

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3 ||

It’s been about four weeks since I began running with C25K and although I’ve had to go back and forth between intervals, I’m beginning to see a change! I’ve lost about 2 lbs, my endurance is beginning to improve, and there are a few pants where the waist doesn’t feel as snug. I personally loathe running, or really any kind of activity, but I hate the way I was feeling about my postpartum body more – we all have to have that first day and I’m glad I’m finding the inspiration to push through.

This weekend, however, I started noticing a pain in my left knee which has caused a slight derailment to my running routine. I’m thinking I need one of those knee compression thingys to help with putting pressure on it and to keep me from doing more damage. If anyone has any recommendations for knee support please pass any advice along!

Crawl so hard…

You guys, my mommy heart just can’t even contain my excitement for this moment. Grey had been doing his army crawl for a little while now and I knew he was on the cusp of getting up on his knees and just the other night it happened! He’s still getting used to his newfound skill and is very excited to move around on his own. He also has learned to go from tummy to sitting on his bottom and back again! Soaking it all up before he really takes off!

celebrating Rooted, a baptism, and the church nursery!

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3 ||
Image Source: Janet Baucom

I can’t believe 10 weeks has passed since I began Rooted, a Bible study of sorts, at my church. I was seeking community and looking for a way to become more connected with my church, and the wonderful people that fill it, and Rooted allowed me to achieve just that. I had an amazing time with these people (although not everyone could make it to our celebration dinner/photo) and had the honor of listening to their stories as well as sharing my own. Rooted was a great experience that deepened my faith and understanding of God in my life and gave me the opportunity to gain new friendships with these lovely people.

It was also a privilege to be standing there in support of a friend from our group who was baptized at this past Sunday’s service. What a deeply moving opportunity to be a part of. I could barely keep it together as tears filled my eyes witnessing everyone from children to the elderly accept Jesus as their savior. It’s such a powerful moment for us as a family and for me personally.

Oh! And Sunday was our first time putting Greyson in the nursery during services. I knew Grey would do amazingly well as he’s so comfortable with new people; it was me that had the separation anxiety. Nonetheless, I prayed for a calmed heart as we successfully dropped him off and enjoyed our first uninterrupted service! Besides, I knew Grey would love to play and socialize with the other babies a lot more than being stuck with us. We’re both excited to continue placing him in the nursery every Sunday from now on. Yay for a successful Mommy Milestone and praises to God for His calming hand on our initial anxiety.

#verydanielxmas planning

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3 ||

All weekend I’ve been so excited to get started on the planning of our #verydanielxmas movie menu and activities! Be sure to follow along on Instagram using the #verydanielxmas hashtag to see what we’re up to this season! I first narrowed down the Christmas movies and from there I’ve been browsing Pinterest for appetizer and treat ideas as well as themed cocktails. We loved the food/drink/movie pairing from Halloween this year and thought to continue the trend into Christmas.

…speaking of Christmas

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3 ||

Can we go back to how amazed I am that it’s already Thanksgiving this week? Well, it definitely crept up on me and usually by November 1st I’m chomping at the bit to start decorating for Christmas. Every year I always try to convince my husband to allow me to decorate early, with no avail, until this year. This year November just cruised right past me and it was this weekend that I actually noticed that we’ve arrived at Thanksgiving. So, in my shock that I actually almost missed my opportunity to grovel and persuade the Christmas cheer early, I was able to sneak it in and begin decorating!

I’m excited to share a more in-depth holiday home tour like I did last year, so stay tuned for that post later on!

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This Teachable Moment In History

This Teachable Moment In History ||

We are forgetting this important teachable moment in history for all Americans.

We all have been witness to the outcome of this election. Tension is high and there’s this collective sigh whether it be of relief that you saw your candidate win or it was out of fear for what’s at stake under his administration. I, too, had a moment of sadness and pause for reading this morning that Trump actually won. I had a moment of reflection of what this past year had been like and that this was the culminating moment that defined what the next four years may reflect in our country. I am saddened that we live in such a divided nation that The People would not only harshly criticize our political leaders, but that we would do it to each other.

Regardless of which candidate you support, the ideals and values you have, or even whether you voted or reserved your right to sit this election out – there’s a simple lesson to be learned from all of this and it is unity in character in the face of disappointment, fear, or divisiveness. It is a lesson to teach to our children; to our daughters but especially our sons. It’s a lesson to be reminded to Americans all across our country, young or old alike, and that this is a precious time to be mindful of the character you are exemplifying to those around you.

To Trump supporters: instead of gloating about an election you had perhaps a small percentage in having a hand in, express the optimism you have for your candidate’s administration. Spark discussions of hope for our country and the abilities that our President-elect will need in order to carry through his plan for Making America Great Again. Be a positive representation of the outcome of this election and prove to those who disagree with you that respect for others isn’t compromised. Be the person who changes the hardened mind into someone who is willing to see the optimism for our country.

To Clinton supporters: instead of lashing out, blaming others, or expressing your discontent with our government or political systems…(as hard as it will be) stand in support of the very office you respect and hold dear. Respect the decision of the American people, regardless of how you may disagree, and let this moment be a catalyst for change and to never stop fighting for the values, laws, and rights that you believe in. The presidency is an elected position and is designed, in part with our Constitution, to uphold the rights of the American people and reflect the policies that will benefit our country both domestically and abroad.

