Blogger Introductions | Random Facts About Me

Blogger Introductions | Random Facts About Me |

Hi everyone! Today I thought it would be a fun change-up here on the blog by taking a moment to get a little random. I love Introduction posts like these because it’s fun to learn new aspects about the bloggers I follow and for my readers to learn a little more about me.

+ I am originally a native east coaster from Northern Virginia (yes, we say we’re from the north– the distinction is important) right outside of D.C.. I’ve lived there all my life up until my husband and I got married then moved to California in 2014.

+ It took me a good year or so to become adjusted to the California lifestyle. It was definitely different than Virginia in terms of the culture, people, and weather. But after almost three years here I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

+ I love to travel and thankfully my husband and I have been to a number of places together. Our first official trip as a couple when we were first dating was a weekend in New Orleans which was a lot of fun – as you can imagine. I learned all about dirty martinis on that trip. As well as limiting myself to only two.

+ I have only traveled to three places out of the country: 1) Paris, France 2) Mexico and 3) Turks & Caicos (2x).

Blogger Introductions | Random Facts About Me |

+ My husband and I were married at The Wynn in Las Vegas on June 28, 2014.

+ I am a teacher by profession and knew at a very young age I wanted to teach. I am thankful to have achieved that dream of mine and I look forward to when I can get back into the classroom!

+ I first began blogging in 2011 when I was a kindergarten teacher and started a teacher blog called Keeping Up in Kindergarten (adorable, huh?). Then I moved up to teach second grade and changed the name to Sliding Into Second Grade, which I still run today.

+ I am the baby of my blended family of five children.

+ I love home decor, trips to farmer’s markets, and any reason to buy candles

+ Scarves are by far my favorite clothing accessory. At one point I had over 10 scarves of differing colors and materials, but recently donated them during my Minimalist Challenge. Also the husband told me if I donated at least 10 scarves I didn’t wear anymore he’d get me a Burberry one 😉 Motivations, people, motivations.

Blogger Introductions | Random Facts About Me |

+ I’m obsessed with my hair. I love it the most when it’s cut into a cute pixie and currently I’ve been growing it out. I can never decide what I want to do with it. Most recently I cut myself some bangs but have since grown them out 😉

+ Photography is a fun little hobby of mine. I’m not super technical with it and I’m still learning to use the nice camera a friend gave me when he saw I was in the market for a new camera for the blog. I find all the settings to be plentiful and confusing, but I’m always eager to learn something new with it!

+ I took American Sign Language (ASL) as my high school foreign language. At first it was because I figured it would be an ‘easy A’ but soon realized I really enjoyed learning more about the language and culture of the Deaf community. I can still sign and understand a little bit today although I’m rusty since I don’t use it as often as I did.

+ Aside from ASL, I am always trying to learn new languages. I go off and on with French and Spanish and my favorite app to help me learn is Duolingo.

+ I am the last in my immediate family to have children. Also, my brother and I are currently the only siblings with one child.

Blogger Introductions | Random Facts About Me |

+ I’m a coffee lover. I used to like it with a lot of creamer and sugar but after learning to wean myself down (thanks Weight Watchers!) I only need a little bit. The hubs can drink it black – ugh. However, the PSL and Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks will forever be my favorites – in addition to my summertime iced coffee of Caramel Macchiatos, of course!

…and finally

+ I just recently opened my own shop where I sell my handlettered prints and watercolors. It takes a lot to venture into starting a small business, but thankfully I am encouraged by friends and family. You can check out some of my prints here. Being a SAHM I find myself with a bit of time to carve out for myself and creating new prints for the shop is an enjoyable way to spend those few hours between nap times. It’s all a journey and I’m happy to have you all along for the ride!

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What are some random facts about you? I’d love to hear in the comments!







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