6 Fall Cocktails You Have to Try

It doesn’t take long to realize just how much my husband and I love food – and that was somehow passed down onto Greyson, thank goodness (i.e. the best eater ever). So, when we found out we were heading to Europe in October there was a slight sadness that we’ll be missing one of my husband’s favorite holidays and my favorite season. But obviously it didn’t take long to get over because it’s, you know, Europe! One of our favorite traditions each fall is kicking off #verydanielhalloween by selecting a number of scary movies and pairing them with themed appetizers and cocktails. It was such a hit last year and we were looking forward to doing it again – but alas we’re off to a different adventure.

With that being said, I still have a lot of fall recipe inspirations and today I’m sharing the fall cocktails we love to sip on this time of year.

Pumpkin Everything

Embrace your inner #basic girl this season with these delicious pumpkin spice cocktails! Each are easily created (no mixology experience necessary) and is sure to give you the comforting feeling of fall in your mouth we all crave this time of year. I personally love each of these drinks because it allows me to enjoy the season even though our temperatures don’t drop here in California until November.

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Kahlua Pumpkin Spice Martini

I found this recipe last year when celebrating our #verydanielhalloween tasting menu and I practically drank it all season long. It has the perfect amount of pumpkin spice flavor – the added pumpkin puree adds a fresh pumpkin flavor – and it was the first time I found out Kahlua makes a pumpkin spiced rum!

My pumpkin spiced martini from last year! | Twine & Cotton Market ‘Pumpkin Fields’ Candle

Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice (non-alcoholic)

A family friendly fall mocktail that will be sure to be a hit is this Harry Potter inspired Pumpkin Juice recipe! You can always add in your own liquor to make it more adult, but if you have Harry Potter on the queue for watching this season you can’t miss this fun drink to go along with it! Simply add your favorite apple cider (or hard apple cider) with some pumpkin puree and you’re good to go – just add some sweet and you’re ready!

Kahlua Pumpkin Scotchie

I personally love creamy and chilled cocktails during the fall and this drink yet again uses my favorite fall liqueur, Kahlua Pumpkin Spice. If you love a sweeter cocktail, or you have friends who do, this will be an awesome drink to offer up. It combines the pumpkin Kahlua with butterscotch schnapps and a dash of heavy cream (you can use half and half if you want it to be thinner). Smooth and refreshing for those fall evenings.

Apple Harvest

Quintessential autumn isn’t just about the pumpkins, but apples too! Whether you pick your own at your local orchard or snag some apple cider from your favorite grocer, these cocktails are packed with delicious flavor and sparkle. So, if pumpkin isn’t your thing (I’m not quite sure if we can be friends, though) then these drinks are a great alternative!

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Spiced Cider Margarita

“The smokiness of the mezcal perfectly complemented the warming spices in the cider, yielding a complex, subtly sweet cocktail that was basically fall coziness in a glass. 100% delightful.” I love a good spiced margarita and this festive cocktail is perfect for those crisp fall afternoons.

Apple Bourbon Bellini

Want a good reason to use apple bourbon or need to find a fun way to add sparkling wine or champagne to a cocktail? This recipe is it! I loved this one because of the rustic flavor of bourbon but a crisp essence from the apple and bubbles. This is another great option for celebrating the autumnal harvest!

Apple Cider Mojito

Another great cocktail I love to make during the summer months is a mojito – specifically watermelon this year. But now that we’re in full swing of fall these apple cider mojitos do the trick! The recipe is simple, but delicious, and even muddling a few apple slices makes me feel like a legit bartender.

I really loved making these fall cocktails last year and hope you find a few to be inspired by this season! Which recipes caught your eye? Any favorite fall beverages you like to sip on during the fall season?





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