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Well, this week kind of came and went. Is anyone else feeling the same way? Not only has this week felt like a blur, I can’t believe we’re in our last few days of September! I do feel bad that I have a tendency to neglect this blog a little bit, but with work, doctors appointments, pregnancy, and just being plain tired, it’s been hard to get on here regularly. So, the weekend is my little time to come hang out and check in with all of you!

First of all I should say HAPPY WEEKEND YOU GUYS! Yet another beautiful Saturday is upon us and it happens to be quite a glorious feeling to wake up, sit on the patio and enjoy my favorite iced coffee while checking in with all my blogging friends and readers. Here’s what’s been going on with me this past week…



Everything went well! I am a firm believer that when your doctor doesn’t really have anything to go over with you it’s a good sign. You know, that whole “no news is good news” idea? Yep. I’m going with that. On the plus side: I heard his little heart beat and it’s as strong as ever!


This past week had me a bit more emotional than I would care to admit to. Let’s just chock it up to all these pregnancy hormones. In a nutshell, he works with satellites for the Navy so every so often (especially when they launch a new satellite) he has a crazy backwards shift schedule and I don’t care for it one bit. This go-around he went into work at 2pm and sometimes didn’t get home until midnight. That left me with the whole week of NOT seeing him once. Add a bachelor party that’s taking him to San Diego this weekend and it leaves me missing him more than ever…


Work has been consistently busy for me, especially this past week. We had our Back To School Night where my teacher and I got to mingle with parents more one-on-one. I always enjoy these evenings, especially as an assistant teacher, because it gives us a chance to talk and interact with the parents. But, the caveat is we didn’t get home and in bed until well after 10pm and I was subbing for my teacher the next day…so talk about a busy and long few days!


Okay, so every year (just like every other woman in the world) counts down the days until the beloved PSL returns for fall. I was curious to see how I would like the new recipe and I absolutely LOVE the pumpkin puree! A lot of people get confused by the whole pumpkin vs pumpkin spice…how I don’t know. But, all you need to know that this drink is better than ever. I just don’t recommend the iced version…just my opinion.

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AND…just this morning I thought to try out this new order ahead feature on their Starbucks app since Saturday tends to be quite busy in the morning and who truly wants to wait in line for anything? I was a bit skeptical because…exhibit A: Starbucks thought that by adding a drive-thru it would somehow get customers their coffees faster and I swear you wait just as long, or even longer, than if you went inside. But, I thought to give it a shot…and IT’S AMAZING, PEOPLE! I highly recommend it because, like I expected, there was a huge line and when I went inside there was my beautiful iced caramel macchiato sitting and waiting for me. I was in, out and on my way. The only downside is that you can’t choose your Starbucks location as it picks the closest one for you. So, hopefully that will be an option they’ll add later. P.S. has anyone tried the new toasted graham latte yet? What are your thoughts?


Now that our little nugget is poking out it’s time for me to take the plunge into the maternity clothes realm. I’m trying to limit the amount of actual maternity clothes I buy, for the exception of essentials, because they’re expensive and I know I’ll only get to wear them for a little while. I’m trying to stick to maxis and other dresses that have a high waist so I could use them again post-pregnancy.

Here are a few of my favorite (and some newly discovered!) brands:

  • Pink Blush: OMG how adorable are ALL of these clothes? If you’re looking for super cute maternity clothes at a relative good price I highly recommend this site. Thanks, Pinterest!
  • Jessica Simpson Maternity Jeans: Any brand by a celebrity has me a bit skeptical in terms of quality, but considering a pair of her white maternity jeans were on sale for $20 I thought I could risk it and I did. I love the fit of her maternity jeans and the belly band makes them even more comfortable.
  • Stitch Fix: I’m always a fan of this service and if you’re interested in checking out what maternity selections I got you can read about that here. I love that they’ve added maternity styles and it’s just fun to see what my stylist picks out for me each time.


October is almost here and my husband and I absolutely love this holiday (but, not as much as I love Christmas!!). Every year I come up with fun activities and date night ideas and this year we are starting this Halloween season off right! We came up with a list of 31 horror/Halloween movies that we’ll watch each night and I’ve been busy scouring the interwebs for fun fall activities we can do in our part of town (trying to stay away from LA, which is hard to do)

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What have you been up to?


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  • I also tend to get a bit angsty when my schedule and Jordan’s don’t align for too long. I was nervous mobile order and pay would be complicated on our end (i’m a barista) but it’s been rather seamless!

  • A H

    I tried the toasted graham last weekend – was SORELY disappointed. But then the PSL I had from the same store was also a huge letdown. Not sure if it was just that particular barista, or that store or what – Not sure if I’ll try another though….