Moving with Minted + Free Foil Event

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Happy Spring everyone! This season has me filled will all kinds of inspiration and a sense of renewing considering a few new circumstances for us as a family on the horizon.

One of the biggest things coming up that we’re most excited for is our move. Now, we’re not moving very far…actually just a few apartments down from where we currently live. Our complex offers one and two bedroom units and after almost three years in our one bedroom it’s time for us to make that transition into, what’s hopefully, our forever home. The two bedroom townhome style apartments are two levels, which will provide us with so much more space, a larger patio (and balcony off the master bedroom), and a half bath on the first level. The second level is a full bath as well as the master bedroom and what will be Greyson’s nursery.

Since he was still in utero we decided on a woodland theme and we’re going to continue this trend in his new bedroom. However, now that he’s a bit older we want his room to transition with him; we’re going with less of a baby nursery and more of a young boy version of the woodland concept. I’ve had all kinds of fun pinning various inspirations for this idea from mountain wall murals to decor to hang on the walls. When browsing around Minted for a personalized print for his room, this piece stood out to me immediately.

Greatest Journey Foil Pressed Print

I mean, this is probably the most perfect piece I could have stumbled upon. The layout of the print accompanied with the foil detailing makes it an eye catching print for Greyson’s new room. I love the mountains with the pine trees mixed in there – it resembles the mountains we have that run along central California. It’s like a little piece of Ventura in our own home.

Greatest Journey Foil-Stamped Art Print | Ivory with Gold Foil

The gold foil option for this print makes it not only unique, but offers a quality that makes the whole thing really special. I love how it catches the light and I know it’ll be one of my favorite prints to hang.

Minted’s customization platform online made it really easy for me to plug in Greyson’s birth information and within moments see a preview of what the final product would look like. This print comes in a variety of formats with different color backgrounds and foil options. If you so desire, for an added convenience you can purchase it framed. I opted for the print considering it’ll be easier to move it this way, then hang in his bedroom later on.

But art prints aren’t the only foil-pressed options Minted provides (although they do have many fabulous choices!).

Turn-key Foil Pressed Moving Announcement

It’s no secret that I love a good photo card, especially when we have new beautiful prints captured by our lovely family photographer a couple of weeks ago. So when it came to ordering a set of moving announcements I found this beautifully simple turn-key design. As you’ve noticed I’m kind of obsessed with the foil pressed option since it just adds a unique shimmery touch to our printed items that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Turn-key Foil Pressed Moving Announcement | Gold Foil

Each order is hand packaged by a member of the Minted team, and in my case Deb packaged mine. And as a part of your order you get a note from the artist which gives you more detail about the particular design you chose. I love that Minted works closely with real artists which supports a community of creatives with each order. This personal touch, and essence of giving back to the artists behind these designs, is another reason I always go back to Minted for all of my paperie needs. Oh, and for their free recipient addressing 😉

The Free Foil Event!

Starting today and ending April 24th, Minted is giving you this foil-pressed option for FREE! It’s their Semi-Annual Free Foil Event where you can get 20% off of all foil pressed items. Have a graduate or know someone who is? This deal also coincides with Minted’s Graduation Event where you can earn an additional 15% off grad cards and gifts. All you need to do is use the code: SHINE during checkout.

Don’t have a grad but want to know what you can get with the foil option? Here are a few items Minted offers that can be foil-pressed:

  • Minted Art & Gifts
  • Birth Announcements
  • Wedding Announcements & Invitations
  • Wedding Stationary & Decor
  • Save the Date Cards
  • Holiday Cards
  • Business Cards (great option for bloggers!)

What do you think of the foil option for Greyson’s customized print and our moving announcements?

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Friday Favorites vol 2

It’s been a busy week here in the Daniel house since the husband was away on a business trip to Colorado Springs. But I’m happy to report that he’s back home and this mama gets to enjoy time to herself again, haha. I learned a lot, especially about how crazy busy being a temporary single mom was and how hard that *ish is, but it forced me to be better with time management, setting new routines with Greyson (i.e. pulling him into the bath with me so we both get clean before bedtime), and being okay when things don’t always get done. Like dinner.

With that being said, it’s nice to have our family complete once more and I look forward to a weekend full of sunshine, family time, and perhaps a trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo!

Here are some of my favorite finds from the week!

One | Chalkboard Easter Eggs


Why have I never heard of this or thought of this before?! I love Whitney’s idea of using chalkboard eggs, which she found at Walmart, for her daughter so that she can enjoy playing with them all season long. Such a cute idea! One could even use chalkboard paint (now that they come in all sorts of fun colors) on those plastic Easter eggs and reuse them year after year! 😉

Two | Coconut Crusted Tofu with Sweet Chili Sauce


Whoa, is this vegan recipe delicious!

