5 Most Influential Books

5books.001Reading was never something I enjoyed growing up even though my mom continues to be an avid reader even to this day. In school we were forced to read titles I was never interested in and never really grew to enjoy it…that is until I was in college. Here are my top 5 influential books that have played a huge part in my life up until now (considering most of the books I’m reading lately are pregnancy related).

The Kite Runner // I first fell in love with this book, love in the way I couldn’t put it down and was completely captivated by the story, when I was in my sophomore year of college. It was a text for my Images & Experiences of Childhood course where we learned about how children, no matter what circumstance they grow up in, bring differing experiences of their childhood into the classroom and for teachers to be prepared to care for those students. The Kite Runner was the perfect example, albeit a pretty intense one, of the relationship amongst children and the frequent adult things they are exposed to, especially war. I’ve read this over and over and it continues to be one of my favorites (not so much the movie).

To Kill a Mockingbird // This is another text, but from middle school. I remember discussing it over with my mom because I couldn’t quite follow the plot at the time and I was fascinated with the implications of race in the south. Now as an adult I’ve grown to love this story and how a young child can often bring clarity to adults. I’m curious about it’s ‘sequel’ so if anyone has read it, please share your thoughts!

Little Bear // I couldn’t have a list of influential books and not include this one. This book/series has a special place in my heart considering my mom would read it to me all the time growing up. It’s just a classic and a book I look forward to sharing with my son once he arrives 🙂

The Da Vinci Code // I’m a bit of a history nerd and I completely dove into this story head first only to emerge a fan of Dan Brown. I love how he weaves history into fiction in a way that is captivating for the reader and develops his characters. I’ve read most of his Robert Langdon series for the exception of The Lost Symbol (have yet to finish it) and LOVED Inferno (his most recent novel). Can’t wait for the film!

The Purpose Driven Life // Probably the most important book I’ve ever had the privilege of reading (second to the Bible) because even as a young college student it helped me put my life, even then, in perspective. I first heard of it when my women’s small group at church was studying it and it was such a privilege to go through this study amongst women in various places in their walk with Christ. Having them as mentors was the cherry on top. I’ve since misplaced it, but it’s one that will always have a profound impact for me in my approach to life and figuring out my place in it.

What books have been influential in your life? If you could pick 5 which titles would you include?

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  • I love little bear + to kill a mockingbird! also, how could I forget a purpose driven life. definitely a classic.

  • Elle

    The Kite Runner was such a heart-wrenching book! And The Mountains Echoed is also sooooo good!!

    I LOVE To Kill A Mockingbird! Read it a few times growing up and it’s amazing each time

    And yes, Purpose Driven Life is sooo good!! I want to pick it up again!