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Watching: The Great British Bake Off is my absolute favorite right now and is actually currently playing on my TV. I just finished season one and am beginning season two now. I love a good food competition show but I’ve come to notice that American competition shows like Top Chef and Master Chef are quite brutal compared to this feel-good one. All of the contestants are so sweet to one another, which is a bit refreshing. I also love learning about new types of bakes and watching the process of each.

Eating: Last night I made a spicy Pozole Rojo from my newfound favorite vegan cookbook, Thug Kitchen. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to cook vegan and substituting other things for animal products even down to eggs and butter these last month. Even eating out I search the menu for vegan or vegetarian options and I am so pleased that more restaurants offer them!

Saying: “where has time gone?!” I feel this way especially with Greyson who will be turning one in just two weeks. He’s walking now, talking even more, learning new sounds and I pause constantly and just admire this little boy of mine. I’m always in a state of awe that my husband and I created such a happy, beautiful, and smart little boy. Check out his 11 month update!

…and today I am like, “is it really March already?!”

Wearing: my capsule wardrobe that I am beginning to shift towards spring. I have really been loving my Stitch Fixes lately (catch Feb, Jan, Dec, and Nov) and am excited about adding some new items as the weather begins to warm up here in Ventura. I am also loving my new hair color and cut I got over the weekend. I am growing my hair out and a simple trim makes me feel so refreshed without losing the length I’ve managed to grow! I am grateful for my new stylist over at Matiz Salon downtown!

…also, my usual hairstylist, Chelsea, is undergoing treatment for Leukemia in LA. I would greatly appreciate you checking out her story or check out her Go Fund Me page by clicking the Support Chelsea link on my sidebar. (thank you!)

Posting: Since taking a break from the blog a couple of months ago I am beginning to feel inspired again and am slowly returning here. As I prepare new posts and content, I am excited to reshare some of my older posts from the archives such as my DIY baby binder and travel tips since we’re off to Washington, D.C. tomorrow for a week!

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Currently December

Currently December | |

Doing…visiting Santa, decorating a gingerbread house, crafting, and so on. There’s so much I’d love to do for Greyson and his first Christmas I just hope we have enough time to do it all!

Enjoying my new programmable coffee maker! I know it seems like such a small gift to ask for, but I am so thankful to my gracious mother-in-law who gifted it to me this year! Every morning with Greyson I have to hit the ground running and oftentimes I don’t have the time to make coffee with our French press. I had always wanted to wake up and have a fresh pot waiting for me and now I do! I’m loving my small 4-cup coffee maker as it’s the perfect amount for my two cups in the morning.

Cooking a lot for our #verydanielxmas food and drink movie pairing. I am always so excited to kick off our holidays each year because I really do enjoy planning the meals and drinks that go along with the movies we’ll be watching. We started with The Grinch and we ate Rare Roast Beast with Who Hash (OMG it’s sooooo good and easy to make!) with a dessert of Who Pudding and I made these Grinch Pretzel Bites. To sip on I made ‘melted snow’ which were White Russians. Next up is Home Alone with these puff-pastry pizza wheels, macaroni & cheese bites, and a nod to their Paris trip by drinking French 75s. Cute, right?!

Currently December | |

Wrapping nothing except for the fake presents under the tree for decoration. All of the kids and friends we shop for live away from us so we do a lot of online shopping and ship our gifts straight to them. So, no presents under the tree until Greyson is older – however he does love a good box full of tissue paper. 😉

Playing Gilmore Girls on Netflix all day long and I love it. I can’t believe I am working my way through season 5 already knowing it’s only a few more seasons until the end. I’ve become so attached to these characters (and even Rory is beginning to really annoy me – but I have to remember I was probably that annoying as a young girl who thought she knew everything) so saying goodbye will be hard. What show should I get into next?!

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Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY

Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY

One of the questions that many girls growing up in the early 2000s can ask themselves is, where were you when Gilmore girls first aired? Unfortunately I cannot answer that question, well not until a few weeks ago that is, because I never watched the show. Insert wide eyes and a shriek here. I know, I know. I’m one of the few girls out there that didn’t really get on the CW bandwagon growing up although I’ve heard great things about the show. I guess the whole ‘mother-daughter being best friends’ relationship thing didn’t really peak my interest and neither did the goody-goodeyness of the whole show. Instead I opted for shows like FRIENDS, Seinfeld, The Office, and the ridiculous South Park. I never knew what I was really missing out on…

…until Netflix and the kind soul, Janelle, over at Simply Love.

Back a few months ago I remember hearing about the Gilmore girls revival and seeing a number of friends, and blogging friends, sharing their excitement across social media. I never quite understood what the commotion was about seeing as though I had no idea what the references were or the complex relationships that played out over seven seasons. Thanks to Netflix and countless hours throughout the day with Greyson, I have been able to catch up on seven years worth of memories and reminiscing about being a young teen myself navigating high school, responsibilities, and relationships. I think I’m able to appreciate this show much more as an adult than if I were to have originally watched it growing up. BTW, I believe Lorelai Gilmore was ahead of her time! So witty and funny!