There are quite a few steps and I recommend battering and covering your tofu with the panko/shredded coconut mixture first, then frying them instead of doing the assembly line as you’re trying to cook. I made these this week and found myself trying to do them franticly in batches without burning the coconut (which burns fairly quickly, BTW). However, it was well worth it and makes for plenty of leftovers that you’ll want to eat the following day…or hours later, whichever 😉

I opted for roasted brussel sprouts and yellow squash as my veggies. The only other suggestion I have is skipping her steps to making the chili sauce only because I tried it and it didn’t taste very good. Perhaps I did something wrong, but instead I just simply mixed the Huy Fong chili sauce with a little bit of mayo (I know it defeats the purpose of being vegan, but you can always use vegan mayo).

Three | The Power of Meaning

I’ve been a member of Blogging for Books for the last couple of years. I love the concept of receiving free books for the exchange of an honest review. The selection is pretty limited, but every time I am discovering new authors and genres.

Lately I’ve been dealing with some pretty heavy emotions and in this season I’m definitely grateful for my faith which is pulling me through day-to-day. I mentioned this book, The Power of Meaning, in my April Currently post and I couldn’t rave about it enough. Just reading the introduction and first chapter has filled me with so much insight that I can’t wait to to finish reading.

Four | A Beach Family

I am always so impressed when I get our family photos back from our photographer, Toki. She was so wonderful to work with during our fall photo session and included Greyson’s one year photos complimentary. We decided to go with Philip’s vision, which was a beach themed shoot, this time around since I chose the woodland theme last time for our Christmas photos. I can’t wait to share more of our photos later on this week on the blog!

Five | A Happy Baby

Greyson is officially free of his bought of allergies and I am singing hallelujah! It was a bit scary as a new mom when you see your child’s eyes crusted shut and constantly gooping up with this yellowish discharge. Thankfully with a trip to the doctor and a recommendation for children’s Claritin and eye drops, he’s back to 100%. His smile is everything and I loved being able to take him outside and swim around in the food.

I hope you all had a beautiful week and enjoy your weekend!

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An Interview With My Husband | Would You Rather

One of my favorite things to do with the hubs is pick his brain about absolutely anything and everything. He can be quite reserved sometimes, but I know there’s a lot tinkering inside that mind of his. So, when I asked him last year if he’d be willing to participate in a new little series here on the blog, he was happy to do so.

It’s been a little while since we’ve had our last interview (you know, having a baby and all) but I am excited to reintroduce my husband, Philip, and welcome him back on the blog today! For this installation of our interview I’ve decided on a Would You Rather…theme for the line of questions. These questions span a few different areas of his/our personalities so I was curious to see which preference he would have!

Would you rather be immune to hangovers forever or never have to go to the dentist ever again?

Immune to hangovers because we like to imbibe (See that big word he used? Totally learned something new today). We also enjoy traveling and a part of that is enjoying the food and drinks of our travels.

Would you rather look 90 starting right now but live until you’re 90, or look 21 starting right now but only live for another 10 years?

This is tricky because it questions ones vanity and quality of life. For the sake of Greyson (and although I do care about what I look like) I would choose to rather look 90 vs looking 21 and living only for ten years more. Greyson would be 11 years old and it wouldn’t be fair of me to leave him without a father at that age.

Would you rather never wash your sheets ever again or only be able to shower once every two weeks?

Heavy sigh.

Having clean sheets is important to me because of dirt, skin, bed bugs, etc., but I can still take a “Trucker Shower” (i.e. wiping down the pertinent body parts) every day even though I’m not actually in/or taking a shower everyday.

Would you rather spend the rest of your life always cold or always exhausted?

Always cold. If I were exhausted all the time I would get nothing done, but to be cold I can just throw layers on. Plus I think I look good in a coat.

Would you rather be allergic to most foods but travel the world, or be able to eat anything you wanted but be stuck in California forever?

This was one of the hardest questions for me. There is no other place in the U.S. that I would want to live other than CA. The best part of traveling is food and wine and those go hand-in-hand. So, I would stay in CA and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Friday Favorites vol 1

Friday Favorites | vol 1 | |

Happy Friday everyone! We all made it!

One thing we weren’t anticipating this week was Greyson’s bout of, what we thought was, pink eye. At the beginning of the week we awoke to his left eye crusted shut and my heart sank; as a teacher and seeing my fair share of bacterial pink eye I knew the crusties weren’t a good sign. Throughout the day his eye was a little inflamed and red, but no other signs. Hallelujah! Then the following night he began developing a yellowish discharge from his eye and it made me feel even worse – especially since we were looking forward to traveling to Colorado this week for my husband’s business trip. All night it seemed to be getting worse and his eyes more red by the hour. We used a little bit of saline eye wash to keep his eyes clean and made a doctor’s appointment for the next morning.

