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Kelly Daniel | photo c/o Toki Lee Photography

Photo Credit: Toki Lee Photography

My name is Kelly and I am originally a teacher from the east coast in Northern Virginia. My husband is Philip and he’s a former Captain in the U.S. Air Force and has journeyed from San Antonio, Texas. One fateful evening our paths happened to cross in April of 2012 and he’s been my partner in crime ever since.

We fell in love, got engaged, and were were married in June of 2014 in Las Vegas. That summer we also became fur-parents to Murphy, our mini Dachshund, and found ourselves moving across the country to build a life in California. Then, in March of 2016 our lives were forever changed with the arrival of our first child, Greyson (whom you’ll see a lot of).

Since moving away from our friends and family on the east coast I needed something to make me feel connected to others in a meaningful way and have a space to freely share in my life’s many adventures – thus the birth of Primarily Inspired (see what inspired the name). This blog has documented my life, through the ups, downs, and in-betweens and has been such a fun endeavor. I can’t wait to see where this little blog of mine takes me!

I’m so happy you’ve found yourself here and I hope we get a chance to connect!

You can also find me making things from time to time over at my shop, Little Fox Lettering Co. I create and sell handmade prints, mugs, and curate a collection of home goods.

Oh! You can read my full disclosure here.





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