A Memorable Birthday

Now that I’m officially 28 I can say that I’ve had my fair share of birthdays. Thinking back to when I was younger I didn’t really do birthday parties and as an adult, again, I wasn’t one for throwing any kind of get together in celebration of me. Of course my 21st birthday was memorable in the sense that at midnight while at a T.G.I. Fridays I ordered some God-awful drink as my first official sip into my ability to order an alcoholic beverage and be allowed into 21+ events. Although memorable in that sense, it wasn’t my most memorable birthday. It would take me meeting this guy who swept me off my feet and planned a surprise birthday getaway that was beyond anything I had ever expected.

My husband, who at the time was my then boyfriend, didn’t hide the fact that he was planning something for my upcoming 25th birthday. He didn’t tell me much except for that I should pack an overnight bag. I didn’t know where we were going or what we would be doing and as any girl would feel it made me anxious (we all need clothing options!). Nonetheless I packed my bag and we jumped in the car for the first stop of my birthday weekend. We were living in downtown D.C. at the time and so we stopped off at one of my favorite sushi restaurants, Sushi Taro off of 17th St. NW, for lunch. Sushi is my all-time favorite food and having been here before I couldn’t help but admit that I was in heaven and this was just the beginning.

After a delicious meal we jumped back into the Jeep and started driving…and driving…and driving – to the point where the mountains were getting larger and larger and our cell service was diminishing by the mile. We had pulled into this sleepy small town called Washington, Virginia where there were only a few small businesses and maybe a gas station. Our cell phones no longer received a signal, the air was crisp, and the leaves were beginning to change even though it was March.

Upon our arrival to The Inn At Little Washington I still had no idea where we were. We were immediately greeted by their staff and a drink while our bags were quickly taken up to our room – a suite that would become one of the nicest and coziest rooms I think I’ve ever stayed in. The Inn itself is a quaint cottage nestled in the countryside of Virginia and as a guest you have an option to experience award winning chef Patrick O’Connell’s acclaimed restaurant or stay in one of their luxurious rooms, suits, or stand alone cottages on the property. A major plus to staying the night is one: you save yourself the drive and two: you get an automatic dinner reservation at their restaurant, which is the reason you’re this far out away from the big city anyways.

memoriable bday.003

Not sure if you caught it, but he had the restaurant put my name and a Happy Birthday note on our menus. So cute and you betcha I kept it as a little keepsake. He had champagne waiting for us in our room when we arrived and from start to finish he made me feel beyond special. What word describes that feeling? For only having been dating for almost a year, my guy put forth a lot of effort into our weekend to celebrate me and my birthday for which I will always remember. (Apologies for my filter-heavy photos from the beginning days of Instagram, ha!).

memoriable bday.002

I immediately fell in love with the classic colonial-French design to the entire estate. Each room is named after chefs and friends of Patrick O’Connell and ours was the Alice Waters suite, which was a two level room with a balcony and widows walk which is accessed through the bedroom upstairs. The bathroom was one of my favorite rooms in the suite with its heated floors, double head waterfall shower, and the bathtub! I remember after dinner we grabbed evening drinks and took a hot bath, soaking up and reveling from the entire evening. We slept with the door open that night and awoke to the distant chirping and sounds of the nearby farms. Just perfection.

We had returned once more, although booked in a different room just to be upgraded for free back to the Alice Waters suite! It was like this was our room and we were meant to enjoy it like we originally had. We often think back to our time at The Inn At Little Washington and cannot wait for the opportunity to return whenever that may be.

Although I’ve had a couple birthdays since, including celebrating turning 28 only mere weeks after delivering Greyson, this memory holds a special place in my heart. My husband continues to be a lovable, grand gesture kind of guy and I can only look forward to creating many more memorable birthdays with him!

What was your most memorable birthday? What made it so special?

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  • What a lovely surprise..and so fancy!! My favorite would totally be the bathtub, haha

    • It was THE fanciest thing I had ever done at the time. It was so nice for him to plan everything from start to finish. He purposefully requested a room with a large bathtub just for me and this suite was perfection. I loved their heated floors too!