Thankfully the wash seems to be working really well and is keeping the discharge at bay. Having seen his doctor it turns out his pink eye isn’t contagious, but due to allergies. The one downside to living on the coast here are the Santa Anna winds that blow from the mountains down – so we get all the dust and dirt (mixed with the natural blooming and pollen). I am doing a happy dance that we don’t have to completely disinfect the house and his things, but more so just keep up with his eye drops and keep the house free of allergens.

Despite all that, and not being able to accompany the husband on his trip to Colorado, there were a few great things that happened this week. So here are a few of my favorite moments!

Spring has sprung in Ventura.



I am a lover of colder weather and some rain isn’t so bad – especially since I get to enjoy it from the comfort of home. However, there’s no other feeling than spring making it’s grand return with the sun shining, the crisp air, and just an overall sense of renewal. Since much of California has been hit with a drought for the last number of years, this year especially we were blessed with a lot of rain and thankfully, for the first time in forever, we’re officially partially out of the drought in many places. With that being said, what used to be dirt and dried up plants and rivers has done a 180 degree turn and even the mountains that are the backdrop to Ventura are nice and green!

A happy 29th birthday to me!

Turning 29 was kind of a big moment for me. I mean, I know next year will be a big moment too, but turning 29 makes you realize that you’re within your last year of your twenties! So, in celebration I created a few goals for the year and spent my evening celebrating with my husband and Greyson. I even put on fake eyelashes and did my makeup for the occasion (there’s seriously a special place in heaven for women who can apply fake lashes flawlessly – I’m a work in progress) which is a big deal for me. The husband got me a very cute bouquet of flowers, I fit into a pre-pregnancy dress I hadn’t been able to in months, and was treated to one of my favorite Italian restaurants. So, all-in-all I had a pretty great day!

Thank you to everyone on Facebook for the birthday love as well as friends and family who texted, called, or sent cards!

The Painted Cabernet

I have always heard of sip and paint nights where you can enjoy some wine as you are lead through how to recreate a piece of artwork and The Painted Cabernet is exactly that. A couple of girlfriends of mine treated me this past Sunday to a little girls day in celebration of my upcoming birthday and I had such a great time! I had always wanted to do something like this and I’m so glad we did!

Have you ever done something like this?

Hulu w/ no commercials + RHOP



Gizelle is kind of my favorite.

Andy Cohen is probably a genius simply because of The Real Housewives franchise and what he’s made of it since the days with the ladies from the O.C. The newest Housewives show are women who hail from Potomac, Maryland, which is just right outside of D.C. and where I grew up in Northern Virginia. Knowing the D.C. season of The Real Housewives didn’t garner and real kind of audience I was interested to see how Potomac would stack up. Thanks to Hulu I was able to catch up on the entire first season and I have to say that I’m diggin’ the new women. I thought their first season had plenty of drama, which one comes to expect from this franchise, and the dynamic of the ladies is interesting. Each Housewives city offers a different perspective on everyday life and I love it. I’m curious about what season two will bring and even heard that one cast member isn’t returning and a new one is being introduced. Hmmm….

What else do I love? Hulu with no commercials! Yes, it’s an additional $4.99 to upgrade, but considering how much I would pay in cable, it’s worth it’s weight. I’ve found that the hubs and I both enjoy watching our favorite shows without interruption. Yes, it’s bearable to sit through 3-4 of the same commercials during one episode (we’ve done that for years – I also remember back when Hulu only had one commercial!) but it’s not enjoyable. That extra $5 has made such a difference and I couldn’t recommend it more, especially if you’re a Hulu lover like me!

Loving my new Nest Cam for Greyson

Have you all heard of Nest Cam? I’ve known of their cameras and smart thermostats, but with the price tag of $200 I never really considered purchasing one. Plus, living in a one bedroom with Greyson’s crib right outside our door we never really needed a baby monitor. However, now that we are within just a month or so of moving into our new two-bedroom apartment I began my research into the best camera for Greyson’s new room. I knew I wanted it to be high quality video, stream onto my phone or other device, and be equipped with night vision. A lot of the leading baby monitors can do most of those things, but somehow I always came back to the Nest Cam.

We’ve had a few theft issues in our apartment complex recently (thankfully not our apartment) and home security and safety has been a top priority for me these days. I know my complex is secure, but I feel that one can never have too many home measures in place – especially during periods of travel or being a SAHM like me. In my quest for the perfect camera, the Nest Cam was rated amongst the top for security and was mentioned most often in the various articles and blog posts I read related to security measures for apartment dwellers.

Thankfully I won a giveaway on a blog for a $50 e-gift card to and perusing through their inventory I saw the Nest Cam again. was having a sale of free shipping over $35 orders as well as a new customer discount. Using both of those deals, and my $50 e-gift card, I paid a fraction of what it retails for! The best part is that it arrived the very next day!

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