How a Baby Binder Keeps Us Organized

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I am all about making life easier and a lot of that has to do with my level of organization. I love it when things have a place and can be easily accessible when you need them, but also just as easy to put away when not in use. One of the areas that I soon realized I needed help was when we first brought Greyson home from the hospital.

Who knew you would be discharged with a stack full of copies, paperwork, and important documents?! And where was I to keep all of them? Insert the use of a Baby Binder!

I know I’ve written before on this topic but by seriously committing to using a Baby Binder, even through toddlerhood, has helped keep Greyson’s important documents safe and filed away. And now you can download these PDF Baby Binder templates over at my Etsy shop, Little Fox Lettering Co.!

Contacts At-A-Glance

This is probably the most important page in our binder because it has all the information someone would need in the event of an emergency. This page is designed to keep those important phone numbers, addresses, contact info, and child info all in one convenient spot. This is helpful for babysitters or even Grandma and Grandpa!

Month-to-Month Growth Chart

Every time we visit the doctor our nurse always weighs and measures Greyson. She makes a note of it on her iPad chart and then we see the doctor. One thing that I always liked to have on hand was a visual of Greyson’s growth progress. Not that I’m a neurotic mom that counted his every calorie, I just wanted to see how he was doing with his development and to keep an eye on his weight – especially since transitioning him to table foods.

This growth chart page has been an easy way for me to log his measurements while at the doctor’s office. It also comes in handy for emergency visits and when we’re traveling away from home. This template has the option for you to log his weight, height, and percentile for each month for the first year. Then at the bottom there’s room for additional records for 15 month, 18 month, and 2 year check-ups!

Doctor Visit & Payment Record

For the first year there are all kinds of visits to the doctor whether it be for simple wellness checks, vaccinations, circumcisions, or emergencies. This page allows you to keep track of all of your visits as well as keep note on any charges during those visits. It’s so common, and even happened to us, to be billed for something you didn’t have done or experience some kind of mishap with the billing department whether it be at the doctor’s office or your insurance company. This record is just a simple way to stay on top of it all. And once you pay a bill just check it off!

Milestone Tracker

Those milestones our little ones hit are exciting moments that are probably already well documented in photos. But, if you’re one of those parents who enjoy recording the dates of those milestones this page is perfect for your Baby Binder. This is especially helpful for parents who want to keep an eye on how their child is developing and progressing through those different stages.

Creating Your Baby Binder

To create this Baby Binder at home is super simple and only takes a few items.

+ Baby Binder Templates
+ Avery Labels
+ File Dividers {these cute ones have pockets!}
+ Sheet Protectors
+ Binder {the size binder will obviously depend on how many babies/children you have}

Using sheet protectors all I have to do is slip the papers in!

Now whenever we need it, our binder is readily available. From traveling or leaving it home with a babysitter, we can be rest assured that Greyson’s paperwork is all in one convenient place and no longer are we fumbling or endlessly searching for that one piece of info. Be sure to download your copy today!




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