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A day in the life as Greyson’s mom is a beautifully stressful full-time job that doesn’t pay but in memories and the benefits include learning more about yourself as a mom, finally kicking your feet up once you’re able to put them down for a nap, and reheating the same cup of coffee throughout the day. Oh yeah and then there’s the whole getting to watch your kid grow up which is pretty great too.

Today’s prompt for the #blogtemberchallenge is all about sharing a day in the life and although I failed at snapping a photo every hour (even though I thought the concept was pretty great), here I have a few snapshots of being at home with my little booger a.k.a my little man, Greyson. BTW everyone he’s 6 months old today!

At around 8am he’s rearing to go, but every so often can we successfully pull him into bed with us where he falls back asleep for another hour or so. However, those days are few and far between as I swear he’s gotten good at pretending to sleep only waiting for my husband or I to move or make the slightest sound – then all of a sudden he’s wide awake. Nonetheless, our day starts and how else to begin a day than with a nice hot cup of coffee (and YES I’ve already dug out my pumpkin spice coffee from Trader Joe’s).

After we have our cup of coffee and some breakfast Greyson is typically happy playing by himself either in his jumper, reading books, playing with his wooden puzzle, or just simply laying in his swing or crib. We also have him spend a lot of time sitting up or practicing tummy time so that he builds up those arms and legs in preparation for crawling whenever he decides he’s ready.

Greyson is also at the age where he’s really curious about everything around him. He’s beginning to notice Murphy and vice versa (he loves to lick his face). Grey also loves watching him and if given the chance he’ll pull or tug on his ears or fur. The funny part is is that Murphy lets him – it’s a pretty funny dynamic they have.

His breakfast isn’t too far behind and around 10am he’s ready to eat and go down for his first mid-morning nap. A couple of months ago I noticed he gets really fussy in-between his longer naps and realized he needs a little cat nap to get him through. These little naps are only about 30-45 minutes at a time and really help him reenergize – plus he tends to sleep more towards his monthly birthday (the 10th of every month) which I assume he goes through a little growth spurt. Also, I am so thankful that we have this daily sleep routine down because we are well past the days of him fighting us at nap time. Unless there’s a special occasion where he knows people are around or we aren’t home and he has to sleep in his stroller he’s pretty awesome about going right down. Having this routine also makes the day predictable, which is a huge plus.

During these periods of rest I am able to jump on the computer here and check email, get some blogging done, respond to comments, peruse the web, and Pinterest. I also love using this time to take a shower or watch tv. While the baby sleeps I try to do as much for me as possible because once he wakes up, everything I was doing gets put on hold as I tend to him. Thankfully I am able to get a lot done and knowing I have a small window until his afternoon nap I find myself being more productive. Then there’s days where I just feel like doing nothing and that’s pretty great too.

After Greyson wakes from his nap we’re back to playing, tummy time, going for walks, or swimming at the pool. Around 12:30pm he’s ready for lunch which is typically the homemade baby food we have prepared mixed with some rice cereal. Not too much longer is he fussy and rubbing the eyes to go down for his longer afternoon nap. On a good day he’ll sleep for about 1 1/2-2 hours, which again is great because it gives me another chance to focus on myself and what I need to get done around the house or here on the blog.

During this time I’m also busy making educational resources for my teaching blog and Teachers Pay Teachers shop which allows me to earn a small income.

While he naps I’m also able to start prepping both a lunch and dinner. Lunches are typically really simple and usually involve easy-to-make meals like sandwiches or leftover dinner from the night before. Prepping dinner isn’t too difficult and by this time my husband is home to help out with watching the baby while I cook if he were to wake up. Another fun aspect to cooking if Grey is awake is having him sit in his Bumbo chair on the counter and be involved in the process – which is usually him munching on one of his wafers and watching either me or my husband cook. He’s so curious about what we’re doing and I can’t wait for when we can get him cooking and preparing meals with us!

After a bit more play time or watching his favorite movie, it’s time for bath time around 8pm. This is a special time that’s shared between father and son to which I get to just sit back and enjoy. It’s fun to hear their conversations or them playing either by splashing or making funny sounds. Greyson loves bath time and we can’t wait to be able to put him in the big boy tub (which isn’t too far from now). Then, it’s lights out after a nice warm bottle. By this time my husband and I are pretty pooped and enjoy relaxing in bed watching our favorite tv shows or movies to wind down.

Although most days Grey keeps us on our toes and running all over the place, especially as he’s getting older, I wouldn’t trade this exhaustion for anything! What’s keeping you busy during the day?

Linking up with Bailey for day 10 of her #blogtemberchallenge!

P.S. I’m not like those other moms, I’m a cool mom so if you want to follow more of me and what keeps me busy during the day you can find me on Instagram!

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