To Third party supporters: instead of throwing shade to party voters, educate them in how it doesn’t always have to come down to Democrat or Republican. Educate others on the issues that third party candidates value, spread their voice, but more importantly be the reason we, as a collective society, begin discussing and having open conversations about these underrepresented or overlooked parties.

What we do or say within these next few years will define this moment in history – not just for us, but for our children. Being united in character, regardless of where your heart lies in this years election, will transcend past our political affiliations or Facebook newsfeed, but will reflect an American ideology we can all be proud of.

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A Pumpkin Patch Filled Sunday

pumpkin patch

This weekend was all about pumpkin patches! We love going to our favorite spot, Underwood Family Farms, which is just down the road a bit from Ventura. They have a whole setup of animals, tractor rides, pumpkin launching, and events leading up to Halloween. Families from all over make their way out and for $20 a person (kids under 2 years old are free) it definitely pays for a fun, and new, experience for Greyson!

Now, taking a seven month old takes timing and planning before getting on the road. Luckily Greyson enjoys riding in the car ever since we upgraded his carseat and like always, he fell asleep during our 30 minute ride to the farm. This was the first #parentingwin of the day since by the time we arrived he was well rested. Then it was all about managing the stroller (we haven’t received our Tula carrier in the mail yet) and diaper bag which, of course, is filled with toys and his Lil’Beanies snacks for those fussier moments. Thankfully though we didn’t need them as Greyson really seemed to enjoy the pumpkin patch!

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

He was so curious about the animals such as the chickens and piggies! Underwood also had baby and mama goats too! Although he wasn’t quite sure what to make of them yet, he did seem to want to watch them. Perhaps a petting zoo in the future? It was a fun memory because Philip grew up taking care of the chickens at his grandmother’s house in Texas.

pumpkin patch

I was curious to see how he would do on the tractor ride around the farm (they even have pick your own fruit and veggies!) and as you can tell by the picture he loved it. He mostly sat on our laps but also enjoyed peeking over to look around. I know this will be one of our favorite things to do as he continues to grow up!

pumpkin patch

After the tractor ride we stopped off to the actual pumpkin patch area where we tried to get a few photos of Greyson with the little pumpkins (we bought our pumpkins for carving earlier) and of course getting a seven month old to pose for cute framable photos was next to impossible. I mean, I don’t blame him – hay and pumpkins are a new thing to touch and feel.

And I can’t leave a pumpkin patch post without sharing these yummy rice krispie treats I made…wait for it…in the shape of pumpkins! They turned out so adorable considering this was the first time I’ve ever made them. Such an easy recipe and I’ve adapted it a bit from the original recipe found on Pinterest. You can find my recipe below.

Make these easy pumpkin shaped rice krispie treats! I’ve adapted the original recipe a touch which makes the perfect treat within minutes!Original Recipe

My Recipe:

5 cups Rice Krispie cereal
1/4 cup butter
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 7oz Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme
Red and yellow food coloring
Tootsie Rolls


  1. On medium heat melt butter until slightly browned.
  2. Add vanilla and marshmallow creme. Stir using a rubber-ended spatula until marshmallow becomes smooth then add food coloring until desired orange color. Continue stirring – making sure not to burn. Turn down heat if needed.
  3. Stir in rice krispies one cup at a time. Keep stirring until all krispies have been blended in and take off of heat. Once cool enough to handle, form into pumpkins using your hands (don’t worry, you won’t get orange on you) making them whatever size you’d like. Cut Tootsie Rolls and place on top as pumpkin stumps.

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Baby Snuggles & Gratitude

Seriously how has this little boy gone from just this itty-bitty baby to an almost grown child? Well, he’s still my baby and officially 7 months old today (monthly update is running a touch late this month!). In 7 months this kid has five teeth already and I somehow can’t keep him still. Whatever happened to those all day snuggles? But, amidst the chaos it’s the snuggles he chooses to give me now are the ones that melt my heart.

Today I am grateful for those snuggles – and those smiles aren’t too shabby either.

I am grateful for firsts like these playground swing rides.

I am grateful for my Pumpkin Spiced coffee thanks to Trader Joe’s.

I am grateful for my husband’s happy participation in all the Halloween ideas I have planned #verydanielhalloween.

Our Hocus Pocus movie night: witches broomsticks, witch fingers, and dead man’s toes.

I am grateful for wine tasting trips with my little family. Proving your life doesn’t stop just because you’re a mom – it just makes you a better planner.

I am grateful for DIY projects. And said husband who happily participates in those activities as well #hesakeeper.

Final project photos coming soon – promise!

I am grateful for Harry Potter (more like J.K. Rowling…) and all of the magic, adventure, and friendship. Also, Dumbledore really knows how to slay the perfect affirmation in one sentence. So wise.

I could seriously keep going with all that is filling my heart and soul with gratitude today. Thank you to the beautiful Emily for hosting this Grateful Heart linkup once more!

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