I am only within the first three seasons yet I find myself totally wrapped in Lorelai’s relationship with Luke. I mean, they do end up together in the end, right?! How is it that these two waif-like women can eat, let alone afford, Luke’s everyday for multiple meals a day? And I’m quite impressed that a teenager drinks her coffee black. I still have to use cream and sugar! Perhaps it’s the perks of living in a small town where everyone, and literally everyone, knows you. Nonetheless, it’s a town that I find myself wanting to live in, to raise my family there, and for 45 minutes (at least) I can.

So, in celebration of our grand return to Stars Hollow and greeting our favorite characters once again for this epic four-episode run, me and my fellow blogger friends are hosting a pretty amazing giveaway! Grab your Luke’s coffee and a donut (or three), your comfiest sweater, blast the revival on your TV, and join all of us for a giveaway thanks to Janelle and my lovely other hosts!

Giveaway Items: 

+ Twine and Cotton Market ‘Stars Hollow’ Candle
+ Snowman and Star Ornament
+ $20 Shop Credit to LulaRoe | Janelle Monaco
+ Rose Gold Clutch
+ Mini Brush Trees
+ Milkglass Coffee Creamer + Sugar Set
+ Coffee Mug
+ 2 Art Prints
+ Darling Magazine
+ Darling Nightingale Knitted Donut
+ Pop-Tarts
+ Journal
Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY
Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY
Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY
Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY
Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY

your hosts:

Returning To Stars Hollow | A GIVEAWAY | |

begins midnight on Nov 25th and runs until Dec 3rd at midnight – open to U.S & Canadian residents only. Winner will be selected at random.

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Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3 ||

This weekend marks the last weekend before Thanksgiving and how is it that it’s already almost Thanksgiving?! It truly does seem like time is constantly in a state of fast-forward and keeping up is difficult at times. But, nonetheless it’s been a fun few days that kept us busy and even Greyson decided to thrill us with something new – crawling! My heart is full and never a dull moment in this house…so here are the scenes from our weekend!

weekend running partner and views

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3 ||

It’s been about four weeks since I began running with C25K and although I’ve had to go back and forth between intervals, I’m beginning to see a change! I’ve lost about 2 lbs, my endurance is beginning to improve, and there are a few pants where the waist doesn’t feel as snug. I personally loathe running, or really any kind of activity, but I hate the way I was feeling about my postpartum body more – we all have to have that first day and I’m glad I’m finding the inspiration to push through.

This weekend, however, I started noticing a pain in my left knee which has caused a slight derailment to my running routine. I’m thinking I need one of those knee compression thingys to help with putting pressure on it and to keep me from doing more damage. If anyone has any recommendations for knee support please pass any advice along!

Crawl so hard…

You guys, my mommy heart just can’t even contain my excitement for this moment. Grey had been doing his army crawl for a little while now and I knew he was on the cusp of getting up on his knees and just the other night it happened! He’s still getting used to his newfound skill and is very excited to move around on his own. He also has learned to go from tummy to sitting on his bottom and back again! Soaking it all up before he really takes off!

celebrating Rooted, a baptism, and the church nursery!

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3 ||
Image Source: Janet Baucom

I can’t believe 10 weeks has passed since I began Rooted, a Bible study of sorts, at my church. I was seeking community and looking for a way to become more connected with my church, and the wonderful people that fill it, and Rooted allowed me to achieve just that. I had an amazing time with these people (although not everyone could make it to our celebration dinner/photo) and had the honor of listening to their stories as well as sharing my own. Rooted was a great experience that deepened my faith and understanding of God in my life and gave me the opportunity to gain new friendships with these lovely people.

It was also a privilege to be standing there in support of a friend from our group who was baptized at this past Sunday’s service. What a deeply moving opportunity to be a part of. I could barely keep it together as tears filled my eyes witnessing everyone from children to the elderly accept Jesus as their savior. It’s such a powerful moment for us as a family and for me personally.

Oh! And Sunday was our first time putting Greyson in the nursery during services. I knew Grey would do amazingly well as he’s so comfortable with new people; it was me that had the separation anxiety. Nonetheless, I prayed for a calmed heart as we successfully dropped him off and enjoyed our first uninterrupted service! Besides, I knew Grey would love to play and socialize with the other babies a lot more than being stuck with us. We’re both excited to continue placing him in the nursery every Sunday from now on. Yay for a successful Mommy Milestone and praises to God for His calming hand on our initial anxiety.

#verydanielxmas planning

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3 ||

All weekend I’ve been so excited to get started on the planning of our #verydanielxmas movie menu and activities! Be sure to follow along on Instagram using the #verydanielxmas hashtag to see what we’re up to this season! I first narrowed down the Christmas movies and from there I’ve been browsing Pinterest for appetizer and treat ideas as well as themed cocktails. We loved the food/drink/movie pairing from Halloween this year and thought to continue the trend into Christmas.

…speaking of Christmas

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 3 ||

Can we go back to how amazed I am that it’s already Thanksgiving this week? Well, it definitely crept up on me and usually by November 1st I’m chomping at the bit to start decorating for Christmas. Every year I always try to convince my husband to allow me to decorate early, with no avail, until this year. This year November just cruised right past me and it was this weekend that I actually noticed that we’ve arrived at Thanksgiving. So, in my shock that I actually almost missed my opportunity to grovel and persuade the Christmas cheer early, I was able to sneak it in and begin decorating!

I’m excited to share a more in-depth holiday home tour like I did last year, so stay tuned for that post later on!

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