A Staycation In Cambria | Part Three

Today in part three of our staycation in Cambria, I am bringing you along to our visit of Hearst Castle, which is the 250,000 acre estate of William Randolph Hearst who is the man behind the famous publishing company that brings you Good Housekeeping and many others. He spent years designing and redesigning this estate and even died before its ultimate completion.

The experience of touring the grounds and taking a glimpse into his ostentatious lifestyle was unlike anything I had seen before besides Versailles Palace a number of years ago; however very similar on many accounts. There were priceless artifacts that spanned the gothic, medieval, and victorian eras as well as sculptures from Greek and Roman times. His art collection was vast and one could understand that you would need a home just as grand to store and display it all.

Although atop the hill was very hot that day, I am thankful for the opportunity to tour this amazingly beautiful place with my little family. Here are a few snapshots we were able to capture during our time there.

Image 7-28-16 at 10.24 PM

Image 7-28-16 at 10.27 PM (1)

The Neptune Pool was drained due to restoration, but also doing their part to conserve water during the severe drought affecting California. The pools actually are hooked up to estate reservoirs in attempts to recycle their water.

**This is the same pool that was featured in Lady Gaga’s 2014 G.U.Y music video. She actually contributed a lot to the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation and other community organizations during her visit.

Image 7-29-16 at 10.32 AM

Image 7-28-16 at 10.30 PM

Our guide told us that this estate was built for entertaining – if it wasn’t already obvious. Hearst invited the who’s-who of his time to come out and spend a week or so with him and his estate allowed for his guests to keep busy. She said that he never indented this to be a ‘bed and breakfast’ sort of thing where you sleep in all day and over-indulge all night. During the time of it’s operation the grounds had pergolas to walk through, horseback riding, and even his own personal zoo for the entertainment of his guests. I could only imagine what staying here would have been like in its heyday.

Gorgeous wall embellishments in the grand dining hall.

Because you can’t have too many pools…

Another filming location for Lady Gaga’s music video.

The indoor Roman pool, which was just as grandiose as every other room.

Hearst Castle has many tour options for their visitors and we went for the grand rooms tour, which took us to the main house, Casa Grande (#obvi), where we got to see what I call the ‘cocktail hour’ room (the entrance hall), and the dining hall. To be honest that was about it because once we hit the billiards room Greyson’s cheeks were flush so we took him outside to get some air and change his diaper. It was definitely hot there and a home with no air conditioning isn’t fun with a baby. However, I absolutely loved my time there and hope that if you have any traveling plans in the future be sure to stop by to see this amazing estate!

On our way home we, of course, stopped off in Avila for a little wine tasting and lunch on the beach front. We always love making a stop here either on our way up or on our way back home and you can see why. The beaches are always filled and their pier is fun to walk down so that you can get a great view of this little beach town nestled between the rocks.

Avila Beach

Baby G in Avila

Happy Friday, everyone!

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